Revenue Cycle Management

Claims Management

Everything You Should Know About Healthcare Claims Adjudication Software
Everything You Should Know About Healthcare Claims Adjudication Software

Medical claims adjudication is when the health insurance company reviews medical claims and settles or denies them. This is done through a cross-analysis with the patient's benefits and coverage specifics. Automated claim adjudication in medical billing offers hassle-free and timely...

Denial Management in Healthcare
A Complete Guide on Denial Management in Healthcare

In healthcare, a denial is the refusal by an insurance company to pay for a patient’s medical treatment. Denials often hinder people's care and result in a loss of revenue for providers. 

Automated Medical Coding: The Best Solution to Avoid Denials and Plug Revenue Leakage

Medical coding is a vital aspect of the healthcare industry, ensuring accurate billing and reimbursement for medical services. It streamlines the billing process, reduces errors, and improves efficiency by facilitating data exchange among healthcare professionals, payers, and patients. It supports...

Automated Medical Claims Processing
Automated Medical Claims Processing: A Complete Guide

Medical claims processing automation uses technology for managing daily billing and claims management tasks. Medical claims processing automation speeds up the entire cycle and manages data with minimum errors. Healthcare providers and health insurance organizations can utilize claim processing automation...

Clinical Coding Solutions
How to Choose the Best Clinical Coding Solutions To Accelerate Billing

Clinical IT solutions can go a long way in reducing overall costs and increasing efficiency in healthcare. Ranging from hospitals to independent clinics, all healthcare organizations place cost efficiency and service excellence among their priorities. Automation of clinical IT systems...

Complete Guide on Medical Coding Systems
Decoding Medical Coding Systems: A Step-By-Step Guide

With time, the government implemented specific regulations to improve the healthcare industry. The medical Coding and classifications system is also one regulation that providers and insurance companies follow for a smooth transfer of care service claims. Medical coding systems are...

Predictive analytics in claims management
Everything you should know about Predictive Analytics in Claims Management

Home, car, property, business, and travel – can you think of a word that can bind all these together? Insurance. Investing in insurance is good, but ask anyone who has claimed insurance, and they will tell you it’s far from...

The Best Approach to Automate Healthcare Medical Claims Management Software

Applying automation to healthcare and medical claims management solutions can go a long way in reducing overall costs and increasing efficiency across the board. Ranging from hospitals to independent clinics, all healthcare service agencies state cost efficiency and service excellence...

7 Essential Principles For Growing Your Medical Coding & Billing Business

The medical coding and billing industry is growing rapidly, owing to the advancements in new technologies. Creating and managing claims is where medical billing and coding interconnect and lay the foundation for efficient healthcare revenue cycle management.  In the U.S.,...

How the use of Data Analytics is becoming an authority in Medical Billing Industry

The process of analyzing large chunks of data to discover meaningful patterns and trends through complicated mathematical calculations that offer predictable outcomes.


Interactive Dashboards for Healthcare Credentialing System 2023

Healthcare organizations and caregivers race against all odds to boost revenue and improve quality care. And professionals adopt a myriad of strategies and approaches for the same. However, a significant roadblock in delivering effective care is the lack of faith...

Healthcare Credentialing in 2022
A Definitive Handbook to Healthcare Credentialing in 2024

Healthcare credentialing refers to the process where medical organizations verify providers' credentials to make sure that they have the necessary licenses, certifications, and skills required to provide proper care services for patients. It is also known as physician credentialing, medical...

Credentialing in Medical Billing
Credentialing in Medical Billing: Everything You Need to Know

Credentialing in medical billing is mandatory, and insurers require health practitioners. It is so that health providers can serve insurers' customers after verifying themselves.  

Credentialing Process to Save Time and Efforts
How to Bring Healthcare Automation to the Credentialing Process to Save Time and Efforts?

The manual process of healthcare credentialing is tedious and time-consuming. Considering the paperwork involved, it can take 2-3 months to complete the physician credentialing process. Complex applications, arduous reviewing, stringent background checks, cross-checking procedures, and validation of licenses and certifications...

Credentialing in Medical Billing
Credentialing in Medical Billing: Everything You Need to Know

An integral part of the medical billing process – credentialing – is becoming a trusted healthcare provider with an insurance company. If done correctly, it will allow the healthcare organizations to be listed on an insurer's network. Every insurance provider forms a...

The Ultimate Physician Credentialing Software Checklist
The Ultimate Physician Credentialing Software Checklist for 2023

Credentialing for physicians is a process that verifies that doctors and other medical professionals are sufficiently trained and have all the necessary certifications to provide the specific healthcare service to patients. This process is integral toward maintaining care standards and...

Guide to Healthcare Credentialing Software Development
The Ultimate 2023 Guide to Healthcare Credentialing Software Development

Healthcare Credentialing is an uphill task. With the growth of technologies like EHR and mHealth, healthcare IT experts have developed various applications to manage and simplify complex healthcare tasks. However, earlier, it was mainly a manual process, but these processes are automated...

What Is Credentialing Solution? Everything About Medical Staff Credentialing Software You should Learn

Patients go to doctors without much knowledge about their qualifications and certifications. Sometimes what meets the eye may be deceptive. Doctors may lack the certification required to render certain care services, which could pose a huge risk, besides going against...

10 Must-Have Features in Your Healthcare Credentialing Software

‘Tell me about your experience and educational background,’ - does this sound familiar? Chances are you must have faced this classic job interview question at least once in your lifetime. A person or business with good credentials finds favor in...

Medical Billing

Medical Insurance Billing Software: The Right Choice Among Custom Vs. Pre-built?
Medical Insurance Billing Software: The Right Choice Among Custom Vs. Pre-built?

A medical billing solution provides enormous convenience for a healthcare provider regarding administrative activities. Medical billing procedures involve complex steps that need to be done right for the providers to get paid on time.  

How to Gain 3X ROI with Advanced Pharma Billing Software?
How to Gain 3X ROI with Advanced Pharma Billing Software?

Pharmacists often have to help people understand prescriptions and offer guidance about dosage and alternatives. Additionally, they must also handle day-to-day operations like managing their inventories, preparing prescriptions, and looking after billing and insurance while adhering to regulations.  

medical billing software
Ready to Minimize Denial and Improve Your Revenue? Customized Cloud-based Medical Billing Software is Here to Help!

If a claim is denied, your entire medical practice gets affected, and the medical billing management slows down. Physicians must receive payment for the hours of care services invested. Errors in medical billing systems can impact healthcare businesses' payment processing...

banner image
An A-Z Guide on Billing System in Hospital

Healthcare management’s success depends on many aspects- care delivery, staff satisfaction, revenue growth, and more. However, revenue is an essential subject that providers are quite concerned about. And a lot depends on the hospital billing system. It’s the providers’ job...

Electronic Medical Billing System Vs. Traditional Billing System
Electronic Medical Billing System Vs. Traditional Billing System- Which Offers the Best ROI

Technology in healthcare is growing by leaps and bounds. Services as solutions like mHealth, electronic health records, patient engagement systems, and more are improving the healthcare industry today. Interestingly, providers also are investing in custom healthcare solutions that cater to their practice needs.    

Automation in Medical Billing
How Automation in Medical Billing Can Prove To Be a Game Changer for Healthcare Providers in 2023

As the world continues its fight against Covid-19, healthcare organizations are looking for innovative ways to mitigate recent challenges. From telemedicine to remote access, software solutions offer answers to address value-based caregiving. Among other things, medical billing processing needs to be designed to address...

7 Must-Have Features in Medical Practice Billing Software in 2022 
7 Must-Have Features in Medical Practice Billing Software in 2023

Medical billing software enables healthcare organizations to digitize the activities in the billing process. Not only does it digitize, but it also helps providers consolidate medical billing and reduce overhead. Medical practice billing software optimizes non-medical administrative activities for healthcare...

EDI Billing: A Complete Checklist for 2022
EDI Billing: A Complete Checklist

The medical billing process in the healthcare industry is a heavy-duty job that involves a plethora of complex data on medical records, patient information, insurance claims, etc. All of these processes involve a mountain of paperwork and complexities for healthcare professionals...

Medical Billing Solutions
5 Common Medical Billing Mistakes to Avoid for Better ROI

Medical billing mistakes can be easily made, but have drastic repercussions on the overall profit of the healthcare organization. Returned claims with errors, denied claims, rejected bills, incorrect coding, and insufficient data are just a few of the many woes...

Medical billing apps
How To Choose The Right Medical Billing Apps

Healthcare organizations can reap immense benefits from an agile and efficient medical billing app. An automated coding and billing software, relieves the healthcare staff to focus on clinical processes and medical treatment, with a focus on increasing patient satisfaction. Medical...

Medical billing
How to Automate Medical Billing for Faster Reimbursements?

As healthcare systems brace for the present and future challenges, the reality lies in reassessment. Reviewing the system involves checking system efficiency, operational capacities, and billing accuracy. Patient needs require accurate and efficient billing processes, which can be achieved through...

What is important on medical billing of covid-19 pendamic
What is the Impact on Medical Billing of Covid-19 Pandemic

As the medical care industry faces unprecedented challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic, medical billing management has been exposed to its own set of dilemmas. As infections across the nation grow with the Covid-19 outbreak, the health and safety of...

Revenue Cycle Management

A Take on Healthcare Reimbursements and Potential Risks by Dr. Eric Bricker and David Williams

Healthcare finance is often regarded as a controversial and confusing sector by healthcare organizations and entities. This dynamic realm is plagued with challenges and problems that affect physicians, employers and patients. Also, how insurers are redefining prior authorization protocols, and...

Value-Based Reimbursement in Healthcare
A Complete Guide to Value based Reimbursement in Healthcare

A major factor that complicates healthcare in the United States is the system of payment. Reimbursement for medical billing services is an elaborate process that includes multiple steps to be done correctly. It might take some days or weeks if...

Common Myths About Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management
5 Common Myths About Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Debunked by the Experts

Multiple layers of regulation have made American healthcare extremely complex. There is an elaborate, bureaucratic process for providers to enter and process patients electronic health records, fill out claims and finally get paid. On top of that, the covid-19 pandemic has...

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Analytics
Everything You Should Know About Healthcare Revenue Cycle Analytics

The healthcare industry in the United States is complex, with multiple layers of regulations that are subject to changes. As a result, providing medical services and getting paid for them is often complicated. Healthcare revenue cycle management platforms (RCM platforms)...

Provider Revenue Cycle Management
Introducing Provider Revenue Cycle Management – Must-Have Features for Maximum ROI

Medical billing mistakes can be easily made but have drastic repercussions on the overall profit of the healthcare organization. Returned claims with errors, denied claims, rejected bills, incorrect coding, and insufficient data are just a few of the many woes...

Modern Healthcare Technologies
Healthcare Reimbursement: How Modern Healthcare Technologies Help Boost Care Payments

The healthcare sector is a service-providing industry, where patients are at the epicenter. However, the revenue cycle forms an essential component of healthcare, where many providers struggle. Effective medical billing and reimbursement systems demand that healthcare leaders communicate well and...

7 Must-Haves of Hospital Revenue Cycle Management Systems
How to Choose the Ideal Hospital Revenue Cycle Management System?

The complexity of the healthcare industry in the United States is unlike anything seen in any other country. American healthcare is a meandering labyrinth of evolving regulations that hospitals must keep up with. In light of this complexity, it can...

Guide for Value-based Reimbursement
A 2023 Guide for Value-based Reimbursement in Healthcare

The current practice management systems in hospitals and clinics deploy technology and tools to automate workflow, reduce costs and provide the best quality of care. Medical leaders are developing tools including patient engagement systems, healthcare reimbursement models, and more to improve quality...

7 Best Practices for RCM
RCM in Medical Billing: 7 Best Practices You Must Follow

Revenue cycle management medical billing starts with patients scheduling appointments for healthcare services. The patient is registered on the system, and all the information is stored as electronic health records. The patient payer data is then gathered for verifying the...

Understand Healthcare Reimbursement Solutions
A Quick Guide to Understand Healthcare Reimbursement Solutions in 2023

Revenue Cycle Management in the U.S healthcare industry has been gaining momentum over the last few years. With the growing popularity mHealth and integrated healthcare systems, providers are concerned about payment delays and denials. The traditional payment and reimbursement system lacked efficiency and...

Why Providers Should Leverage Patient Portals in Healthcare to Drive Better Performance and ROI
Why Providers Should Leverage Patient Portals in Healthcare to Drive Better Performance and ROI

In today's healthcare scenario, patients are seen as consumers. And if consumers are satisfied and happy with the providers’ services, then practice will flourish. Moreover, providers leverage intuitive tech solutions to engage these patients. Patient Portal in healthcare is a...

How to improve healthcare revenue cycle management through software automation
How to Improve Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management through software automation

There is an urgent need, among the healthcare sector, for an overall organization and establishment of systematic processing and policy adherence. This is the key for healthcare organizations to stay financially stable and enduring. Revenue cycle management, in a nutshell,...



Health Insurance Software Solutions

Health insurance software solutions are digital health insurance platforms designed to streamline various aspects of insurance operations, including policy management, claims processing, and customer service. OSP's custom health insurance software...

Clinical Data Management Software

Clinical data management is a critical process that generates reliable, high-quality, statistically sound data that can be stored in the EMR systems. OSP’s clinical trial data management software can be...

Hospital Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle management (RCM) consists of all the processes healthcare organizations use to bill for patient services. It begins with patient registration, charge capture, claims submission, remittance processing, follow-ups, and...

Healthcare Reimbursement Solutions

Healthcare reimbursement solution is an application that automates the payment process workflows by ensuring clean claims to achieve faster reimbursements. As a custom healthcare solutions provider, we’re aware that revenue...

Healthcare Payment System

A healthcare payment system is a software solution that digitizes the entire lifecycle of payments in the healthcare industry, either partly or completely. As there are multiple forms of reimbursing...

Insurance Claim Analytics

Insurance analytics in healthcare investigates the insurance claims data including the validity of submitted claims and determines the extent of the coverage it warrants. Analyzing claims is one of the...

Medical Billing Solutions Development

Medical Billing Solutions are robust software applications that automate the complete billing process in healthcare. Medical billing systems software optimizes the patient insurance verification, claims submission, claims tracking and payment...

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Revenue cycle management (RCM) software in healthcare helps streamline the workflow of medical organizations. We develop customized revenue management solutions to help organizations efficiently address the administration of finances and...

Medical Coding Systems

Medical coding is translating detailed medical reports into a specific type of short code (CPT or CDT codes) recognized throughout the healthcare industry. Medical coding aims to convert complicated healthcare...

Denial Appeal Management Software

Denial appeal management software is a specialized tool that healthcare organizations and providers use to identify the reasons for claim denials and take steps to prevent them. Reimbursements are providers’ biggest...

Medical Credentialing

Medical credentialing is the thorough verification of a medical practitioner's qualifications to ensure their proficiency in delivering healthcare services. As part of the healthcare credentialing process, insurance payers verify a...

Fraud Waste Abuse System Solution

Insurance fraud detection in healthcare involves analyzing claims for misleading or false information to get payers to reimburse ineligible medical procedures. Numerous insurance payers often use fraud management solutions to...

Medical Claims Management

Medical claims management involves submitting, processing, and managing healthcare claims between providers, patients, and insurance companies. OSP’s custom medical claims management software development encompasses verifying patient eligibility, accurately coding diagnoses...

Case Studies


Transforming Billing for FQHC Clinics

OSP built a software platform for claim management for a dental FQHC to replace paper-based workflows.

  • 360-degree automation of claim management processes.
  • Analysis of data about denied and underpaid claims.
  • Updated database of ICD-10 and CDT codes for streamlined medical coding.


AETNA Health Claim Review

We developed a cloud-based solution to process claims faster and prevent denials and also reduce turnaround time.

  • Accelerated claims review and scrubbing to prevent errors.
  • Fast and simple uploading of EOB documents.
  • Lower turnaround time for error rectification.


Cloud-based Real-time Claim Data Management

We designed and developed a cloud-based claims data management solution to replace existing pen-and-paper-based workflows.

  • Accelerated claims processing with fewer errors.
  • Simplified document management with access controls.
  • Automated alerts in case of events.


Mental Health Centers Billing

We built a custom medical billing, credentialing, and practice management suite.

  • Over 55% reduction in claims losses.
  • Faster claims processing.
  • Faster claims scrubbing.

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