Empowering Payer Administration Through Technology

Business Challenges

The payer organizations in healthcare domain are facing significant business challenges such as growing margin pressure, cut-throat competition, and the confluence of providers into the health insurance space. OSP Labs’ payer administration management software solutions delivers trusted enterprise-grade administration and claims management platform solutions to healthcare payers. Our payer administration software solutions are instrumental in enhancing the client satisfaction while minimizing the efforts and cost of operational management in healthcare domain. A vast number of healthcare payers across the world employ OSP Labs’ payer administrative management services to enhance growth, innovation, and efficiencies. We help payer organizations by empowering them with personalized, contextual, regulatory compliant customer communications at comparable rates.

Solution Design & Development

OSP Labs’ payer administrative management software solutions help payer organizations to access crucial information readily, collaborate in-network providers, and incentivize the enhanced healthcare ROI.  

  • Our provider contract management system enables Payers to securely exchange the data both within and outside of the organization. Our payer administrative solutions improve operational efficiencies and offer in-depth visibility into the contract data. OSP Labs' helps to facilitate enterprise-wide collaboration and higher-level accountability with robust provider contract management.
  • OSP Labs' payer administration management solutions empower customer communications to allow payers to access all available data to build prompt, targeted and highly personalized communication across multiple communication channels. It assists payer organizations to boost interaction and qualitative engagement among their members and healthcare providers.
  • Our payer administration software solutions give emphasis on collaborative care management by maintaining the continuity of quality healthcare and smart coordination of care across providers and settings. Driven by quality-based results, our care management solutions focus on refined clinical status, improved quality of life, and enrollee satisfaction, adherence to the offered care plan and cost savings.
Values Delivered
Operational Excellence
Foster transactional efficiencies with payers and providers through smart service delivery models and robust business process frameworks.
Risk Adjustment Analytics
Analyze your risk scores using personalized risk-adjusted model HCCs and take necessary measures to reduce your risk scores.
Payment Accuracy
Gain access to integrated and end-to-end payment solutions and drive down costs through accurate, faster and better payment channels.
Compliance Management
Compliance Management
Secure the access to PHI, gain assured HIPAA Compliance, and achieve real-time reports on document changes with robust compliance management.
Claims Adjudication
Claims Adjudication
Implement real-time claims adjudication to assess, plan and implement system improvements to reduce the turnaround time.

What Makes OSP Labs’ Payer Administration Solution Best for Your Need?

OSP Labs' payer administration software solutions work by solemnly focusing on the payer organizations core needs. We connect diverse business ecosystems and build trust with standalone healthcare payer administration management solutions.

Reduce the time and cost of performing critical healthcare business functions by automating the payer administration processes.
Manage, control and share the crucial healthcare data with providers and payers alike to address the need for regulatory compliance.
Improve response time, streamline appeals & grievances and efficiently manage business operations with robust case management tools.
Enhance the productivity and quality of existing healthcare services and improve the usefulness of current applications that benefit payers.
Streamline the health insurance registration process to minimize compliance risks, increase accuracy & speed and boost providers proficiency.
Monitor and allocate the resources efficiently to counter the operational challenges faced by the Payers and gain best possible ROI.
Provide prompt, personalized and effective healthcare services by facilitating member engagement, involving patients in their care plans.
Facilitate seamless communication and collaboration among providers and payers to offer prompt and personalized healthcare solutions.

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