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The common bottlenecks which might slow down your business growth

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Cultural Sensitivities

Cultural education and the sensitivities related to varying cultures are often not attributed among healthcare providers.

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Prior Scheduling

Operating Rooms (ORs) and labs that require prior scheduling is a tedious task and mismanagement can end up costing the hospital more revenue that earned.

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Claims Errors

Coding errors cause a negative impact on overall revenue cycle due to lengthy processes, HIPAA compliance and patient privacy for preventing frauds.

Information Security

Security of healthcare information is another barrier, wherein caregivers should be cognizant to maintain patient information privacy.

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Appointment Scheduling

Set timelines fail to identify the true need of patients and the manual process is not geared to catch cancellations and no shows.


The absence of clear communication between caregivers and healthcare organizations adversely affects holistic healthcare solutions for patients.

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Hospital Management System Software with Superior Intelligence

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Improved Patient Access

This is undertaken through robust hospital management system development solutions that streamlines processes, related to appointments and the speedy manner in which patients gain access to their caregivers. Referral rates, revenue, and satisfaction of patients are all dependent on the efficiency of this process.

Intelligent Outpatient Scheduling

Our hospital management system open source technology uses past data, demographics, complaints, locations and other factors to predict delays and no shows, thereby optimizing appointment scheduling . These same analytic tools can intelligently determine the length of each appointment and allow scheduling to maximize gains.

Enhanced MRI Scans

Hospitals rely heavily on MRI scans in order to gauge the level and kind of care the patient requires for brain-related and other issues. Through machine learning capabilities, our software can produce higher quality versions that conventional scanners, along with retinal scans and classification of skin cancer as well.

Management of ORs and Lab Timings

Operating Rooms (ORs) are utilized efficiently through hospital management system open source technologies that automate schedules and offer insights into maximizing profits through analytics of tracking arrivals, time required for preparation of room, and the procedural duration with reference to the physician and procedure.

Automated Preauthorization Procedures

A traditionally labor-intensive process is converted into an AI-driven automation process through hospital management system development that undertakes speedy language processing, context interpretation, identification of clinical information, and management of patient records.

Predictive Claims Denials/ Rejects

The lifeblood of the revenue cycle, tracking claims and denials is executed through the predictive analysis feature that ensures faster reimbursement, error rectification prior to processing, flagging of problem areas, suggestions for corrections, reduced denials and rejects and increased overall revenue.

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Use Cases

What We Offer?

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Application Programming Interface

To provide holistic information exchange between different entities across the hospital, data needs to be structured and prioritized based on the context of the data. This can prioritize data based on the healthcare professional involved. Application Programming Interfaces allows sophisticated data sharing through hospital management software open source technology that bridges the interoperability gap.

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Cost Estimator Application

Along with other hospital management software companies, OSP Labs offers an increased amount of transparency to hospitals on the costs involved in the process of caregiving, through a cost estimator application. Increased transparency between the provider and the payer is unprecedented in the healthcare history and our innovative technologies are being developed to foster collaboration between caregivers at a hospital.

Review and Monitoring

Automated EHR Systems

As a specialized hospital management software company, OSP Labs leverages digital scribes to replace human scribes that reduce administrative time spent on data entry. Through the use of speech recognition technology, compounded with machine learning, information of the patient visit and physician interaction can be automatically uploaded into the EHR system.

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We follow every government's regulatory mandate and create solutions that adhere to strict protocols.


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