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Hospital Management System to Automate Hospital Administration Process


The common bottlenecks which might slow down your business growth

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Cultural Sensitivities

Cultural education and the sensitivities related to varying cultures are often not attributed among healthcare providers.

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Prior Scheduling

Operating Rooms (ORs) and labs that require prior scheduling is a tedious task and mismanagement can end up costing the hospital more revenue that earned.

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Claims Errors

Coding errors cause a negative impact on overall revenue cycle due to lengthy processes, HIPAA compliance and patient privacy for preventing frauds.

Information Security

Security of healthcare information is another barrier, wherein caregivers should be cognizant to maintain patient information privacy.

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Appointment Scheduling

Set timelines fail to identify the true need of patients and the manual process is not geared to catch cancellations and no shows.


The absence of clear communication between caregivers and healthcare organizations adversely affects holistic healthcare solutions for patients.

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Hospital Management System Software with Superior Intelligence

Next generation technologies geared to automate management, processes, tasks and data


Patient Management System

The patient management system is one of the core modules of the hospital management system. We customize this module to match the unique requirement of hospitals to help them manage patient registration, demographics data, and keep patient data updated while actively preventing duplication of information. 

After learning your specific requirements, our experts can build hospital management system software. It can prove helpful to Patients to book data online, staff can register their details, and hospital physicians can view their reports with a single and well-integrated platform to help population health management. OSP can engineer the best hospital management system for your unique needs, including unique patient ID for tracking visits, automatically verifies patients’ benefits eligibility using secured EDI and hassle-free patient management digitization.

Online Appointment Scheduling

OSP has a decade of experience in leveraging hospital management system open source technology to scale the hospital administration efforts. Online appointment scheduling helps to automate the appointments, follow-ups, and any special procedures for each patient. Our healthcare developers can program the online appointment scheduling module to help hospitals handle appointment management, bulk cancellation, rescheduling of appointments, and managing scheduling history.

Appointment scheduling helps not only the hospital but also the patients. Patients can easily book their physical or remote appointments, and the doctors get the patient’s complete health history before the visit. The hospital management system can be customized to help patients book their lab tests and radiology appointments too. A direct impact on patient waiting time will enhance patient engagement and trust in hospital management.

Inpatient Management

OSP can tailor an inpatient management module for your hospital to help ward staff manage patient traffic and their bed allocation within the hospital. Inpatient management is vital to enhance staff efficiency through automation by saving time and hassle of patient management. We can customize this module to automate the day-to-day administrative actives and offer instant access to other modules, which leads to better patient care. 

It provides comprehensive data about the admission of patients and ward management, availability of beds, agreement preparation, estimation, planned and emergency admission. The Inpatient module also deals with advanced ward management needs such as Shifting from one ward to the other, availability of beds, surgery, administration of drugs, charge slip, nursing notes, and so on.

Billing & Discharge Summary

Billing and discharge summary automation are important for hospital businesses. OSP can customize an advanced medical billing Solutions in hospital management software to provide an efficient and error-free process to capture every billable service administered for a patient, without losing any data and ensuring no loss of revenue.

 The billing module can be customized to accommodate different billing scenarios based on the claim rules of each hospital. It can help you to reduce discretion at the billing desk and ensuring that all charges are captured. Automatic posting of medical charges related to different services such as bed charges, lab tests, medicines, consultant’s fees, food, beverage, etc. can be handled efficiently by the billing module in the hospital management system.

Laboratory and Test Management

Laboratory information management system (LIMS) is one of the vital modules of hospital management system software. We can tailor lab and test management solution for your needs that can log lab reports for each patient, upload reports and write findings, and manage hospital blood bank. This module can be integrated into the core hospital management system to streamline the workflow process for every patient that registers with the hospital. 

 When the physician advises a specific list of tests, the same is updated in the hospital management software and directly received by the diagnostic laboratory. This interfacing helps to decrease errors caused by the staff. Since all the data is fed in the system, one can retrieve and review the past medical reports of the patients anytime. 

Hospital Analytics

Hospitals need to balance quality of care delivery with moderate costs while simultaneously tracking workforce performance and financials. Every hospital has a unique business model, and to keep all these dimensions effective custom hospital management software system is highly essential. OSP has the potential to deliver the project on the hospital management system that can provide actionable insights into the huge amount of data collected in the hospital.

 We can help you understand a unique data analytics system by creating a hospital management system er diagram for your hospital. An advanced system specially customized for your needs can analyze medical tests, diagnosis, lab reports, prescribed medications, and many data points on a single dashboard. With a made-to-order hospital management system project, hospital clinicians can instantly make informed decisions about patient care and deliver them right on time. We can engineer a hospital management system app for your specific needs to help understand various trends, and for you accordingly, make changes to improve the quality of health care being provided in the hospital. 

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Application Programming Interface

To provide holistic information exchange between different entities across the hospital, data needs to be structured and prioritized based on the context of the data. This can prioritize data based on the healthcare professional involved. Application Programming Interfaces allows sophisticated data sharing through hospital management software open source technology that bridges the interoperability gap.

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Cost Estimator Application

Along with other hospital management software companies, OSP Labs offers an increased amount of transparency to hospitals on the costs involved in the process of caregiving, through a cost estimator application. Increased transparency between the provider and the payer is unprecedented in the healthcare history and our innovative technologies are being developed to foster collaboration between caregivers at a hospital.

Review and Monitoring

Automated EHR Systems

As a specialized hospital management software company, OSP Labs leverages digital scribes to replace human scribes that reduce administrative time spent on data entry. Through the use of speech recognition technology, compounded with machine learning, information of the patient visit and physician interaction can be automatically uploaded into the EHR system.

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