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Revolutionary Medical Advances through AI Medical Diagnosis


The common bottlenecks which might slow down your business growth

ai in medical diagnosis | artificial intelligence medical diagnosis

Lack of General Field Professionals

Pathologists in the general field, with most pathologists choosing a niche area of operation.

ai in medical diagnosis | artificial intelligence medical diagnosis

Traditional Focus Mechanism

The lack focus on the molecular basis of the disease, with an approach that is too narrow and does not address the situation holistically.

ai in medical diagnosis | artificial intelligence medical diagnosis

Low Connectivity

Minimal interaction between the physician/ clinician and the pathologist makes meaningful collaboration and comprehension difficult.

ai in medical diagnosis | artificial intelligence medical diagnosis

Complications of Testing

Cumbersome procedures are playing their part in creating complications in the testing process.

ai in medical diagnosis | artificial intelligence medical diagnosis

Minimal Clinical Interaction

Pathologists are not involved in clinical processes and patient examination, which interferes with holistic diagnosis

ai in medical diagnosis | artificial intelligence medical diagnosis

Financial Constraints

The financial constraints that come with lab testing hampers the quality of pathology

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AI for Medical Diagnosis Technology Revolutionize the Industry

Conduct automated and holistic diagnosis, with a minimal likelihood of error, with AI for medical diagnosis-related technology


Digital Imaging

The efficiency of lab testing with artificial intelligence is undeniably higher through the use of intelligent machines that are embedded with software for digital imaging. When it comes to diagnostics, artificial intelligence based diagnostics through AI-based medical diagnosis devices offer a shorter turnaround time than traditional microscopic testing.

Cloud-based Platform for Interaction

Through AI-based medical diagnosis, pathologists can send data and images to different specialists around the globe that enhances research, diagnosis and collaborative diagnosis, without the need to physically move the specimen from one location to another. The automated features of AI in pathology, including AI for medical tests, reduce manual errors that are often witnessed in physical inspections.

Automated Diagnosis

The automated nature of digital pathology is empowered with artificial intelligence that allows a pathologist to increase their productivity by a considerable margin through the reduction of manual process and mundane sections of pathology report generation. Machine learning makes diagnosis more accurate and prompt.

AI Lab Testing

Lab testing with artificial intelligence translates into intelligent algorithms that are capable of identifying general and specific patterns that can then offer logical and reliable predictions toward patient diseases. AI-based medical diagnosis uses automated diagnostic devices to offer a shorter turnaround time then traditional microscopic testing.

Image Analysis

AI-based medical diagnosis causes an instant transformation, wherein pathologists in the digital realm are no longer dealing with glass, but with pixels that can be sent to any part of the world for specialized examination. Through image analysis algorithms, AI in medical testing allows for automated analysis that is generated through the basis of research and recorded data in the software.

Predictive Analytics

AI solutions leverage the predictive analytics technology to assist clinicians to identify disease vulnerability prior to its onset. This creates a culture of preventive care as opposed to remedial care. Through intelligent machine learning, patients who are prone to a certain illness are flagged and therefore, capture the attention of the pathologist who can then advice long term care.

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Tissue Phonemics toward Prevention

A breakthrough technology in the immunotherapy domain, OSP Labs leverages AI algorithms to offer suggestions as to the ways in which the patient’s own immunity can be used to heal or prevent ailments. This is executed through the complex analysis of tissue phonemics and changes in biochemical traits, through genetic mutation and environmental factors are identified. The combination of AI and medical diagnosis offers image analysis based diagnosis that is radically superior in accuracy through standardization and automation features that are enabled into our computational pathology technology.

ai in medical diagnosis | artificial intelligence medical diagnosis

Rare Object Identification

These are solutions that use neural elements to make the system identify objects that have been rarely or never seen. Through advanced AI and medical diagnosis algorithms, these objects are then analyzed and highlighted to the pathologist, along with a detailed account. The process is further enhanced through a suggested translation of the implication of the identified object.

custom healthcare software development | custom healthcare solutions

Long Distance Association

Transmitting digital material from one end of the world to another now comes bereft of constraints such as tampering. Through this association, the possibilities of collaboration are extended and lab growth is enhanced through increased access to specialists around the world. This AI solution offers holistic diagnosis by expanding its reach to capture the full-spectrum of the research and resources available.

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