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In the light of constantly changing health regulations and payer rules, denial management solutions offered by OSP Labs are a profitable and sustainable alternative to billing companies.  Our denial management software solutions help you establish the billing benchmarks, reduce backlogs, identify causes of denial and have expert assistance in handling denial appeals. OSP Labs’ healthcare denial management software solutions are instrumental in improving the clean-claims rate and better management of denials that are caused due to transition to ICD-10. Identify the most common denials and their causes and gain access to personalized work lists. Such lists help to provide role-based user-specific reporting to help streamline your claim denial workflow and offer the most common denial reasons.

Solution Design & Development

OSP Labs’ claim denial management software solution offers the systematic gathering of the essential data and eliminates details. Our software Solution helps you optimize your medical billing, hasten your cash flows and eventually increase your revenue multifold.

  • OSP Labs's denial management software solutions allow billing organizations to automate the detection of denials due to their eligibility, authorization concerns and more. Unique features like work-listing, notations, tagging capabilities and the inclusion of chart notes help implement a flawless denial workflow.
  • Our healthcare denial management software solutions are instrumental in impeccable reimbursement administration. It helps you to monitor transactions and identify common errors & player trends and discover Medicaid, Medicare, and Tricare underpayments due to late payments, mistaken clinical edits and more.
  • Our healthcare denial management solutions helps you to determine the common causes behind denied claims. With qualitative insights regarding healthcare claims denials, you can assess the common denial trends, fix problems and resubmit or appeal.
Values Delivered
Healthcare Denial Management Software Solutions | Healthcare Denial Management Solutions
Interactive Dashboard
Gain Access to a powerful, user-friendly and interactive denial Dashboard to focus on denials with the highest potential for reimbursement.
Medical Denial Management Software Solutions | Medical Denial Management Solutions
Appeal Automation
Gain access to a paperless, end-to-end and automated solution for recovering revenue from even the most challenging claims.
Clinical Denial Management Software Solutions | Clinical Denial Management Solutions
Revenue Recovery
Strengthen your financial integrity by reversing inappropriate claims denials to efficiently recovering lost revenue in time.
Healthcare Denial Management Software | Healthcare Denial Management
Charge Entry Analysis
Get checked your medical claims in real time to verify diagnosis and procedure codes as you type to ensure compliance before their submittal.
Healthcare Denial Management Software Solutions | Healthcare Denial Management Solutions
Sophisticated Rules Engine
Track payer claims denial activity and identify the new set of rules to regain the complete claims qualifications.

What Makes OSP Lab's Denial Management Solution Best for Your Need?

OSP Labs' denials and appeals management software solutions automatically identify denied claims by payer, patient, healthcare provider and denial code, and forward such claims for immediate follow up.

Identify, report and assess denial causes having a massive financial impact in order to reduce denial claims in future.
Gain access to in-depth denial management analysis reports and other crucial information to prevent future denials.
Recapture underpayments resulting from contrasting interpretations of clinical documentation, payer policies, and other related causes.
Gain access to user-friendly and interactive dashboards and key performance indicators like HFMA MAP keys to provide quantitative denial management.
Seamlessly incorporate our HIPAA and PCI-compliant applications and transactions to your denial and appeal management systems.
Gain access to robust denials management software solutions to promptly identify business process improvements at a comparable budget.
Analyze the effectiveness of denial resolutions with accurate and timely statistics of denials and appeals.
Mitigate the effect of regulatory adjustments on your reimbursement and support your compliance activities.

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