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At OSP, eight leadership principles guide all of our daily interactions. We firmly believe that how we do is just as important as what we do. Creating meaningful and positive client experiences is what we always aim for, and we know this is possible only through the embodiment of these principles every day.


Foster a positive experience in every client interaction.

Client-centricity is a core value deeply embedded in the DNA of every OSP employee. Every project, small or big, is given the same kind of detailed attention, and we are proud of all the lovely associations that we have formed with our clients since inception. We place equal emphasis on every interaction with potential and existing clients and focus on creating a positive experience by following a customized approach and quality services.


Act honestly and reliably in all situations and at all times.

Integrity is one of our fundamental principles that we strive to maintain in our work and our people. Our teams act with integrity and fairness in all our client interactions. We do our best to maintain transparency and honor every promise and commitment. We know we aren't perfect and are the first to admit when something goes wrong. We have earned our clients' trust through our sincere efforts in doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.


Build a culture of respect inclusive of diverse dimensions.

We recognize and respect that no two people are the same - their preferences, working styles, and in so many other ways. We believe a respectful work environment where all employees feel comfortable, heard, and appreciated, and also treat others fairly and respectfully.

We value diversity in our teams and love working with people from different demographics, races, and ethnic backgrounds. Their viewpoints, experiences, and outlook help us formulate, interact, and develop solutions for diverse clients.


Be accountable for your actions and their outcomes.

Everyone at OSP, right from the senior management to the customer-facing employees, takes responsibility for their actions and upholds their external and internal commitments to our clients, our community, and each other. We also hold ourselves mutually accountable for achieving our business goals and are driven by result-oriented action taken after a thorough analysis of information. We also stay prepared for all outcomes, good or bad, and keep backup plans for every project.


Communicate clearly and concisely with internal and external clients.

While we have grown significantly, we still believe in the power of open communication like we did when we started OSP and ensure every employee in our organization knows everyone and everything happening around them. We promote transparent and candid interactions and the sharing of constructive feedback at all levels and even support healthy debates. Understanding and empathizing with employees in different situations is an integral part of communication at OSP, and we work together to gain and celebrate individual and organizational success.


Express your views and strategies liberally.

We extend full support to people who propose new ideas and concepts and want to challenge the status quo. We seek to build creative and innovative solutions with a sense of purpose.

All employees are encouraged to use their imagination to think big and bold and also given space, time, and tools to innovate and turn their creative dreams into reality. This freedom has proved effective, leading to the creation of some of our best solutions and processes.


Be flexible and adaptable to overcome unforeseen challenges.

We work by the mantra, “Work smarter, not harder.” Employees are not given fixed weekly schedules, strict working hours, or dress codes as we have faith in their judgment and reliability in doing work in the best interest of our clients and the organization.

We also follow a flexible and practical approach to solve client challenges developing tailored solutions for each client. We are agile and open-minded in adapting to future trends and technologies, and open to learning and accepting different viewpoints from employees, clients, and friends.


Work collaboratively to scale new heights.

Collaboration is a core principle that drives the behavior of every employee at OSP. Employees enthusiastically contribute their opinions to help make the best decision and work together towards a common purpose, placing team objectives over individual goals.

We collaborate openly and transparently with every client and even assemble cross- functional teams to work on specific projects. Respecting others' strengths and their contributions and building meaningful relationships across teams, departments, and clients, OSP delivers great experiences and custom solutions for every client.


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