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Revolutionary Medical Advances through AI in Pathology



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ai in medical diagnosis | artificial intelligence medical diagnosis

Lab Testing Outsourced

Reports are increasingly vulnerable to tampering and mishaps due to the abundance of outsourcing.

ai in medical diagnosis | artificial intelligence medical diagnosis

Dwindling Numbers

The number of professionals going into the field of pathology has been on the decline.

ai in medical diagnosis | artificial intelligence medical diagnosis

Complicated Testing Process

The requirement of expertise and testing protocols create various complications in the lab testing procedures.

ai in medical diagnosis | artificial intelligence medical diagnosis

Low Clinical Interaction

The lack of involvement of pathologists in clinical processes and patient examination, causing an interference with holistic diagnosis.

ai in medical diagnosis | artificial intelligence medical diagnosis

Financial Constraints

Lab testing costs and operational expenses is increasingly hampering the quality of pathology.

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Resistance Toward Technologies

Conventional procedures are preferred and a resistance to evolving technologies, causing low quality diagnosis.

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AI Pathology Technology to Boost the Operational Processes

Holistic diagnosis through AI pathology-related technology, featuring intelligent machines for digital imaging


Process Automation

Pathologists have long been using traditional diagnosis methods that are time consuming and prone to errors. AI pathology-based diagnosis uses automated diagnostic devices to offer a shorter turnaround time then traditional microscopic testing. Additionally, the possibility of errors is reduced through quality control of digital pathology software, along with a more holistic collaborative approach.

Image Analysis

AI for pathology causes an instant transformation, wherein pathologists in the digital realm are no longer dealing with glass, but with pixels that can be sent to any part of the world for specialized examination. Through image analysis algorithms, AI in medical testing allows for automated analysis that is generated through the basis of research and recorded data in the software.

Predictive Analytics

AI for pathology leverages the predictive analytics technology to assist clinicians to identify disease vulnerability prior to its onset. This creates a culture of preventive care as opposed to remedial care. Through intelligent machine learning, patients who are prone to a certain illness are flagged and therefore, capture the attention of the pathologist who can then advice long term care.

Rare Object Identification

An AI-based pathology solution that uses neural elements to make the system identify objects that have been rarely or never seen. Through advanced algorithms, these objects are then analyzed and highlighted to the pathologist, along with a detailed account. The process is further enhanced through a suggested translation of the implication of the identified object.

Morphology-based Segmentation

An image segmentation technique is a distinguished feature of AI-based pathology technology, wherein mathematical morphology is applied to segregate images through the watershed transform and the homotopic modification. Intelligent and automated features of segmentation allow the pathologist to operate with higher efficacy.

Digital Whole Slide Imaging (WSI)

This AI pathology solution offers holistic diagnosis by expanding its reach to capture the full-spectrum of the sample/ specimen on the slide, which is in direct contrast to the restricted view of microscopic study. The resultant data and report generation that is obtained from WSI technology is much more comprehensive than traditional methods and can also be used for historic recording purposes.

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Computer-assisted Diagnosis

Our AI pathology software solution offers image analysis based diagnosis that is radically superior in accuracy through standardization and automation features that are enabled into our computational pathology technology. The distinct advantage is the diminished susceptibility of human error that is so commonly notice in traditional pathology methods. Routine pathology tasks are infused with a higher level of efficacy and tedious procedures are promptly simplified. The automated function of computer-assisted diagnosis is poised to cause a disruptive transformation in the world of pathology.

ai in medical diagnosis | artificial intelligence medical diagnosis

Tissue Analysis

Our technology solution uses AI-based algorithms for intelligent analysis that offer quantitative results of cell-by-cell tissue analysis with an unmatched accuracy. The cloud-based software offers multiple historically relevant data for comparison and identification. The generated high resolution data is classified cell-by-cell across an entire spectrum of the slide image, with multiple references to parameters. Our top-of-the-line image augmentation features are targeted toward providing a holistic picture to the pathologist.

custom healthcare software development | custom healthcare solutions

Tumor Detection

Through the successful application of deep learning AI algorithms to the diagnosis of tumors, our technology rapidly detects cancer tumors. A dataset of digitized pathology slides are used as reference points to suggest the possibility of a benign or cancerous tumor. Our algorithms are routinely trained in increasing sensitivity of identifying tumors with a much higher accuracy rate than trained pathologists. Scanning machinery is deployed and customization features are embedded into the software.

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