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E-prescription software is a digital technology framework that empowers physicians and health practices to automate medication prescribing processes. Through e-prescribing solutions, healthcare providers send prescriptions directly to their pharmacy partners instead of doing it manually. E-prescription software offers more than just medicines. At OSP, we can custom-built e-prescription software solutions that will improve medication management workflows, reduce errors and improve care outcomes. So, it’s a win-win situation for pharmacies and healthcare practices, as both parties will be benefitted.   

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Patient pre-authorization is a crucial step in any practice management system. Similarly, in e-prescribing applications, patient pre-authorization is essential to ensure a patient’s eligibility for specific medicines. As per the healthcare protocols, the pharmacy benefit management system decides which prescription drugs will be covered by insurance.   

So, we can tailor e-prescribing solutions with the patient pre-authorization feature. Besides, we can also ensure other details of patients, such as their details, insurance information, and past medical history will be incorporated into the software. Integrating these into the e-prescribing software will help doctors and pharmacies to identify patients’ eligibility and tolerance for different prescription drugs. With this knowledge, doctors and pharmacists can prescribe more effective medicines.

Intuitive prescription management in electronic prescription software can change the process of specifying drugs, their dosages, and frequencies more effectively. HealthCare providers will benefit the most from this feature. As we understand this, we can incorporate this feature into an e-prescribing system.   

Adding this feature, we can enable physicians to create new prescriptions and initiate the next processes without much hassle. Physicians can send it directly to the pharmacy or save it for further evaluation. Besides, we can also offer physicians an alternate list of drugs in case the prescribed medicines aren’t available or unsuitable for patients. Overall, the database of prescriptions will also help physicians to decide on future medications.   

Prescription records management is a much-needed component in prescribing software. These records help physicians and pharmacists to keep a tab on patients’ complete medication charts. Similar to medical records management, this feature can prove helpful for all stakeholders if added to e-prescription software applications. As we know that having an intuitive e-prescribe record database is helpful, we assure you that we can design one efficiently.   

We can offer electronic prescriptions for providers with this records management feature to ensure secure and efficient storage of prescription data. The records will also include doctors’ notes, patients’ follow-up periods, drug dosages and frequencies, and many other clinical details. Besides, the software can also keep records of medications’ availability.   

Prescription order management is significant in tracking medications that doctors create and submit to the pharmacy. We know how important it’s to monitor medicines today, as it will help providers to boost their patient experience and outcomes. So, we can engineer e-prescribing software solutions integrated with the order management feature.   

We can ensure that with this feature, tracking prescriptions from doctors to pharmacy to patients will get simplified. Besides, the software solution can also ensure whether the pharmacy accepts the orders. Further, we can even enable access to patients so that they can also review their prescribed medications, new additions, or refills. Above all, we can ensure that physicians can track and control medications, even patients-wise.   

When it comes to managing medications, patients often miss doses or refills and especially chronically ill patients. As providers have to bear the impact of such misses, e-prescription software solution developers can prevent it through the alerts and notifications feature. We can incorporate this alert and notification feature when custom-build the e-prescribe software.    

We can offer doctors the ability to send alerts to patients to remind them about their refills, dosage, newly added drugs, and so on. Whenever the physician changes any medicine or dosage, they can push one click to send alerts to patients. Through this feature, physicians will cut down the number of medication errors and boost patients’ care outcomes. 

Since integrated healthcare systems are extremely beneficial, e-prescribing solutions such as electronic health records integration must also ensure this. This integration is much needed in today’s healthcare setting. Integrating e-prescription software with EHR/EMR systems will give providers a single database to store all relevant medical information related to patients.   

We can build e-prescription software integrated with the EHR database to verify patients’ credentials and medical history automatically. This integration can prevent conflicting drug interactions as per patients’ medical histories. Also, physicians issuing prescriptions can get updated to the EHR systems through healthcare automation. So, physicians don’t need to enter the prescription information into the EHR separately. We can assure you that this integration will save time and effectively manage prescription records.   


As we can tailor robust e-prescriptions software solutions, we assure you of high patient safety. The software can easily identify conflicting drug interactions, allergies, medication intolerances, and side effects. Besides, it can also reduce prescription errors, as manual prescribing isn’t involved. So, from preventing unsafe prescribing to getting safer alternatives, e-prescription software solutions ensure patients’ safety in every way possible.

In today’s healthcare management, patient outcomes are crucial to understanding the effectiveness of healthcare analytics solutions. As e-prescription solutions can identify medical mistakes and prevents them effectively, there are high chances of better patient outcomes. OSP can build e-prescribing solutions that can enable pharmacists and providers to eliminate uncertainty and cut down the chance of medical errors. It will also automatically boost the care results of each patient.

Since the chances of lost and missing prescriptions are high when done manually, e-prescription applications resolve this issue effectively. We can develop e-prescription systems that can track prescriptions to avoid misplacements. Tracking prescriptions can help in population health management, ensures better outcomes, and even empowers doctors and pharmacists to timely refill them. If a prescription gets lost, the software will have copies in its database.

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