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Obtaining clear eye images to support early detection of diabetic retinopathy.
Managing and exchanging eye images and creating accurate reports.
Tailoring an application that can simplify the collection and sharing of eye images.
An innovative web-based application allowing the creation of adequate reports of eye images.
Visualization of eye images and offline synchronization of data.
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Our Journey




Diabetic retinopathy is a complication in patients with diabetes, where the eye is damaged due to the blood vessels of the light-sensitive tissue in the retina. There are four stages of diabetic retinopathy: the initial phase known as Mild Retinopathy, Moderate Retinopathy where patients show hemorrhage development; Severe Retinopathy where intraretinal hemorrhages are formed; and Proliferative Retinopathy, where patients display neovascularization of the disc.

If not diagnosed early, it can cause blindness.

That is why diabetic retinopathy is a condition that raises major concerns in the health industry.

Ophthalmic health diagnosis through virtual care can aid in the early diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy and prevent patients from progressing to the final stages. It involves obtaining a patient’s eye images, identifying diabetic retinopathy, and prescribing medications or administering treatment accordingly.

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However, if the images appear distorted, then it can affect the accuracy of the diagnosis. Such situations can create unwanted health complications for the patient.

    Our client handles many eye diagnostics businesses as super admins. The subscription-based software used by them was not providing image synchronization automation. Moreover, it was an expensive process because the system was charging on a per-case basis. Additionally, the eye images were blurry, and this hindered the doctor’s analysis of diabetic retinopathy. Many diagnosis reports were inadequate and were rejected. They approached us for smart eye testing to address these issues related to obtaining clear eye images and diagnosing diabetic retinopathy early on. They were looking for a platform that simultaneously manages image collection, image exchange and enables doctors to use the portal to diagnose rapidly.



      Defining the Solid Roadmap

      Our client needed an effective web-based system that enabled obtaining and storing clear eye images of patients. They wanted data synchronization online and offline to support accurate and early diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy.

      We performed data gathering using the client’s previous records. OSP discussed and created a proposed solution outline to create an online and offline system to synchronize data. OSP brainstormed ideas with team members and crafted a system outline to address the client’s needs successfully. We ensured that it enabled the technicians to click clear eye images and store them on the system.

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      We designed an application that can be accessed by the super admin, site admin/technicians, and the doctors. The super admin can manage the entire application through a single dashboard.

        The dashboard allows viewing information and statistics, such as total patient visits, total costs, adequate v/s inadequate, right v/s blurred photos, technician success rate, disease v/s non-disease ratio, and total interpretation of cases. It also helps the super admin to understand the cases handled by the doctors and the fees generated.



          Delivering On the Promise

          OSP built an application that offers online and offline synchronization of patient data. The dashboard consists of features, including site management and report generation.

          The super admin can enter the details of the doctor to create an operational clinic. The doctor’s name and license numbers can be added to the list. Similarly, the super admin can also add other users, namely, the imager and site admin.

          The set-up menu consists of different ICD codes that represent clinical procedures. A new diagnostic can be added through the ‘Add New Code’ tab to enter the ICD code details. Images for both eyes can be uploaded to the system, as OD-OS right eye-left eye. 

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          Our innovative system enables ophthalmologists to view clear patient images and provide accurate interpretation and diagnosis. Viewing images better can also utilize editing features and imaging tools, such as zoom, grayscale, brightness, etc. Greyscale is popularly used for clearly visualizing eye images. The doctor can add comments, identify the right diagnosis code for the images, and save their inputs on the system.

            A patient’s report can be created easily and can be downloaded with a simple click. The application developed by OSP produces clear images of the eyes and fastens report-making with easy access to the report. The super admin can observe the report created by the doctor consisting of the images and diagnosis, details of the doctor, and the date of the report. 



              Building to Deliver Experiences

              Team OSP built an application that offers a synchronization feature for the technicians who obtain eye images of patients. The system can be used offline, and it syncs data after being connected to the internet.  

              The camera feature in the application is connected to their computer, which easily transfers images as JPEG files directly to the application.  

              Different files about a particular case can be automatically imported and synchronized using the import files feature. 

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              OSP delivered the blueprint of the proposed application within two weeks. Our efficiency and teamwork enabled us to deliver the application within 6-8 weeks.

                Our application minimized user error and helped to create adequate reports of eye conditions. It enabled doctors to diagnose diabetic retinopathy early on through accurate eye images and reporting.

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