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The client is an administrator for a number of eye diagnostic centers and wanted a smart solution to detect diabetic retinopathy with greater speed and accuracy. The platform had to function as a repository for the collection of diagnostic images, image exchange, and also enable doctors to access the images to make an informed diagnosis. The images need to be of sufficient quality and clarity to facilitate accurate diagnosis. 


About client


About client

Poor Quality of Images

About client

Inaccurate Diagnoses

About client

Possibility of Human Error

About client

Inefficient Image Management

About client

Expensive Software

About client

Manual Image Synchronization


Dashboard for Data

OSP created a web-based application to streamline the entire process of eye diagnosis. We carried out an aggregation of the client’s previous data. The dashboard enables the client’s organization to manage and categorize the data for efficient management. Using the dashboard, the images could be catalogued according to parameters like medical condition, treating doctor, users, and so forth. 


Image Viewing

An eye doctor, or an ophthalmologist can view the images of patients and make accurate judgements of the condition. The images are of high quality and OSP’s solution includes various tools to adjust the image to get a better view. This enables a closer examination of the images to help the doctor find out if the person suffers from diabetic retinopathy. 


Site Management

This feature included by OSP allows the entry of details to create an operational clinic. The doctor’s name and license numbers can be added to the list. Similarly, the super admin can also add other users, namely, the imager and site admin. The set-up menu consists of different ICD codes that represent clinical procedures. 


Report Generation

The super admin can view the report created by the doctor consisting of the images and diagnosis, details of the doctor, and the date of the report. A patient’s report is created easily and can be downloaded with a click. Lack of clarity in eye images or if there are any technical issues, which result in the images of the eyes becoming a blur. Such images can produce reports that are marked as inadequate. 



OSP’s solution for improving the determination of diabetic retinopathy adheres to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulation. It ensures the security of people’s medical data and prevents any type of unauthorized access. It has been tested against various scenarios to ensure its reliability. 


User-friendly Interface

The user interface was one of the major concerns of OSP while developing this solution. The previous software under use by the client was both expensive and had trouble synchronizing images. Our solution ironed out all of these kinks to provide a customized and highly user-friendly interface to help the client maximize their productivity. 


About client



Faster Diagnosis


Accuracy of Diagnosis


HIPAA Compliance


Seamless Exchange of Images


Automatic Data Synchronization


Rapid Report Generation

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