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The client was based in the United States and needed software for remote patient monitoring. Furthermore, the client also needed virtual health applications like telehealth and a chatbot to help patients and their families in on the care journey. The goal was to be able to improve the access to care for patients suffering from chronic diseases and also for elderly people who might not be able to travel to the clinic for every appointment. The telehealth application would bring the care right where they lived. 


About client


About client

Real-Time Access to Care

About client

Involvement of Patients’ Families

About client

Remote Health Monitoring

About client

Virtual Consultations

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Elder Care

About client

User Interface


Real-Time Health Tracking

The solution enabled patients to use wearable medical devices to measure their vitals and share it to their providers. This enabled the providers to know the health situation of their patient and take appropriate steps based on the readings. This is especially helpful for elders who live at assisted living facilities, or those who might not be able to travel to an in-person visit. 


Nutrition Tracking

It is no surprise that our health is determined, in large part, to what we eat. Knowing the nutritional benefits of the everyday diet is an excellent way to manage one’s own health. OSP included this feature to help patients suffering from chronic conditions know what they consume and make changes to their diet according to physician’s recommendations. 


Pill Reminder

Missed dosage or a lack of adherence to prescriptions is one of the biggest reasons for worsening of health, especially in seniors and patients with chronic conditions. OSP’s solution includes a feature that reminds patients automatically of the time to take their medications. Moreover, it also keeps track of the medication regime for physicians to check later. 

Virtual Consultation

OSP developed the customized solution with a virtual consultation feature to help patients access care wherever they are. This function allows them to connect with their doctor with nothing more than a smartphone or a laptop, and an internet connection. Virtual care is extremely beneficial for seniors who might not be able to make it for in-person clinical visits. 



A chatbot goes a long way in improving doctor-patient rapport and fosters impactful patient engagement. Lots of patients might have doubts about their medication, diet, or certain things recommended by their doctor. This feature enables them to connect with the doctors and have any doubts clarified without having to book another appointment. 


SOS Feature & Notifications

Patients who are very old or suffering from chronic conditions like heart disease are often at higher risk of injuries from falls. OSP included an SOS feature in its application to notify family members of such emergencies, so that they may respond faster. It provides a form of security for the patients, and peace of mind for the families of patients. Physicians too can be notified of any changes in the health situation, so that they can intervene appropriately.  



About client



HIPAA Compliance


Improved Patient Engagement


Increased Access to Care


Remote Patient Monitoring


Greater Involvement of Patient Families


Better Patient Experience

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