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Remote patient monitoring sytem

Advance Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions for Better Care Management across the USA


Remote Patient Monitoring to Facilitate Care Management in the USA

Healthcare centers in the US often come across cases of readmissions, common among patients with critical conditions. For example, a patient who recently had a major surgery may develop complications and require readmissions. Readmissions are unavoidable in such cases, and the concern then becomes the availability of patient monitoring equipment and hospital monitoring systems. Sometimes, staff may be over-occupied to provide quality care to readmissions cases that affect practice management efficiency. This is when remote patient monitoring solutions come into place. A remote patient health monitoring system is the provision of healthcare outside a hospital or health center and from any location, including the comfort of patients’ homes. 

Remote patient monitoring companies are in demand because of the user-friendly applications such as mHealth and telehealth monitoring. These patient monitoring systems allow physicians to monitor the vitals and other parameters without actual visits. Patients are also saved from the challenges of waiting for appointments and going to clinics for treatments and follow-ups. Patients are given health monitoring devices that constantly keep a check on their overall well-being. Healthcare professionals gather data through remote settings and are also of any complications. The remote patient monitoring software enables US health centers to provide quality care and reduce incidents of readmissions. 


The common bottlenecks which might slow down your business growth


Real-Time Data Access

There may be gap time between patient data collection and analytics in US healthcare, which greatly affects care delivery quality and efficiency.


Medical staff shortage

Staff shortage is a major concern in the USA because it makes patient-centered care services difficult.


Post-discharge monitoring

In the absence of adequate patient monitoring systems, tracking critical cases from home settings is a daunting task.


Admission Cost

Patients may develop health complications after discharge, leading to readmissions, which can become expensive for patients


Value-based care

Lack of staff and resources can prevent health centres in the USA from delivering value-based care to patients.


Data Management

Collecting and analyzing essential patient information, such as vitals, can be cumbersome, and the data may be susceptible to a security breach.

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Advanced Remote Patient Monitoring to Automate real-time care access in the US

OSP is a Remote Patient Monitoring Solution Development Company that can create Custom Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions to Automate real-time Patient Monitoring Systems and improve health access.

Technology-driven Remote Patient Monitoring System

How we have reinvented the remote patient monitoring solutions and software.

Improved data analytics in US health industry through RPM technology

Data collected is not of much use until it is analyzed accurately. The time-lapse between data collected from patients and analysis can take a while. However, delays or errors in data analysis can have severe health impacts. Remote patient monitoring solutions resolve issues through the use of patient monitoring systems.

OSP can develop cloud-based solutions and remote patient monitoring devices that simplify data sharing and diagnosis. Patient monitoring equipment gives error-free data that can be processed electronically. OSP’s customized remote healthcare monitoring system can evaluate real-time data without any time gaps. This health monitoring system enables physicians to assess patient data timely and take action without delays. A remote health monitoring system built by OSP supports real-time health analytics from remote locations through remote patient monitoring for home health.

Remote patient monitoring for chronic care in USA

Caring for chronic conditions can be vigorous and consist of readmission. Elderly patients and those with chronic health such as post-surgery and cardiovascular problems require follow-ups and regular monitoring of vitals. Without a well-managed remote healthcare monitoring system, looking after such patients can be difficult. Remote health monitoring solutions make it easier to measure physiological parameters. 

OSP can engineer remote patient monitoring solutions, including IoT, for improving the management of chronic conditions. We can help with the collection of real-time data such as blood glucose levels, blood pressure, weight, and so on. OSP’s custom remote monitoring system can also monitor heart rate and identify any concerns early on. Our monitoring device can provide physicians regular updates of the patients and notify them of any emergencies.

Patient Health Monitoring Interface

Remote patient monitoring incorporates a wireless remote health monitoring system that measures real-time patients’ vitals remotely through health monitoring devices. These health monitoring tools transfer patient data to remote locations via wireless connections. Advanced remote patient monitoring systems allow healthcare professionals in the US to monitor patients and conduct predictive analysis without physical presence. Remote patient monitoring systems offer an interface that automatically analyzes real-time patient data and simplifies patient monitoring.

OSP is a remote patient monitoring solution development company that can develop a variety of remote patient monitoring applications promoting healthcare automation. These can be connected to devices for assessing patient vitals and health parameters, including temperature, ECG, respiration, etc. An RPM software created by OSP eliminates barriers of geographical locations and makes care available remotely through its patient tracking system. Medical monitoring via OSP’s custom patient tracking software simplifies patient monitoring and helps during emergency situations. It allows continuous monitoring of population health and helps physicians observe trends in health conditions remotely.


Telehealth and remote patient monitoring solutions for US healthcare

Telehealth uses digital technologies and communication advancements for simplifying health access remotely. It covers broad functions and remote patient monitoring is a subset of telemedicine. Remote patient monitoring solutions involve technologies for patient monitoring outside traditional healthcare institutions. The RPM software can collect data from patients, irrespective of their location.

Telehealth and remote patient monitoring are virtual care systems that patients can access anytime. OSP can develop telehealth monitoring that can be connected to devices like laptops and tablets. Our custom advanced patient monitoring systems increase patient engagement and improve patient-provider communication. Physicians can provide care services to patients in need through OSP’s telemedicine software and track their health conditions using remote patient monitoring.

Improving patient-provider communication in the USA using RPM

Patient satisfaction is crucial for the success of the US healthcare industry. But sometimes, clinicians are overloaded with work and patient appointments. As a result, they are unable to give the attention every patient seeks which hampers quality care. Remote monitoring in healthcare helps healthcare organizations to manage health through remote and home-based care. 

OSP’s medical monitoring consists of patient tracking software that records vitals and monitors patients’ care plans. We help physicians identify abnormalities without the need for patients to travel to clinics. Patients can easily communicate their health conditions through visual data in the advanced remote patient monitoring solutions by OSP. Remote patient monitoring is user-friendly and increases patient engagement by helping healthcare professionals deliver quality care remotely.

Managing Data security with remote patient monitoring applications

Data management and data security are the major concerns of the health sector in the USA. Protecting patient data and storing it safely are priorities of every healthcare provider. Remote patient monitoring solves this worry by providing a secure HIPAA compliant network platform. The patient health monitoring system is more secure by the incorporation of remote patient monitoring software solutions. 

OSP can engineer remote patient monitoring software solutions that improve digital security. Our custom-designed remote patient monitoring applications allow physicians to access data through a highly secure network. OSP’s remote patient monitoring system also supports EHR integration and ensures data security during electronic records sharing.

Notifications and Reminders

These remote patient monitoring solutions can be designed to send notifications and reminders to patients about their virtual visits with the physician, times when they have to take their medicines, days when they have to keep their urine and stool samples ready for collection, and more. Also, it can provide reminders about the activities such as fasting (duration) before they collect their urine and stool samples for testing.

Likewise, physicians receive reminders about their virtual visits with their patients, meetings with other doctors, pathologists, and physicians across the USA.

This solution saves a lot of time involved in traveling both for the patients and physicians and also reduces costs significantly. They can attend these meetings from anywhere anytime using an internet connection.

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Enhance patient

We are a remote patient monitoring solution development company, and we can create custom health monitoring systems. Our remote patient monitoring solutions are user friendly and improve real-time communication between patients and physicians. Patients are motivated to use rpm software solutions because it provides real-time data analysis and treatment. OSP’s custom remote patient monitoring system allows patients to gain active control of their health through timely reminders to follow treatment plans.

Healthcare Management

Alerts and Risk

OSP’s custom remote monitoring solutions give healthcare providers in the US warning signs and alerts about an abnormal situation via SMS, email, or in-app notifications. We can build remote monitoring systems that store vital measurements and patient reports daily. Physicians can view real-time measurements and observe trends and patterns. Our customized RPM technology enables doctors to predict risks early on and make informed treatment decisions.

Diagnostic Support

Timely Health

OSP can develop a remote monitoring software that supports virtual care through remote health monitoring devices and real-time data analytics. Our custom remote patient monitoring solutions help patients maintain balanced health at each stage, from preliminary diagnosis to treatment to post-discharge recovery. We can assist health centers in delivering quality care anytime from anywhere.

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