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Remote patient monitoring sytem

Advance Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions for Better Care Management


Remote Patient Monitoring solutions for Enhanced Health Tracking

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a system where technology can be utilized to monitor a patient’s health remotely. Patients who do not want to be in a clinical facility such as a hospital can opt for this option; all the assistance and guidance is provided by using Remote Patient Monitoring applications. Patients can meet with their physicians through a video conferencing application, which saves the time required for traveling. Also, there are RPM applications that monitor vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, and any abnormalities in real-time. Additionally, it also provides a panic alarm system to notify caregivers during emergencies such as heart attacks, etc.


The common bottlenecks which might slow down your business growth

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Physicians and Caregivers

Scarcity of competent, skilled, and experienced medical professionals. As per the prediction by the American Medical Colleges (AAMC), this situation will be worse 2025.

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Premium on Insurance

Inability to reduce the cost of premium due to increased cost in research and delivering healthcare.

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Pathology Tests

Inability to provide low-cost lab tests due to incipient disease patterns and expensive equipment.

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Training and Development

High attrition rate leading to more time and cost to train new employees.

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Violence at Hospitals

Unavoidable attacks at patients and healthcare professionals by a patient due to a medical condition.

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Hospitalization Cost

Increased hospitalization incidents leading to more pay-outs by health insurance companies.

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Process Flow of Remote Patient Monitoring System

OSP Labs understands today's roadblocks faced by healthcare companies and provides a seamless process for personalized care and attention to patients.

Technology-driven Remote Patient Monitoring System

How we have reinvented the remote patient monitoring solutions and software.

Wireless Vitals Collections

OSP can design and build (as per the requirement) a Remote Patient Monitoring System that constantly monitors patient’s physiological parameters. For example, a heart patient’s vitals such as Blood Pressure (BP) and heart rate to control his/her health condition.

This system will have a controller node that will be attached to the patient’s body, which will collect all the signs from the wireless devices and guide them to the monitoring station. These attached sensors form a Wireless Body Sensor Network (WBSN), which will be able to sense the blood pressure, heart rate, and so on. It will also be able to identify irregular conditions and send an email and a text message to the patient’s physician. Remote patient monitoring solutions in the USA will allow patients to move around in the house, unlike the older systems where the patients were required to be stationed to monitor their vitals.

Health Education Based on the Condition

This unique mobile health solution can be designed and tailored to provide education to the patient about his/her health condition through an app on their mobile phone or tablet. It will ensure they have thorough knowledge about the illness, risks, things to avoid, diet, and so on.

The main purpose of this remote patient monitoring software solutions will be to positively influence the patients and educate them in such a way that encourages them to take more stake in their health. For patients who are visually challenged it can be designed to act as a voice assistant, patients can ask any questions pertaining to their health and it will provide answers. For example, a patient can ask “what should I include in my diet” and the system will respond with the names of the food that he/she should eat for better health.

Interactive Care System

OSP’s interactive care software solution can provide cohesive patient education built on the patient’s age, preferred language, and so on, ensuring more tailored assignation. This solution can also ensure lesser readmissions, avoid falls, enhance patient contentment, and decrease the length of stay.

This remote patient monitoring systems provides a customized solution and approach, for example, to educate kids about their diagnosis and highlight the importance of healthy eating habits, it can use animations and games to explain those things. Whereas, to educate adults, it can adopt a direct and comprehensive approach.

This enhanced communication can assist in better workflow and augmented uniformity in medical diagnostics.

AI-based Wearable Gadgets

This remote patient monitoring solutions can be customized as per the patient’s needs. Following are some of the gadgets designed by manufacturers and we integrate these devices into the system using artificial intelligence:

  • Cardiology: This wearable device can provide information about the heart rate, breathing patterns, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, patient’s behavior.
  • Visually Challenged: Camera fitted wearable glasses that assist patients who are suffering from night blindness, color blindness, low visibility, or have no visibility at all.
  • Hearing Aid: Enhanced and improved devices for patients who cannot hear or partially hear.

All these devices are connected to the monitoring system, which helps in research and development to provide better care to the patients.

AI-based Virtual Assistant for Better Health and Living

OSP Labs AI-based virtual assistant is a remote patient monitoring software, which is installed on the patient’s mobile phone, tablet, or computer. It shares the latest developments and enhancements about the diagnosis with the patient.

Based on the patient’s health condition and internet usage, it shares videos, links, and content on a regular basis, which saves their time and effort.

This allows the patient to be independent (does not have to rely on a person to get any information) and ensure secrecy about their diagnosis.

Real Time Medical Data Collection

This remote monitoring solutions is called as Electronic Medical Records System (EMRS). It is a cloud-based system that records patient’s health data (pathology reports, vital statistics, and so on), patient engagement, care coordination, medical billing data, and more.

The system helps physicians, hospitals, and healthcare organizations to modernize clinical processes, ensuring paperless workflow. It displays patient’s information, appointments, and medical history on a real-time basis. Also, assists physicians to manage their daily work more efficiently.

Notifications and Reminders

This remote patient monitoring solutions  can be designed to send notifications and reminders to patients about their virtual visits with the physician, time when they have to take their medicines, days when they have to keep their urine and stool samples ready for collection, and more. Also, it can provide reminders about the activities such as fasting (duration) before they collect their urine and stool samples for testing.

Likewise, physicians receive reminders about their virtual visits with their patients, meetings with other doctors, pathologists, and physicians.

This solution saves a lot of time involved in traveling both for the patients and physicians and also reduces costs significantly. They can attend these meetings from anywhere anytime using an internet connection.

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Use Cases

Text Detection

Panic Alarms System

One of the best remote patient monitoring solutions that provides round the clock (even when they are sleeping) assistance to patients. This gadget is fitted in a wrist band. Whenever a patient feels any discomfort such as pain in a particular body part or identifies symptoms of a heart attack, he/she just has to press the button on the wrist band, which will notify their healthcare provider and immediate action (such as sending an ambulance) can be taken. This solution does not entirely depend on the patient’s action of pressing the button, it identifies any abnormalities in the patient’s vitals such as heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, and so on and notifies the healthcare provider.

Sentiment Analysis

Validated Assessments based on Patient’s Condition

These remote patient monitoring systems work on data analysis. After the diagnosis, the data that is collected is stored into a database, which already has recommendations and suggestions for that diagnosis. These recommendations are updated in real-time considering the latest development and advancement in medicine and therapy. This saves the physician’s time and based on the recommendations, physician can suggest a treatment. Also, based on the patient’s progress and response towards the treatment, further course of action is suggested by the system, which helps in faster recovery.

Facial Detection

Virtual Consultation

Virtual consultation or Remote Video Consultation (RVC) between the patient and physician saves a lot of time and money (involved during travelling). This solution provides freedom to both patients and physicians to attend these meeting from anywhere at an agreed time. It is a very good solution for emotionally unstable patients who are suffering from depression, anxiety, mental imbalance, and so on. Virtual consultation is very helpful in case of an emergency, where the patient requires immediate appointment with their therapist who stays far away or is out of town.


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