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A client in the United States wanted to address the shortage of MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine) experts in remote locations in the country. The problem was to alleviate the inequity in access to quality care for pregnant women in underserved communities. The client needed a solution that would connect pregnant women to MFM specialists who might be in another city. The objective was to develop a solution for use at local clinics that would use real-time video streaming for connectivity. 


About client


About client

Rapid Access to MFM Experts

About client

Predicting Pre-Term Births

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Predicting Foetal Abnormalities

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Low Prediction Accuracy

About client

Secure Streaming


Better Risk Assessment

Women in far-flung locations could not avail competent pre-natal care. But OSP’s solution helped alleviate that inequity and effectively made it possible to assess health risks better. By improving access to MFM specialists, OSP helped pregnant women detect any risks in early stages and seek appropriate medical intervention. 



This is a component of the solution developed by OSP. It is for the local clinic to set up their streaming infrastructure and for that they need an IP address, port number, application name, stream name, user name, and password. These are required to establish the clinic as an authorized entity to connect with MFM experts. 


Clinical Decision Support

This is one of the major factors that propagated inequities for pregnant women in rural and underserved communities. Since OSP’s solution makes up for the dearth of MFM specialists, it also assists in effective clinical decision support for clinics in those locations. As a result, pregnant women can make informed decisions about seeking treatment. 


Secure Streaming

OSP’s solution also includes the Wowza engine to ensure that the streaming carried out is secure and protects doctor-patient confidentiality. The engine generates a hash value based on a secure token, application name, and stream name. All of this ensures that the stream session is secure and private. 


Uninterrupted Streaming

Needless to point out, we developed the solution to ensure that the real-time video stream between the local clinic and the MFM expert in the remote location is uninterrupted and of high quality. The system has been thoroughly tested and proven to be highly reliable. We are well aware that the quality of the video might directly impact the level of care deliverable. 


Access to Quality Care

OSP’s solution helps to manage the connections with MFM experts situated in multiple locations. The clinic hosting the connection can use the platform to schedule virtual appointments for patients and also do so for follow-ups appointments. So, it acts as an appointment manager, in addition to being a platform for live streaming. 


About client



Increased Access to Natal Care


Access to Specialists


Improved Patient Outcomes


Better Patient Experience


HIPAA-Compliant Streaming


Early Detection of Anomalies

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