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Healthcare Consulting

OSP’s team of experienced healthcare experts offers quality healthcare consulting services for providers and health plans. Our team includes experts on enterprise software platforms, US government programs, digital innovation, and business operations.

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Enterprise Applications

OSP is proficient and experienced in building robust enterprise applications to address your complex and sophisticated software needs and execute your digital transformation lifecycle. We have comprehensive customized tools to solve your healthcare challenge.

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Healthcare Solutions Enhancement

Optimizing the healthcare system is essential for better productivity and quality performance. OSP’s team of developers can enhance and upgrade the healthcare solutions in modules, security, or interoperability sections with new custom components.

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Dedicated Quality Assurance

OSP’s QA team can resolve the challenges of disrupted workflow and application safety. We offer assurance in product quality with multiple levels of quality testing, including usability, performance, localization, and security testing.

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Explore Revenue Cycle Management

Healthcare RCM services ensure healthcare practices gain an optimal return on their investment. A full suite of healthcare revenue cycle software helps healthcare providers by streamlining healthcare RCM process. Revenue cycle healthcare needs constant monitoring to enhance reimbursement cycle and optimize patient-to-payment course.

Rather than healthcare RCM outsourcing, building your own customized healthcare revenue cycle management software proves beneficial. OSP has hands-on experience in building healthcare RCM software solutions that help in providing seamless revenue flow, enforce accurate policies, deploy time-sensitive bandwidth, facilitate compliance with regulations and reduce claim denials. Our solution for revenue cycle in healthcare can alleviate the labor-intensive manual tasks such as filing claims, working unpaid claims, exclusions, filing appeals, payment posting, secondary insurance claim filing, patient billing, etc.


As per the study by the American Medical Association (AMA), almost $15,000 per year is spent on investigating, reviewing and reworking the denied healthcare claims. Patient’s insurance eligibility issues are one of the most common reasons for claim denials. Insurance eligibility verification is the process of checking a patient’s health coverage and insurance eligibility to know the patient’s capacity to avail healthcare treatments and consultations.

Our healthcare RCM services are customized with advanced patient insurance eligibility verification module. It helps providers to track the insurance eligibility in real-time for all private health plans, Medicaid and Medicare. To streamline healthcare revenue cycle management, we can include claims scrubbing module to identify errors in CMS1500 submissions. With custom healthcare RCM, a payer rule engine in compliance with HIPAA and health plan guidelines is made possible. Our healthcare revenue cycle management services help to automatically verify procedure-specific coverage, perks, and all out-of-pocket costs.


RCM patient management software solutions are a collection of software systems that help to track the patient’s information medical diagnoses, prescriptions, interactions and encounters within healthcare organizations. We smartly integrate various patient management modules in healthcare RCM such as EHR/EMR, medical scheduling, practice management system (PMS), patient encounters and more.

OSP can build healthcare revenue cycle solutions that combine next-gen PMS systems that automate the routine processes such as patient flow management and helps healthcare providers to minimize their administrative expenses. A healthcare revenue cycle optimization can streamline all elements of a provider setting including recordkeeping, charting, medical appointment scheduling, billing, and claims processing functions. Our healthcare revenue cycle services simplify day-to-day operations with automated process management and timely patient care.


Medical billing is the system of submitting and following up on medical claims with healthcare payers to get reimbursed for treatments provided by a healthcare provider. OSP’ healthcare RCM services incorporate medical billing systems, developed with point-of-care care processing to support in-house billing process efficiently. The healthcare revenue cycle solutions can manage copays, deductibles, and coinsurance with smarter account reconciliation with patients via next-gen online payment portals.

Our medical billing services offer end-to-end healthcare revenue cycle optimization that automates follow-up requests for delayed as well as underpaid reimbursements. Our integrated healthcare revenue cycle management services can combine audit tracking software to archive every transaction in a simplified database. We eliminate revenue leakages by streamlining your entire healthcare revenue cycle workflow from eligibility verification, to check in, and co-pay collection to help you optimize revenue collection.


Medical coding is the process of translating the medical diagnosis, procedures, treatments, and equipment into ICD-10 codes to simplify the billing process. Our customized healthcare revenue cycle software can be integrated with EHR/EMR to pre-populate superbills with accurate ICD-10 and CPT codings following CMS.

The traditional manual medical coding process is labor-intensive, expensive, and prone to errors. We provide automated medical coding software solutions that are in line with ICD-10 and CPT codings. OSP’ healthcare revenue cycle management services include high-quality medical coding solutions for all medical specialties, subspecialties, and telehealth. Our tailored healthcare RCM software ensures minimum coding errors and claims denials with highly accurate and prompt medical coding services.


A revenue cycle for healthcare without advanced reporting module may have hidden problems that may grow worse with the time. Most healthcare revenue cycle management companies fail to focus on reporting that have long-term adverse effects on medical practice. OSP can build a made-to-order healthcare revenue cycle analytics that has custom reports, including financial data, management information and key performance metrics to see if your business is meeting benchmarks.

Our healthcare revenue cycle analysis solutions are capable of analyzing clinical and financial data from the data repositories, practice management systems, hospital information systems, medical billing systems and more. With in-depth healthcare revenue cycle analysis, you can find missed revenue opportunities, common coding errors, inadequate patient data capture, poor patient engagement and more. The healthcare revenue cycle analytics ensures intuitive data visualizations to understand the reports quickly.

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