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OSP Labs’ medical billing and healthcare revenue cycle management solutions ensure healthcare practices gain an optimal return on their investment. Our rich healthcare domain knowledge and profound payer relationships allow us to enhance reimbursement cycle and optimize patient-to-payment course to streamline revenue cycle management. Our medical revenue cycle management solutions strive to provide seamless revenue flow, enforce accurate policies, deploy time-sensitive bandwidth, facilitate compliance with regulations and reduce claim denials. OSP Labs’ revenue cycle management (RCM) software services help to alleviate the labor-intensive manual tasks such as filing claims, working unpaid claims, exclusions, filing appeals, payment posting, secondary insurance claim filing, patient billing, etc. to bring efficiency to your revenue cycle management.  

Solution Design & Development

OSP Labs’ revenue cycle management services and analytics software solutions provide end-to-end RCM solutions that enable qualitatively as well as quantitative provider reimbursement to payment access.

  • OSP Labs' revenue cycle management solutions offer electronic claim submission, paperless patient claim to reduce delays and ensures high readability. The electronic claims submission offers instant carrier confirmation report, prevent delays and allows tracking claims easily.
  • Our revenue cycle management software solutions cover the highly-detailed and effective A/R management by tracking denials, overseeing files and receiving a timely response. Our accounts receivable management includes secondary claims filing, handling appeals for contested claims, handling of refunds, generating and mail patient statements, and preparing customized management reports.
  • Our healthcare revenue cycle management software services help develop the interactive interface to import your billing data into our revenue cycle management system. The intuitive interface will help to input of multiple formats from a facility based on customized built-in billing rules. It will also offer demographic-based dictated reports and log reconciliation to reduce errors in data entry, higher clean claims and reduced days in AR.
Values Delivered
revenue cycle management services | healthcare revenue cycle management
Stringent Data Protection
Safeguard the medical billing data with adhered standards of information security in compliance with HIPAA.
Medical Coding Services
Medical Coding Services
Assign appropriate codes in the medical billing process by reviewing the documentation received from healthcare providers to reduce denials.
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Denial Management
Perform a thorough analysis of the denied and underpaid medical claims to identify the common reasons for the denial or underpayment.
healthcare revenue cycle management software
Payment Posting
Post the received payments in the client's billing system to ensure accuracy and storage of EOB for future references.
medical claims management solutions | medical claims management software
Charge Capture
Capture all the charges efficiently on the front-end to calculate the payments of all the service provided by the healthcare provider.

What Makes OSP Labs’ Revenue Cycle Management Solution Best for Your Need?

OSP Labs' revenue cycle management services effectively manage claims processing, payment and revenue generation to allow a steady stream of revenue. Our end-to-end integrated RCM services are centred helping the billing companies get paid more and faster through a single partner.

Submit your medical claims faster, and with fewer errors, so you receive payment from payers in the shortest amount of time.
Assure that your medical claims get processed on-time and accurately, avoiding the potential disruptions in cash-flow.
Efficiently improve the customer satisfaction with highly customizable, hassle-free and reliable revenue cycle management services.
Gain access to data analytics and identify the areas to bring reforms in your business processes to maximize legitimate reimbursement.
Cut out inefficiencies, submit claims promptly, and increase reimbursements to increase the provider's ability to offer better healthcare.
Have a thorough understanding of billing regulations and ensure billing compliance to reduce billing errors considerably.
Get faster and accurate payments with reduced denial medical claims and manual process errors.
Reduce overhead by decreasing storage and medical claims filling issues from proper EOB.

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