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The client is based in the United States and needed a custom-developed solution for home health care that was hosted in the cloud. Furthermore, the client also looking for migration of technology, alongside an advanced billing feature and a function for managing multiple insurance payers. Given the growing population of aging seniors, the client wanted a custom-developed solution to offer home care to the senior population in a more efficient way.   


About client


About client

Manual Billing

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Inaccurate Reporting on Patients

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Manual Form Filling

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Inefficient Workflow Management

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Manual Appointment Scheduling

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Patient-Provider Communication


Appointment Scheduling

OSP created an appointment scheduling module that streamlines the process of booking appointments. It includes a list of providers available. The list is generated according the requirements of the patients such as specialty, medical problems, location, and so on. After the users select a provider, the agency can alert the providers through email or text message. All of this takes a few minutes at most. 


Custom Forms

These are forms that the client can create and modify according to requirement. These many include plans for home health care to be sent to patients, or forms for patients to enter their own demographic and medical details, or a feedback form, among others. This helps the client manage their services better and have all the necessary information in one repository. 


Advanced Reporting

OSP included this function to enable providers to file detailed reports about each visit and everyday activities. Things like status of a patient, missed visits, treatments provided, and other parameters regarding home health care. This feature enables the client to manage day-to-day activities better and make informed decisions about them. In other words, it is an effective management tool. 


Billing and Claim Management

OSP included a feature for automated billing and claims management. This was one of the major requirements of the client and OSP developed a customized solution to streamline billing and claims. Automation took out most of the manual processes in billing and claims, thereby improving the speed and accuracy of workflows. The client could also track the status of claims and address any issues within them. 


Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is known to have a positive impact on the overall clinical outcomes. This is especially true in case of home health care of seniors. OSP’s solution enables every patient to have a personalized interaction with their providers and talk about themselves. This goes a long way in building a rapport and enables the providers to help patients manage their own care in the long run. 


Streamlined Management

OSP’s platform acts as a consolidated interface where the client can have a bird’s eye view on the ongoing activities. Whether it is appointments, home care, billing, claims, or provider management, our solution enabled the client to carry out day-to-day activities with greater efficiency and serve patients better. The end result was better outcomes for patients coupled with higher revenues for the client.  


About client



Automated Billing


Rapid Claims Tracking


Improved Patient Engagement


Quality Home Health Care


User-Friendly Dashboard


Higher ROI

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