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Remittance Management Software Solutions

Business Challenges

The lengthy and tedious healthcare revenue cycle is experiencing a paradigm shift in its management with OSP Labs’ highly customized money transfer application software system. Our remittance management software solutions relieve the intense pressure on healthcare systems that are overloaded with payments-related paperwork rising expectations of performance. OSP Labs’ first-rate remit management software solutions enable providers to post accounts receivable automatically and swiftly balance payments to the original claim. Our healthcare payment solutions ensure the maximum efficiency of your business with reliable and sophisticated compliance and easily accessible with cloud architecture. Our integrated payment management solutions help you free yourself from endless claims filing, manage EOB claims, and effectively identify denial reasons. OSP Labs’ remittance software solutions are customizable and highly scalable that grow to your needs and streamline the workflow to boost growth.

Solution Design & Development

The OSP Labs’ healthcare remittance software solutions platform provides access to a built-in modular system and secure web portal that offers you everything you need to begin, run and expand your global remittance operation.

  • OSP Labs' payment management solutions employ a powerful workflow module that operates in conjunction with the accounting engine. This smartly built workflow module is utilized as a control center to manage all the processes, including the postings, limit monitoring, advice, checks against blacklists, and more.
  • Using our payment management solutions, patients data can be automatically extracted, and unreadable fields are repaired to create electronic documents (ERAs). OSP Labs' payment management solutions help to reconcile the ERA data with claims & Payments to generate a consolidated, HIPAA-compliant file; which is to be transmitted to the provider or its clearinghouse for posting.
  • OSP Labs' payment management solutions provides a unique and centralized platform. Using our secure web portal, the providers gain direct access to applications for monitoring and reporting, electronic payment initiation, service requests and more. Our remittance management solutions help you offer relief from maintaining multiple user credentials or perform separate user setup for each application.
Values Delivered
payment management solutions | payment management system
Accounting engine
Gain access to the robust accounting engine running in compliance with IFRS and enabling online accounting in multiple currencies.
healthcare payment software solutions | healthcare payment software
Multiple delivery channels
Enable client accounts via modern delivery channels including E-banking, mobile banking, and SMS banking, etc.
Healthcare E remittance software solutions | Healthcare E remittance solutions
Report generator
Enable your customers to generate bespoke reports of any complexity to comply with local regulatory requirements.
Streamline Workflow
Streamline workflow with easy to understand payment information and automating posting and reconciliation process.
Remittance Management Solutions | Payment Management Solutions
Central ERA Processing
Send and receive data from a single and centralized location to avoid chasing down paper EOBs or exporting & uploading claims & ERA files.

What Makes OSP Lab's Remittance Software Solutions Best for Your Need?

OSP Labs advanced payer management software solutions handle both patient payments, complex EOB payments & documents with efficiency, reduce errors and write-offs and reduce administrative costs.

Avoid costly investments with digital shifts in healthcare money transfer processes and prompt electronic remittance.
Avoid paper trails and automate the manual money transfer process by our e-Remittance software solutions.
Improve operation transparency by educating senders about the variety of channel options for recipients, like mobile wallets and even non-cash options.
Gain access to advanced payment transaction processors that leverage automated systems to provide same-day deposits and deliver payment data.
Enhance customer support and make your organization agiler by quickly delivering patient billing information to the customers.
Boost the financial inclusion of payers by making them available a broad spectrum of payment channels managed under a single platform.
Improve organizational efficiency by efficiently managing high dollar business-to-business or consumer-to-business transactions through automation
Minimize the posting errors as our healthcare payment systems eliminate the manual intervention, verification, and post-payment checks.

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