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Remittance in healthcare explains a claim payment or multiple payments sent by an insurance payer to a provider. Remittance management software solutions streamline the entire lifecycle of processes surrounding the reception of claims, their payments, and the subsequent elaboration of the payments per health plan. Remittance processing software can automate parts of the workflow surrounding medical reimbursements and their subsequent remittances to help stakeholder organizations improve the speed and efficiency of payment processing. These solutions have come to form integral parts of medical administrative operations.   

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OSP can design and develop customized healthcare remittance management platforms with a module for centralized workflow management. This function works in cohesion with the accounting engine to act as a consolidated tool for oversight and management of various activities. These include monitoring limits, comparison against blacklists, postings, advice, and so forth. It provides a bird’s eye view of operations to enable senior administrators to track progress and make informed management decisions.  

Healthcare remittance management solutions with a centralized administrative module streamline operations and boost the efficiency and productivity of the organization as a whole. This goes on to speed up reimbursement workflows, EOB (Explanation of Benefits), claims to handle, and so forth.   

The process of producing an explanation of benefits (EOB) or electronic remittance advice (ERA) is an elaborate one. It must include details like claim status, reimbursed amount, bundling or splitting of payments, reasons for claims denial with relevant data, copayments and coinsurance, and so on. OSP’s healthcare remittance delivery solutions simplify this process by automatically extracting patients’ data to develop ERAs.  

Furthermore, our remittance management enables easy procedures for working with the ERAs and claims for generating a HIPAA-compliant electronic document. This is then sent to providers. Our solution streamlines and accelerates this entire process, minimizing the chances of errors.   

OSP’s remittance management software solutions include a secure web portal through which providers can access monitoring and reporting functionalities directly. It acts as a centralized platform that enables provider organizations to conduct multiple activities like electronic payment initiation, service requests, check claim status, and so on. This avoids the necessity for operating multiple applications and managing credentials for each of them.  

The best part – the web portal acts as a consolidated solution that optimizes workflows without increasing overhead. In other words, providers can do more with less and be highly productive while ensuring the privacy of sensitive information. OSP can customize the features to suit provider requirements specifically.   

OSP’s platform for remittance management healthcare can integrate with your organization’s existing healthcare software systems. We tailor the solution to suit your requirements, match your workflows, and ensure it can work cohesively with other systems. We design and develop APIs through which our users can have comprehensively integrated medical software to carry out all the workflows without hassle.  

Whether a small practice with one or a few providers, a medium-sized ambulatory clinic, or a large hospital, our healthcare remittance solutions can fit perfectly.   

Patient payments have been steady growth because of higher deductibles and out-of-pocket patient expenses. This presents a cumbersome effort for healthcare providers as they would need to manage the posting of the payments. But OSP cab builds a healthcare remittance services platform that obtains all the relevant payment data from multiple sources and generates a posting file customized for your billing platform. Subsequently, the file is delivered to the relevant entity.  

This platform is customized according to your needs and will fit perfectly into existing health systems. The results are streamlined workflows with greater efficiency and productivity and reduced overheads.    

OSP has over a decade of experience designing and developing customized solutions for the healthcare industry. Our healthcare remittance management software solutions comply with existing regulations and ensure high security for sensitive data. We conduct comprehensive testing against established parameters to ensure that our platform’s functions adhere to HIPAA regulations.   

Users can experience greater productivity and faster workflows without worrying about the integrity of the relevant information.  


This is one of the primary benefits of any solution for managing healthcare workflows. Using healthcare remittance solutions introduces automation to the manual and repetitive activities that form an integral part of reimbursements. OSP can design solutions specific to the needs of individual organizations to enable them to leverage the advantages of automation. By minimizing human intervention, remittance software can boost the productivity of operations.

OSP can develop healthcare remittance delivery solutions to help accelerate the workflow of processing remittances for approved and denied claims. Unlike EOBs (Explanation of Benefits), using software for healthcare remittance management leverages the benefits of Electronic Remittance Advice (ERAs). These replace the need for physical paperwork with digital interfaces and eliminate the need for the overhead associated with physical documentation. Additionally, digitization also minimizes the chances of errors.

One of the biggest advantages of using a digital platform for remittance management is assessing data generated from day-to-day workflows. Providers can know about their revenue cycles by analyzing the data derived using remittance processing software and identifying where their organization is losing money. This insight enables them to take the necessary steps to change existing workflows and improve their revenue cycles.

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