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Pathology software is a complete package of solutions that caters to clinical testing and diagnostic laboratory management. This software is an integrated management system that manages workflows and simplifies operations of medical imaging centers, clinical laboratories, and path labs. As custom healthcare solutions providers, we can build pathology software solutions to help laboratory service providers streamline their workflows, track and report samples, ensure accuracy in documentation and improve cash flow. The software can boost productivity and minimize human errors.   

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Patient pre-registration functionality in pathology lab management software is essential, as it collects crucial patient-related information. When a patient comes to a pathology center for prescribed tests, the laboratory staff begins the process by taking personal details, insurance eligibility, medical history, and more. Typically, lab staff tends to enter these details manually; the process becomes time-consuming and incurs human errors.   

At OSP, we can leverage healthcare automation technology to build a pathology software solution to streamline this process. We can build the solution with a pre-registration feature that will help staff to enter patient personal, insurance, and other details in an automated manner. So, it will save time and leave no room for human errors.   

Specimen or sample tracking is one of pathology lab management software solutions’ most popular and significant features. Since sample collection and monitoring are exhausting, automation can change this. We can build pathology software with an intuitive sample-tracking feature.   

With this feature incorporated into the pathology lab management software, lab staff can easily streamline sample collection and get real-time updates about the specimen collected. As we can track specimens digitally, the lab staff’s administrative burden is reduced. And this also reduces costs, helping pathology service providers to boost their revenue.   

Further, this feature added to advanced pathology solutions also increases throughput, minimizes errors, consumes less time, and improves patients’ health outcomes.   

Pathology reporting software or medical lab software is complete with a proper reports management system. Since pathology labs deal with different types of reports, including billing of tests, medical exam results, and more. So, efficient and accurate reports storage and management are essential.   

Just like the medical records management system, we can also include the pathology reports management feature in the pathology software solutions. We can design the software with report management that will streamline the report generation and storage process. It can become more efficient and have fewer errors.   

With such a feature in advanced pathology solutions, lab service providers’ proficiency and productivity will also improve. Further, they can also access these reports easily and at any time.   

Integrated healthcare systems reveal how beneficial these are for care service providers. Similarly, pathology lab software’s real-time integration with electronic health records can prove an added advantage for lab service providers. We can tailor pathology lab software integrated with EHR to help providers streamline lab data directly into patients’ records automatically.   

That means lab staff doesn’t need to spend hours transferring patients’ lab data into their EHR. With this integration, test results will be directly uploaded to patients’ lab results section in their EHR. Further, the EHR will also intimidate referral doctors about the test results when it gets uploaded. The integration will save time and help lab staff maintain a high accuracy rate. 

Advanced pathology solutions are often integrated with billing interfaces to ensure that labs get reimbursed on time. And alongside billing integrations, labs also tend to offer co-pays options to patients. So, adding a self-payment feature to the pathology software can prove truly helpful for both lab service providers and patients.   

At OSP, incorporating digital payment features in pathology software solutions can be efficient in times of the digital era. Indeed, we can build pathology software with digital payment options to offer convenience to patients and lab staff in managing incoming payments. Besides, we can also offer an intuitive dashboard to help lab service providers keep track of payments and send reminders to patients due to pay.   

Pathology centers handle large amounts of documentation every day. Lab staff often need help keeping track of documents or storing them properly. And as a result, they misplace them or lose them completely. However, a pathology laboratory management system can solve this by including a documentation management feature.   

At OSP, we understand the need for this. So, we can engineer pathology lab management software with the document management feature to help lab staff efficiently and securely store crucial records. We can also ensure clinical test results, patient forms, and other lab documents are easily accessible. Overall, we assure you that the software will be HIPAA compliant to ensure the security of those documents. 


Pathology centers run multiple tasks simultaneously, including medical imaging and clinical and research laboratories. Lab assistants and staff need help managing the workflows efficiently. However, OSP believes that deploying robust pathology software solutions can streamline and improve laboratories’ workflows. And automating workflows can also save time, minimize costs and reduce the chances of human errors. Besides, the lab staff’s productivity and proficiency will also increase using the pathology software.

Laboratories can improve efficiency by integrating lab equipment and workflows on a single platform. And using automation technology, workflows, and other processes will have less room for errors, as staff will no longer do tasks manually. OSP can build pathology software that will automate patient registration, automatically transfer lab results and information to the EHR, and more to reduce errors and misses. So, laboratories will produce accurate results and improve patient care too.

As we build efficient and agile pathology lab software, laboratory service providers can effectively collect, transfer and manage lab data. This will help them save costs, as there’ll be minimum errors. Also, integrated billing and digital payment features will help pathology service providers keep track of their financial status through intuitive dashboards. The software will also keep track of operational efficiency, reports, and inventory. All these will boost revenue generation and increase profitability.

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