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A comprehensive network of healthcare providers including the doctors, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare professionals and facilities plays a vital role in efficient healthcare provider network management solutions. We are living in the era of consumer-driven healthcare where coordinated care and uninterrupted flow of data are essential. A premium quality medical provider network is required to manage the perfect balance between health care and its expenses. Our reliable health care provider network software solutions is to efficiently manage your provider network by making more informed decisions, enhancing on-boarding time and reducing operational inefficiencies. OSP Labs’ medical provider network software solutions promotes the qualitative enhancement of provider data by enabling the value-based networks.

Solution Design & Development

To efficiently meet the superior quality of provider network, compliance, competitive, patient engagement and satisfaction objectives, OSP Labs’ healthcare provider network solutions are the ideal option. Our healthcare provider network brilliantly aligns your reimbursement policies and contract terms with tailored provider network management software solutions.

  • OSP Lab's provider network management software system offers innovative network designs to speed up your market entry and leverage multiple provider information sources. With our healthcare provider network system automating the assignment of providers to the appropriate networks is made easy.
  • Our medical provider network solutions offers the excellent quality, seamless integration of both internal and external sources of provider data. We offer assistance in integrating with internal contracting systems, credentialing systems, claims systems, provider directories and more.
  • Our medical provider network system empowers enterprises to manage the complex provider data architecture and multi-departmental workflows. Our medical provider network is instrumental in enhancing the operational efficiencies for healthcare providers.
Value Delivered
Provider network management software
Enhanced Data Accuracy
Automate your provider information management workflow by enhancing the data accuracy and reconciling inconsistencies.
network management software
Common Data Repository
Store provider data in a common data repository shared across departments and business function to promote transparency and reduce complexity.
network management software solutions
Interactive Dashboards
Gain access to interactive dashboards to have a clear view of their most critical cases, performance reports, work items, and other insights.
provider network management
Provider Search Directories
Automate the data collection process and search providers by their locations and credentials to manage providers from multiple locations.
provider network management software solutions
Streamlined Credentials
Streamline provider credentialing processes with highly coordinated workflows to cycle times, save expenses and optimize overall provider engagement.

What Makes OSP Lab's Provider Network Management Software Solution Best for Your Need?

OSP Labs' medical provider network management software solutions are designed to deliver current, consistent and more accurate provider information to fuel processes such as demographics, credentialing, contract management and pricing, and relationship management.

Gain direct access to the data anytime and anywhere to bring efficiency in provider network management and save valuable on-boarding time.
Manage the entire provider network by monitoring from a centralized location using minimal resources and personnel.
Reduce administrative costs with streamlined provider network management tasks and self-service reporting abilities.
Improve provider data accuracy by automating your provider data management workflow and mitigating inconsistencies.
Enable agility and innovation in provider network with automated data maintenance, credentialing, servicing, and on-boarding.
Enhance provider and member satisfaction by offering prompt and easy access to better and accurate provider information.
Foster robust payer-provider collaborations by promoting greater alignment between members and better-performing providers.
Avoid CMS and compliance related fines annually through automated provider data collection and its efficient management.

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