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Healthcare CRM software is a type of healthcare management system specifically designed to improve patient service and the overall business of the health practice. Healthcare CRM solutions boost the relationship between medical practices and their patients. OSP can develop agile and robust CRM software for healthcare that will streamline data workflows, ensure appointment management and optimize patients’ experiences. The software can also market medical services to attract more patients and increase profitability.   

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One of the core components of healthcare CRM solutions is patient data management. From patient record keeping and consolidation to updating, the software must thoroughly manage crucial patient data to streamline medical practices’ sales journey.   

At OSP, we can engineer healthcare CRM software to store patient data in two databases. One will be a centralized patient database, and the other for storing documents. The centralized database will be designed in a way that it can store all patient information. All information will include contact details, insurance eligibility, medical data, analysis results, and pharma treatments. The other database for storing template documents will include forms. We can offer full automation in patient data management for the CRM software.

Like in practice management solutions or remote health monitoring systems, CRM software solutions also include appointment scheduling as a crucial component. Healthcare CRM software can automate patient scheduling to ensure appointment tracking and editing.   

We can custom-build healthcare CRM systems with the appointment scheduling feature. Further, we can deploy the required tools to help label and filter appointments. The tools can also help providers in setting preferences.   

Besides, we understand how convenient it will become for practitioners to have an in-built calendar. So, we can even include it and enable providers to sync appointments with the calendar. Syncing it can help healthcare providers ensure seamless scheduling of appointments and minimize patients’ wait times. Indeed, the software will boost the patient experience. 

At OSP, we know today’s healthcare environment sees patients as customers and takes their feedback seriously. So, incorporating the healthcare CRM platform with a feedback collection feature is much required, and we can take care of that.   

We can build healthcare CRM solutions with feedback-collection functionality to help healthcare providers effectively obtain responses for their services. Feedback will be about the care service delivery, administrative processes, physicians’ and staff’s behavior, and so on.   

As a custom healthcare software development company, we can design this feature as per the services your healthcare practice provides. After all, this feedback data can only help healthcare providers work on their flaws and improve their quality of care services. 

As you know, EMR and EHR systems are efficient in storing crucial patient medical data. However, it doesn’t contribute much to strengthening the relationship with patients. But integrating both can make providers’ jobs easier.   

We can develop healthcare CRM solutions integrated with EHR/EMR, which assures multiple benefits. Integrating EHR with CRM can reduce the double entry of repeat patients and automatically organize new data. It can also bring in patients’ history and other details directly from EHR; no manual work here.   

Besides, we can assure you that this integration will help providers track how patients discover your clinic, and using this data, you can easily devise some marketing strategies. Overall, we promise that this integration will boost the patient experience.     

CRM systems in healthcare are the most effective type of patient engagement system. We know CRM software solutions can improve patient satisfaction rates to help providers’ businesses. So, we can tailor CRM software for healthcare companies with a patient engagement scoring tool.   

We can deploy a patient-focused communication tool to help providers understand the patients’ pain points and engage them effectively. And this scoring tool will capture the patient engagement rate to ensure that providers aren’t neglecting their customers (patients).   

We can develop this patient engagement scoring tool in a way that will help providers to plan effective engagement strategies. Indeed, this feature can prove quite effective in enhancing patient engagement and improving the overall practice’s performance.   

CRM systems for healthcare are all about direct communication between patients and providers to strengthen their relationships. We can engineer healthcare CRM solutions that will offer personalized communication options to providers.   

Personalized communication options include a built-in dialer, pre-recorded voice messages, bots, SMS, and email campaigns. Besides, we can also offer tools to track and record the personalized communication between providers and patients to identify and understand the latter’s pain points. The software can also display relevant information related to patients and doctors during the calls.   

Using this data, providers can plan to address them. Also, providers can utilize other forms of communication to market their practice on different platforms effectively. Overall, it will boost patients’ experience and satisfaction levels. 


As a healthcare software product development company, we can custom-build CRM for healthcare practices to ensure efficient workflows. We can offer CRM solutions that automate regular tasks like appointment management, patient communication, and more. And all these data can be seen on a dashboard, which will help providers to address patients’ needs much faster. Overall, the software can make synchronize and improve clinical workflows quite efficiently.

CRM software solutions functions to ensure effective patient and care management. At OSP, we can build a cloud-based CRM system for healthcare companies that will effectively manage patients’ records, reduce administrative errors and enhance the patient experience. We can also ensure that the software will minimize data errors, automatically update reports in real-time, and extract data directly from EHR. All these will help providers minimize risks and boost their care services.

Healthcare practices require effective marketing techniques to retain patients and increase profitability. We can help by developing CRM for the healthcare industry that will help providers attract more patients and retain existing ones. The software can help providers do marketing via social media, email, and personalized calls/SMS. Besides, the software can also offer tools to track referrals and enable providers to give discounts to attract more patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare CRM stores patients’s contact information and provides an all-encompassing overview of their medical history, appointments, and prescriptions. Hospitals and healthcare organizations can easily customize their patient management plans using a healthcare CRM system so that every patient receives the care and comfort they require. It helps improve patient relationship management, automate processes, and promote positive patient engagement and loyalty.

Healthcare CRM software has essential features such as a secure data layer for patient information storage, an analytics layer for actionable insights, customizable workflows to streamline processes, and integration capabilities for seamless connection with EHRs, claims data, and other third-party solutions. Additionally, strict compliance with healthcare data security regulations, such as HIPAA, is paramount, prioritizing safety and security.

Yes, OSP’s healthcare CRM solution integrates seamlessly with your existing electronic health record (EHR) systems for enhanced data management. This enables the data to flow freely between the two systems, improving accuracy and reducing manual labor. This also ensures interoperability and data consistency and boosts patient engagement.

Yes, custom healthcare CRM software solutions can be tailored to your specific healthcare organization’s needs and workflows and built around your existing processes. This customization improves efficiency within your organization and enhances patient care for better overall outcomes.

CRM healthcare solutions enhance communication and collaboration among healthcare teams and patients by boosting communication and collaboration. Automated appointment scheduling reminders and rescheduling tools improve patient flow, reduce no-show rates, and make it easier for healthcare teams to access comprehensive patient records. Furthermore, secure messaging features enable real-time communication between healthcare providers and patients. This also keeps the patients involved and engaged in their healthcare journey.

OSP’s CRM for healthcare offers a two-way approach to data management that sets it apart from other medical CRM solutions on the market. Our centralized patient database stores all confidential patient information, such as contact details, insurance eligibility, medical data, analysis results, and pharmaceutical treatments. Another database stores template documents for easy access and standardization during patient interactions. Our approach strives to streamline document management, simplify workflows, and enhance patient care coordination.

Healthcare CRM facilitates communication and collaboration among healthcare providers by centralizing patient data, schedules, and tasks. Using patient CRM, healthcare providers can conveniently share information, coordinate care plans, and engage in interdisciplinary collaboration, ensuring seamless communication across various health departments. This saves time and ensures patients get the best care facilities available.

OSP offers customized healthcare CRM software solutions that automate regular tasks like appointment management, patient communication, and more. This data is accessible on a dashboard, which helps providers address patients’ needs much faster. Overall, our CRM software can synchronize and improve clinical workflows quite efficiently.

CRM for hospitals assists in managing patient relationships and interactions by offering a centralized database that allows hospital staff to access all the patient information. This helps the hospital staff to give more personal attention to the individual needs of every patient and provide tailored solutions. Additionally, CRM keeps the patients informed throughout their treatment by automating appointment reminders and follow-up messages, improving patient outcomes.

OSP’s healthcare CRM is compliant with HIPAA and other essential security regulations. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge of legal health compliance and government policies. We work closely with you to determine your requirements for custom CRM software for healthcare and implement regulatory health standards in the final solutions. We ensure that with our HIPAA-compliant CRM system, you can gain your patients’ trust and improve your interactions with potential customers.

CRM for hospitals streamlines communication between healthcare providers and patients by centralizing patient data and communication channels. Healthcare providers can easily access confidential patient data and communicate with patients securely via messaging or telehealth while conveniently managing appointments and follow-ups.

Healthcare CRM software helps organizations reach patients with the needed information through their preferred communication channels. CRM encompasses data and technology to help hospitals proactively improve the customer experience and personalize interactions. Hospitals can tailor treatment plans and services to each patient, helping them deliver targeted healthcare services.

Healthcare CRM improves patient engagement and satisfaction levels within hospitals by offering them a seamless patient journey from first to follow-up appointments. This improves patient satisfaction and care quality for long-term loyalty. As patients can be contacted via more personalized communication channels such as email, SMS, and social media, they feel included in their treatment plan, improving their overall experience.

Implementing OSP healthcare CRM can result in a positive ROI for hospitals, ranging from 150% to 300%, as it increases efficiency, improves patient care engagement, and facilitates informed decision-making, leading to a substantial return on investment.

Yes, OSP Healthcare CRM offers mobile access and support for healthcare professionals, allowing them to use the software on their smartphones while working in the hospital. This makes data access more convenient for doctors and helps improve overall patient healthcare outcomes. They can easily manage appointments and communicate securely, ensuring improved response time and continuity of care.

OSP ensures data security and HIPAA compliance in its healthcare CRM solutions by using robust encryption protocols to secure sensitive patient information. We also ensure access controls are in place so that only authorized personnel can view the confidential data. We conduct regular audits and updates to maintain compliance with HIPAA regulations and upgrade our systems as and when necessary.

Yes, OSP’s cloud-based healthcare CRM provides real-time access to patient data and analytics for informed decision-making. Doctors can access the latest details of the patients and quickly pull up medical history, appointments, and other important data. This up-to-date information helps the doctor make more informed decisions. Our CRM software ensures the doctor has the right information at the right time to provide patients with the best treatment plan possible.

OSP’s healthcare CRM integration services streamline the exchange of information between different healthcare systems and platforms by connecting them seamlessly. All the various systems and platforms can now share their data efficiently, eliminating the need for manual entry or switching between multiple interfaces. Healthcare professionals working with different systems can access all the information in one place, improving workflow efficiency.

Yes, OSP’s healthcare CRM solution helps in reducing administrative burden and improving efficiency in healthcare organizations by automating repetitive tasks like appointment reminders and billing processes, freeing the hospital staff for more valuable tasks, and paying more attention to the needs of the patients. This leads to improved efficiency and healthcare outcomes within the facility.

OSP’s healthcare CRM solution improves care coordination and communication among multidisciplinary healthcare teams by centralizing patient data and communication channels. It allows all team members to access patient data, treatment plans, and updates in real-time, promoting alignment of efforts.

OSP’s healthcare CRM solution supports compliance with industry regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, by integrating features such as data access controls, encryption protocols, data minimization, and data anonymization for safeguarding patient data. We ensure patient information is securely accessed, stored, and shared according to regulatory requirements.

Yes, OSP’s cloud-based healthcare CRM can be easily scaled up or down to meet the changing needs of healthcare organizations of different sizes. The software can be easily customized to fit the organization’s ever-changing needs. It can adapt to any fluctuations in demand without interrupting the smooth workflow.

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