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Hipaa Compliant Software Development

HIPAA Compliant Software Development for Increased Interconnectivity


Hipaa Compliant Software Development

HIPAA compliance is the most critical requirement for any software application or website in the healthcare industry. Healthcare organizations are utilizing various software applications in their practices to improve patient experiences, save time, use resources efficiently, and increase their revenues. However, eHealth and mHealth apps must comply with HIPAA privacy and data security regulations issued by the FDA to protect patient privacy and ensure the security of medical data.

PHI breaches cost organizations hefty penalties as well as dents their credibility and reputation among patients and in the healthcare industry. In 2019, healthcare providers accounted for 77.65% of data breaches, and OCR collected a total of $12,274,000 in fines and settlements.


The common bottlenecks which might slow down your business growth


Unclear Protocols

With constantly changing regulatory compliance come operational confusion and disorganization.


Unnecessary Investments

Adherence to new compliance and regulations may be causing unrequired investments that may not be bringing any value to the organization.


Security Concerns

Organizations are consistently implementing security controls that are ineffective or unrequired and don’t address specific needs.


User Dependency

With device connectivity, EHR data is now in the control of patients and therefore security of data and other factors are beyond the organization’s control.


Unusable Toolkit

The National Institute of Standards and Technology created a HIPAA Security Toolkit, which is non-comprehendible to most organizations.


Lack of Accountability

Most organizations are held accountable for the actions of their partner organizations, causing further liabilities and strains.

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HIPAA Compliant Medical Software Development for Smooth and Accurate Functioning

Innovative and next generation technology that adapt to evolving compliance and regulatory requirements


Operational Efficiency

Healthcare is a service industry, hence to achieve operational efficiency, healthcare providers are required to improve service delivery while reducing costs.

Custom HIPAA compliant website development can improve overall operations by streamlining the collection, retention, accessibility, and transfer of sensitive patient data. Efficient websites can also help improve service value and enhance patient experiences.

Healthcare personnel is a critical component of operational efficiency, and HIPAA compliant web development systems increase employee satisfaction. These automated and swift methodologies help physicians save time, provide better care, and reduce maintenance costs.

Competitive Efficiency

Healthcare organizations are leveraging technology to build their company websites and applications to improve patient experiences. Through custom HIPAA compliant website development, an organization is more likely to gain credibility and attract patients that are dissatisfied with their current healthcare provider.

People prefer relevant and easy-to-follow, interactive websites that help them submit forms online, and access results and prescriptions faster. Patients also like provider websites and applications with simple billing and processing interfaces. These easy-to-follow websites can translate into a higher volume of patients and provide the organization with a competitive advantage in the industry.

Cost Efficiency

Reducing costs is a top priority for all industries, including the  healthcare industry. Many healthcare facilities think that HIPAA compliant website hosting is expensive, but the truth is it can help companies save money in the long run. Moving your IT infrastructure, data, and applications to reliable cloud platforms can significantly reduce costs. Also, you no longer have to worry about non-compliance penalties that usually run into thousands of dollars.

A personalized HIPAA compliant web development system takes care of many aspects of security, making database management more effortless.

Employee Efficiency

Work overload, physician burnout, mental stress, not enough patient interaction are some of the challenges faced by most doctors and other healthcare professionals.

HIPAA compliant website hosting automates several administrative functions within the healthcare organization, giving healthcare professionals more time to breathe and attend to pressing issues.

The operational efficiency of an organization increases with easy access to patient data, lab reports, and other information and the ability to upload important documents. Employee satisfaction increases and attracts talented and skilled professionals to the organization.

Data Efficiency

HIPAA compliant web development systems follow a secure, controlled, and streamlined process for sharing patient health information. Dual-factor authorization is a critical requirement for HIPAA compliance, which requires two forms of identification to gain electronic access to patient data. Security rule, Privacy rule, and Enforcement rule are some other rules implemented in HIPAA compliant websites to ensure patient health information is protected.

Customized websites automatically analyze historical patient data and search through volumes of reference to provide a holistic and efficient report to the physician through predictive analysis. Through the use of open systems, data collected automatically, and intelligently helps doctors with actionable insights.

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At OSP Labs, our HIPAA compliant patient portal is designed to follow stringent risk analysis processes at regular intervals that address security management, data privacy, HIPAA compliance responsibilities and security orientations for all administrative staff. Private key encryption for specified access is another feature of our software that ensures data protection from non-pertinent individuals.

Healthcare Management


Safeguards are ensured by OSP Labs, within the HIPAA compliant patient portal, to restrict unauthorized access within data processing areas, physical workstations and electronic devices that carry PHI. With considerable experience for physical security requirements, we can ensure that the organization takes the necessary steps.

Diagnostic Support


Technical solutions are a priority at OSP Labs with features of security in data access control, auditing, integrity, and transmission. Additionally, we deploy a local backup storage provision, apart from data on the cloud, for access during lack of connectivity and continual recovery for disaster management. Data archiving facilities are deployed to meet with HIPAA requirements on maintenance of retaining medical records.

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