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Healthcare reimbursement solution is an application that automates the payment process workflows by ensuring clean claims to achieve faster reimbursements. As a custom healthcare solutions provider, we’re aware that revenue cycle processes incur bottlenecks and manual procedures are too time-consuming. So, we can design a healthcare reimbursement application that will help providers minimize their time entering, posting, and reconciling claims. It will also help them to focus more on the collection process and ensure a better patient experience.   

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Like other integrated healthcare systems, medical reimbursement software initiate the process with pre-registration. The pre-service feature in the value-based reimbursement software offers healthcare facilities patients’ personal information, insurance eligibility, and insurance providers’ details.   

We can build healthcare reimbursement solutions with this feature to ensure that the provider has all the patient details, such as demographics, insurance-related information, clinical data, payments, and even consent.  

Offering this feature in the health care reimbursement system will enable providers to process claims faster without any error. Besides, at OSP, we leverage healthcare automation and electronic health records integration to make these patient data collection processes, and staff can speed up the reimbursement process.   

Adding coding compliance features to healthcare reimbursement solutions is quite crucial today. We can tailor healthcare reimbursement software solutions with automated coding compliance to minimize denials and ensure faster cash flow.   

We know that transition to ICD-10 and increased documentation have complicated the reimbursement process. But we can ease your jobs by streamlining the coding workflows. Besides, we can design a centralized coding compliance platform integrated with the healthcare reimbursement model.   

This feature will help providers by improving clinical documentation, auditing work, and coding. It will further ensure quality work from when claims enter to when claims go out. We’re sure that healthcare reimbursement processes will turn faster and more accurate using this feature.   

Improvements in clinical documentation are essential for maximizing medical reimbursements. Since payers rely majorly on clinical documentation and coding, providers must ensure their accuracy. Indeed, OSP can help providers through effective clinical documentation through automation.   

OSP can build value-based care reimbursement software with clinical documentation improvement features to help healthcare facilities offer respective payers complete and accurate documents. This could also help providers earn incentives. Additionally, with the clinical documentation feature, healthcare facilities can easily increase claims, reimbursements, and overall revenue.   

To ensure proper patients medical records management and financial stability, healthcare facilities can utilize OSP’s expertise in designing healthcare reimbursement solutions. Lastly, accurate clinical documentation can also improve the quality of care.   

Claims management is a crucial component in the medical reimbursement process. At OSP, we consider claims management as one of the primary aspects of healthcare reimbursement solutions. Automated claims management integrated with the healthcare reimbursement systems will check every claim and ensure its accuracy to prevent denials.   

We can customize the reimbursement software to optimize the workflows. The software will also automatically check every code and information before claims are submitted. We can engineer it in a way that it can identify potential errors and alert providers about those errors. Also, reimbursement software solutions can offer providers detailed explanations of those errors. Such a feature in healthcare reimbursements will give providers the confidence to submit claims without errors and increase their clean claims rate.   

Like claims management, denial management is another essential component of healthcare reimbursement software. OSP’s expertise in tailoring healthcare reimbursement solutions with denial management features can help healthcare facilities in multiple ways.   

We can offer providers to systemically identify and investigate each denial, categorize them and form an effective plan to resend it for clearance. We can help providers identify the reason for claims denial and help them shorten the A/R cycle. The software can track registration, billing, and coding improvement areas to minimize future denials.   

Since claims denials cost healthcare providers a lot, OSP’s expertise and custom-made value-based healthcare reimbursement solution can prevent this. Providers can effectively manage denied claims and turn them into clean claims.   

At OSP, we understand that patients are most valuable to healthcare providers. Since every patient has different insurance policies, providers must keep track of the contracts and policies of insurance companies they tie up with. As it’s quite an uphill task to do manually, integrating this into healthcare reimbursement solutions can make providers’ jobs easier.   

OSP can build value-based reimbursement software with contract management to help providers automate their tracking process. The software can create a database of all contracts from different insurance companies. The database can show the respective policies and fee schedules of insurance payers. Providers can use this database to track their reimbursements and identify due payments and payers.   


Value-based payments in healthcare are long and complicated processes. Value-based reimbursement solutions can automate these processes and simplify workflows. OSP can tailor these healthcare reimbursement solutions to make healthcare practices’ jobs easier, more simplified, and more efficient. Besides, the software will also cut down the time consumed, which will help providers to get their payments faster. And revenue will also increase automatically.

OSP can build software for HIPAA-compliant value-based reimbursement in healthcare to help small to large clinical practices, and independent physicians maximize their profitability. As the software can offer providers real-time financial visibility, providers can utilize the information to take necessary measures to increase revenue. Besides, it can ensure efficient claims processing to achieve faster reimbursements. Further, the software can also offer crucial information to help providers make investment decisions. 

At OSP, we can design an agile and robust healthcare reimbursement software to streamline billing and payment operations. Healthcare staff can majorly focus on providing quality patient care through automation in these billing and payment processes. And we also try to tailor the software regarding value-based health care, which focuses on patient experience. So, with a focus on quality care and patient experience, OSP can develop value-based reimbursement software to increase patient satisfaction.

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