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Healthcare Case Management Software Solutions

Business Challenges

In today’s corporate landscape, the medical case management is becoming more critical. OSP Labs’ healthcare case management solutions are focused on providing timely coordination of needed healthcare to meet an individual’s healthcare requirements and maximize cross-functional collaboration on case investigations. OSP Labs’ innovative and tailored medical case management software solutions streamline day-to-day tasks and enable you to establish and follow consistent procedures for case recording, routing, investigation, tracking, task management, status reporting, and analytics. OSP Labs strives to provide custom web-based case management solutions that enable improved process management and robust case administration that help to standardize the process of capturing, investigating, resolving, and reporting cases.

Solution Design & Development

OSP Labs’ healthcare case management solutions play a vital role in fostering efficiency by streamlining the case management lifecycle and robust case administration.

  • OSP Labs' reliable, cloud-based case management interface can be readily accessed from anywhere. The robust collaboration tools, alerts & reminders and automated workflows efficiently manage service providers data, chronologic log of case notes, case flow automation, effective financial service provisions and patient diagnosis and problem history.
  • Our solutions provide standard case management metrics provide in-depth, real-time visibility into the case management process and highlight high priority cases. Our easy-to-use reporting tools allow creating a range of reports covering client activity, billings, and payments to provide a complete overview of your organization’s activities.
  • OSP Labs' clinical case management software solutions provide an intuitive interface to highlight case items and tasks that demand immediate action. Our software solutions are instrumental in enhancing the operational efficiency by easily identifying departmental and enterprise risks and trends, reducing liabilities and preventing the recurrence of a case.
Value Delivered
Case Tracking
Case Tracking
Track and captures case data from multiple sources to triage cases, support updating old cases and uploading new and legacy cases in bulk.
Case Routing
Routes every case to the appropriate personnel based on standard operating systems and deliver automated notifications to enable timely completion of tasks.
Review and Monitoring
Review and Monitoring
Send cases to authorized users for review and generate an action plan for approval by capturing valuable feedback for ongoing cases.
Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Compliance
Streamline necessary regulatory compliance with auto-population of electronic forms based on the case data you’ve collected and tracked in the system.
Common Repository
Common Repository
Gain access to a common repository for cross-channel and cross-department enterprise data and shared workflow tools for better efficiency.

What Makes OSP Labs’ Case Management Solutions Best for Your Need?

Our healthcare case management software solutions deliver the assurance on the efficiency of case management through evidence trails, as well as speeding up & streamlining the entire document management process.

Simplify and enhance your data accessing and management process and make smart decisions for better outcomes.
Improve data transparency and compliance with custom reporting management tools and audit trails of all operational activities.
Gain the core benefits of tailored clinical decision support to improve care and eliminate the potential clinical errors and adverse events.
Save the valuable time and cost of building, managing and upgrading multiple systems with our personalized case management solutions.
Promote faster and more efficient billing procedures with qualitative revenue cycle management capability.
Ensure patient's privacy and maintain HIPPA compliance to have a flawless case management operations and excellence.
Easy reporting ability for both internal and external monitoring to ensure proper evaluation and improve the overall quality of medical care.
Smartly plan and coordinate the appropriate care setting necessary to handle patient’s care and improve clinical outcomes.

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