Custom EHR & EMR Software Development Solutions

Custom EHR & EMR Software Development Solutions

Business Challenges

The traditional paper prescriptions are losing their relevance in today’s modern, dynamic, and fast world of healthcare. The paper prescriptions are expensive to copy, transport, store, and are easily destroyable. They are also tough to analyze and cause a significant amount of ecological damage.

OSP Labs’ EHR/EMR system development services build robust and practical solutions that help in eliminating redundancy and piles of papers containing patient data. Our state-of-the-art custom electronic medical record (EMR) systems help providers to work efficiently and drive better medical, financial, population health management, and operational outcomes. OSP Labs’ custom EMR software solutions prove to be an excellent option to enhance clinical productivity, improve accuracy, and protect reimbursement.

Solution Design & Development

As healthcare industry partners, OSP Labs provide highly customizable, scalable, and cost-efficient custom electronic medical records systems. Our custom EHR/EMR system development services help to enhance healthcare quality, reduce expenses, improve medical staff efficiency, and promote patient comfort.

  • Our custom EHR software solutions maintain electronic medical records in a comprehensive architecture to allow easy and quick access to patient data. Our EHR software solutions play a vital role in promoting efficient workflow and reducing the administrative burden of paper documentation.
  • The ability of electronic charting offered by our custom EMR systems allows streamlining your medical reporting and automatic carryover of your demographic data and vital signs history. Easy, real-time, enhanced population health management, and click-free charting bring efficiency in medical reporting.
  • OSP Labs' custom EMR integration solutions offer customizable and user-definable EHR templates. These templates can be easily applied to the SOAP notes to automate the entry of repetitive information and enable the variable data elements of any specific patient.
Values Delivered
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Enhanced Interoperability
Enable the hassle-free data exchange with patients, providers, payers, health registries, and other healthcare organizations.
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Electronic Prescribing
Capture and access patient data to offer the right medication, avoid potential medication conflicts and evaluate the effectiveness of earlier medicines.
electronic medical records solutions | EMR Solutions
Electronic Faxing
Edit, annotate, import and send both inbound and outbound faxes to save time, money and a massive paper trail.
E & M Coding
Efficiently comply the EHR with evaluation and management documentation standards to ensure that healthcare payers have the right information while paying out.
Electronic Health Records Solutions | EHR Software Solutions
Meaningful Use Certification
Meat the meaningful use goals of EHR and get Meaningful Use attestation by using the smart reporting tools and personalized assistance.

What Makes OSP Lab's Interoperability Solution Best for Your Need?

OSP Labs' custom EHR Software solutions strive to strengthen the quality of healthcare services offered by a variety of healthcare stakeholders. Our custom EMR systems work in tandem with healthcare providers to provide accurate documentation, intelligent data capture, structuring capability, and simple medical scheduling.

Improve the quality of healthcare and make healthcare more accessible, value-based, and convenient for providers and patients.
Improve the diagnostics and patient outcomes and prevent medical errors by gaining access to complete and accurate patient data.
Automate several time-consuming, paper-driven and labor-intensive tasks to bring efficiency to healthcare management.
Boost healthcare practice efficiencies and cost-savings through reduced chart pull, storage, and re-filing costs.
Enhance the communication to coordinate care among multiple healthcare providers by offering access to all pertinent information.
Reduce the burden of duplicate tests and additional expenses in time & money by readily accessing test results anytime, anywhere.
Enhance the Participation of patients to boost the collaboration in informed decision making and to manage and treat various chronic ailments successfully.
Leverage Electronic Health Records across the continuum of care allows for better integration of healthcare stakeholders by enhanced information sharing and standardization of data.

EMR Software Solutions Development Services


Custom EMR Solutions Development Services

  • Design of tailored UI/UX to suit preferences and convenience
  • Development of cloud-based or on-premises EMR solution
  • Design and development of an EMR software solution that is compatible with desktops, tablets, and mobile
  • Inclusion of features like encryption, access controls, audit trails, etc., for HIPAA compliance
  • Function for analysis of patients' health data

Integration of EMR Systems with Medical Software Platforms

  • Medical billing and coding applications
  • Patient Portal
  • Practice management
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Telehealth software

Design and Development of EMR Systems with Custom Features

  • Medication prescription assistance
  • Chronic disease management
  • Clinical decision support
  • Handwriting recognition for discerning physician notes
  • Voice assistant