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The common bottlenecks which might slow down your business growth

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Unstructured Clinical Data

The sheer volume of patient data that exists through electronic health records is untapped for its clinical predictive analytics potential.

ai in medical diagnosis | artificial intelligence medical diagnosis

New Payment Models

Failing to keep up with the constantly shifting payment models is taking a toll on overall revenue and operating systems.

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Population Health Management

Failure to identify at-risk patients and manage healthcare on the basis of risk factors of select populations.

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Lack of Resources

The traditional system of healthcare management is falling short to address the growing needs of a value-based care system.

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Large Number of Patients

An increasing number of patients in the healthcare system require measures that are of a higher quality for accurate care giving.

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Increased Competition

The adoption of technologies towards clinical analytics software is providing a competitive edge to organizations, leaving traditional models far behind.

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Performance Measurement Systems

Powerful clinical analytics software deploys performance measurement systems that undertake the task of analyzing and summarizing patient information that is collected over a considerable period of time. Population health decisive factors can be made and organization performance measures can be established, along with patient satisfaction levels.

Clinical Decision Support Systems

These systems leverage analytics in clinical trials and use the predictive analysis technology to collect and analyze individual patient information that serves as a guideline for future care strategies. These include rule-based, encoded expert opinions, mathematical models for risk assessment and neural network models for accurate statistics.

Regulatory Reporting Analytics

Legal mandate compliance is a requirement that can be automated through regulatory reporting analytics by repurposing of patient data that is collected through clinical laboratory analytics. This data is then intelligently analyzed to offer valuable and accurate reporting suggestions and automate the process flow of reporting.

Quality Assessment Analytics

Analytics in clinical trials has a strong focus toward improving the overall quality of care giving through identification of problematic areas with regard to patient health, excessive costs of the organization toward a specific end, bottlenecks related to the organization. Suggested solutions are then offered to increase organizational quality.

Clinical Benchmarking

A form of clinical trial analytics that uses data from various providers that compare caregiving strategies and practices to diagnose the best approach based on data of patient care results. It aids in assisting organizations to refrain from adopting standard levels of caregiving and constantly pushes them to achieve higher standards through qualitative assessments.

Healthcare Informatics

This is a term used to describe the process of gathering and applying healthcare information to increase collaboration among the various healthcare providers associated with a particular patient, along with relatable pharmaceutical and R&D data. The meaningful analysis of this data is a major leap towards healthcare reform through clinical trial analytics.

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Use Cases

What We Offer?

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Adaptable and Flexible Data Models

Our clinical research analytics data models are geared to rapidly adapt to the specific requirement of our customers with significant flexibility for continual adjustments. At OSP Labs, as with few clinical data analytics companies, we adopt bus architecture for holistic analytics solutions. Our models undertake speedy clinical research analytics with fast loading time and adapt to new requirements and data sources seamlessly.

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Integrated Metadata Repository

OSP Labs is among the limited clinical data analytics companies that offer a simple, yet dynamic metadata repository that can efficiently undertake predictive analytics clinical trials and offer widespread use of meaningful data in an organization. Our data warehouse can operate efficiently to provide subjective relevancy and offer intelligent analysis, along with a routine reference to source origin.

Review and Monitoring

Master Data Management

Our data sets undertake predictive analytics clinical trials and clinical laboratory analytics through the use of new sources of data that can easily explore unique patient and provider identities from cross-border origins. Our data binding ability is easily adaptable to changing policies and vocabulary that can constantly provide the organization with the information relevant to their subjective need.

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We follow every government's regulatory mandate and create solutions that adhere to strict protocols.


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