Business Challenges

OSP Labs collaborative care management software solutions play a vital role in offering qualitative value-based healthcare to strengthen the foundation of trust and value to ensure qualitative and 360-degree assistance to the patients. Our care management software solution comprised of a patient-centric interface to content-enable PACS, HIS and electronic medical record applications for access for all relevant clinical and financial data. To bridge gaps and strengthen fruitful collaboration amongst patients and payers our collaborative care management software system offer advanced payment framework that streamlines multiple quality programs under the new merit-based incentive payments system (MIPS).

Solution Design and Development

OSP Labs’ collaborative care management solutions ensure 360-degree compliance, drive meaningful patient engagement and empower patient-centric healthcare practices. We harness the potential of our comprehensive medical care management strategy for payer to offer excellent results.

  • The multi-system interoperability boosts the quality of collaboration among healthcare providers and payers. Our collaborative care management solutions concentrate on offering a comprehensive suite of client data management modules to collect, aggregate, compare, consolidate, and qualitatively assure client data sources.
  • The real-time data sharing and assessment through fruitful collaboration among healthcare provider and the payer is achievable through our care management software solutions. making accurate, effective and faster decisions regarding a patient’s health without waiting for patient records is made simple.
  • Our medical care management system is centered on facilitating timely, all-inclusive and reliable healthcare staff communication and collaboration on healthcare planning, patient assessments, and necessary interventions.
Values Delivered
Data Integration
Gain access to multiple EMRs and clinical data sources from the entire healthcare continuum by integrating the data into a single platform.
Patient Stratification and Intake
Integrate current care utilization and trends, chronic ailments, and active medications from varied medical claims data sources using patient stratification process.
Patient Engagement
Enhance patient engagement with a mobile-first approach to enable secure, real-time assessments and robust healthcare planning and efficiency in clinical operations.
Performance Measurement
Evaluate the effectiveness of collaborative care management system using multiple metrics and measures to identify potential bottlenecks.
Chronic Care Management
Participate in comprehensive chronic care management system established by health care providers to monitor, update, or coach patients outside the office.

What Makes OSP Lab's Collaborative Care Management Best for Your Need?

OSP Labs' collaborative care management system is instrumental in the seamless integration of healthcare management functions, management capability, streamlined workload and affordable pricing structure.

Exchange critical patient data like eligibility, medical claims, pharmacy, diagnostic results, predictive modeling, decision support from multiple sources efficiently.
Gain access to automated identification capability to identify patients for the case or condition during monitoring of medical claims or the utilization review process.
Employ a common platform for collaborative care management by seamlessly integrating case and disease management functions.
Improve the operational efficiency by easily accessing all the relevant patient data on a single interactive platform.
Configure your healthcare management system to cater to the operational challenges with better flexibility and scalability.
Maintain the security of the patient data by setting up the personalized conditions for internal and external system access.
Enhance the speed of care management services by collaborating to multiple resources to counter operational bottlenecks.
Increase the healthcare provider usage of evidence-based protocols for the proficient care management of diagnosed medical disorders.

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