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Healthcare Management to Boost Seamless Managed Care Systems Workflow


Healthcare Management for Smooth Managed Care Systems Operations

Healthcare management is a group of managed care activities intended to enhance patient care and reduce the need for healthcare services. Medical management incorporates improving care coordination, eliminating duplication, and helping patients and healthcare providers leverage managed care systems more effectively. The analytics-driven health care management systems have the potential to improve quality, patient outcomes, and control costs for patients with complex conditions. The celebrated care management systems prove extremely beneficial for caregivers. They offer a broad spectrum of managed care systems to help health care management teams simplify repetitive tasks, bridge quality care and coding gaps, improve patient engagement, and deliver better care outcomes.

Every healthcare delivery system has three major aims. They are improving the care experience, enhancing the population health, and reducing per capita costs of care delivery. Healthcare management is the best-suited practice-based strategy for managing the care delivery for individuals as well as the populations. We understand the development and implementation of robust healthcare management systems help the rapid transformation of US care delivery and diverse payment systems. We help you with customized healthcare management solutions based on your individual needs. We program care management solutions that help in geriatric care management, senior care management, nursing care management, home care management, chronic care management, and more. Managed care systems are engineered for value-based care, community resources, care coordination, better data management, smart healthcare analytics, patient engagement, and CDSS.


The common bottlenecks which might slow down your business growth


Care Fragmentation

Fragmented healthcare management workflow affecting the speed and quality of care outcomes.


Rising Costs

Multiple managed care systems on varied platforms, increasing the cost of healthcare management.


Data Accessibility

Traditional healthcare management solutions lacking interoperability and access to quality data.


Data Governance

Lack of health data governance and IT teams communications for care management.


Lack of Standardization

Lack of process and flow standardization in all the aspects of healthcare management service.


Regulatory Challenges

Dynamic regulatory compliance requirements affecting healthcare management services.

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Care management solutions for a collaborative process designed to manage patient's health conditions more effectively.


Healthcare Management Through Remote Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring is one of the fundamental processes in transitional care management. It has the potential to enhance the healthcare management quality and reduce the costs for high-risk patients in the hospital management systems. Healthcare organizations need to work on care management technology to integrate IoT devices for patient monitoring to the healthcare management workflow. Remote patient monitoring, like Telehealth solutions, collects and shares healthcare management data for advanced analysis and interventions. These healthcare management programs are devised to offer daily interventions for chronic conditions (e.g., diabetes, CHF, and hypertension). They may include a real-time patient-to-provider exchange, depending on the patient’s data and healthcare management informatics.

OSP has vast experience in customizing top-notch RPM solutions that are easy to integrate into the existing healthcare management system and offer real-time monitoring of patients. We have built multiple customized RPM systems as per the requirements proposed by the clients. These healthcare cloud-based monitoring systems help providers follow their patients more closely after leaving the controlled environment of a hospital, usually at a more economical cost than the potential readmission penalty or in-person visits with a provider. For healthcare management teams in a clinical setting, the patient monitoring program provides an economical alternative to frequent in-person visits to support chronic conditions. These healthcare management systems also improve their effectiveness in building healthier habits and enhanced wellness over time with fewer readmissions due to earlier detection.

Practice Management with Managed Care Systems

The practice is all about running a hospital, FQHC, or a clinic effectively with two fundamental aspects, such as healthcare management and administrative tasks. Whether your facility works for inpatient management or outpatient management, a streamlined healthcare management system is the core component of every healthcare organization. Many times the medical management for ambulatory patients is mismanaged due to rigorous and ineffective protocols. Managed care systems can be leveraged to solve all the basic practice management challenges for a care facility. A medical management system plays a crucial role from appointment scheduling to medical billing and actual diagnosis to health informatics

OSP has a team of health IT experts that can engineer the healthcare management solutions as per your exact needs. Using past data, demographics, clinical data, locations, and other factors, our technologies use analytics to predict better diagnosis with CDSS. Inpatient management can be made possible through robust healthcare management systems to enhance staff efficiency through healthcare automation by saving time and hassle of patient management. We can customize this medical management by automating day-to-day administrative activities and allowing instant access to other modules, leading to better patient care. A robust practice management system during pandemics like COVID needs powerful healthcare management solutions integrated. OSP has experience in tailoring healthcare management with better standardization and organizational governance.

Care Coordination With Health Care Management

With the current shift to the value-based reimbursement structures, independent physicians prefer healthcare management tools to help them more effectively direct their patients’ specific and immediate needs. Care coordination, though used interchangeably with healthcare management, has different meaning and space of its own. It needs multiple stakeholders’ involved, including specialty providers and healthcare facilities. With the advent of digital health, when the population ages and develops more chronic conditions, coordinating the intended care between multiple healthcare providers will become even more crucial to those patients’ well-being. Healthcare management can incorporate these care coordination activities to maintain the quality of care delivery with better outcomes. 

OSP has helped many healthcare facilities, clinics, and hospitals with robust practice management solutions fitting to their unique needs. We have built care coordination and practice management solutions for hospital management settings, dental clinics, mental health clinics, home care management facilities, and more, offering robust medical management. Our team has ample experience in customizing the care coordination solutions in web or mhealth form to help providers with outcomes-based care strategies. We understand that care coordination requires enhanced access to data about a patient’s social determinants of health and their clinical status. We suggest building customized communication channels within the healthcare management system to effectively communicate with the care team’s external members to achieve better healthcare management outcomes.

Data Integration for Healthcare Management Solutions

A successful healthcare management system has the best potential to identify high-risk and rising-risk patients effectively. To get the accurate healthcare management analysis, the health systems need patient data from across the care continuum, as claims data alone doesn’t offer a complete picture of a patient’s health. Healthcare management to function efficiently requires a wide variety of data such as clinical data, pharmaceutical data, as well as the social determinants of health data to truly understand a patient’s risk and plan an effective intervention. Today’s healthcare management programs need to be more selective by focusing on the patients most likely to benefit. They should understand how to allocate their resources best.

We believe that smart data aggregation, data integration, and data sharing are paramount for any healthcare system to function. Interoperability is the key to provide seamless data sharing capabilities to all the healthcare management systems to function to their maximum potential. We can customize a medical management system with a data analytics platform to aggregate the disparate claims and EMR data and provide a comprehensive patient view. An advanced healthcare management system can accelerate medical management programs’ ability to use data to combat increasing health care costs while ensuring patient access to innovative health treatments that can improve outcomes.

Integrated EHR for Medical Management

With the rise of digital health technology today, the encounter-based EHR is the most common electronic interface for most healthcare management solutions today. The improved data-driven outcomes for managed care systems are possible through EHR integration. However, most of the rich array of health data analytics, predictive analytics, and wellness mobile health applications are dependent on the data offered by the EHR systems. EHR is an encounter-based transactional system. It is not designed to support real-time, point-of-care CDSS, and analysis from various sources. To achieve optimum success and better accuracy, the healthcare management systems must integrate the EHR with many other digital resources with better integration and interoperability.

OSP can help healthcare organizations to be foolproof their managed care systems and transitional care management with seamless EHR integration services. We can customize an EHR- integrated healthcare management service for you to support the delivery of integrated healthcare in a way to help focus on providing a continuum of care. The integrated healthcare management system with EHR can offer healthcare management, such as patient education and empowerment with digital health resources. Advanced and highly effective medication management with systematic diagnosis and outcome tracking for better patient outcomes. A healthcare organization can enhance its care coordination and workflow of integrated healthcare management with EHR integration.

Healthcare Management for Patient Intake

Customized patient intake solutions are the core part of the healthcare management solutions and are the need of the hours, especially during times like the COVID pandemic. It is a comprehensive patient intake management solution that automates and streamlines many tasks that support healthcare management programs, including patient registration, collection of patient-reported data of their health outcomes, patient outreach, and advanced healthcare analytics. A state-of-the-art patient intake process engages patients in their ongoing care process and provides a modern, consistent care experience. Healthcare management enables organizations to drive efficiency, improve clinical care, and better their financial health.

OSP has years of experience in building patient intake systems as a whole and in modules such as patient registration, appointment scheduling, RCM, medical billing, clinical support, patient activation, and more. Our custom-made medical management solutions help providers engage patients in their care with Patient Satisfaction Surveys and other advanced communication tools. Medical management also includes smart health campaigns to connect with the clinic patients before, during, or after their visit through targeted messages, reminders, and alerts that engage them in their personalized care. This, in turn, boosts the follow-up appointments and improves quality performance for your healthcare organization.

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The digital health and integrated healthcare management go hand in hand to boost patient outcomes and engagement. OSP has experience in programming healthcare management technology to develop multiple managed care systems like appointment scheduling. We help you enhance your health administration by allowing patients to schedule their physician appointments easily with user-friendly formats. We can build the best quality care management application to help manage appointment schedulers and physicians' calendars, making the process of appointment booking completely hassle-free for the patients.

Healthcare Management


Using a care management system with interactive reporting helps with a positive impact on the daily operations of care management facilities, especially for home care management and transl care management. The reporting also helps the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as evidence when the CQC is carrying out their home care agency inspections for the healthcare management process. The healthcare management solutions offer case management reports, patient reports, justification of continuation of intervention, and performance management reports, and cost-benefit reports.

Diagnostic Support


A successful healthcare management strategy encourages patients by actively participating in the medical management program by offering them necessary care management tools. Patient engagement is a fundamental part of healthcare management technologies, and OSP can design modern health care management systems that help enhance provider-patient communication, especially for chronic care management patients. We program advanced healthcare management solutions for your needs to enhance care quality through patient engagement. The healthcare management helps patients to be adherent to care plans and involved in the care process.

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