What We Do

At OSP, we understand what it takes to build a top-class software product with limited resources. Our singular determination is to help you develop your vision into reality with the best talent and the latest technologies. We have a large pool of dynamic, driven, and experienced software developers and project leaders who love a challenge. Whether you’re a bootstrapped start-up on a tight budget, or a large corporation looking for the right people, OSP can fulfil all of your requirements.

our journey

OSP began operations to bring digital disruptions in businesses through the power of technology and expert developers.

2009 OSP is Incorporated

Garnered praise, business expansion, and established our global presence by serving clientele across two continents.

2011 Completes Servicing Clients From Over Two Continents

With client numbers growing significantly, so did our employee numbers, as OSP became 100-members strong in December 2013.

2013 Expanded Team & Operations to 100+ OSPians

Less than one year after our global expansion, we achieved a significant milestone by servicing 150 clients with quality results.

2015 Client List Crosses 150

As we gained momentum, we quickly surpassed our annual business goal with 500+ projects under our belt.

2017 500+ Projects Completed Successfully

Continually pushing the needle on agility, innovation, and diligence to accomplish new milestones of business goals.

2019 Racing towards 300+ clients and 700+ projects

If you love challenging yourself and doing things differently, OSP is the place to be.

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Our Stories In Numbers

OSP follows rigorous standards in its recruitment, to ensure that clients have nothing but the best. Our talent pool is composed of seasoned developers and leaders who possess considerable experience working on various projects across multiple industries. Our clients can either hire them on a permanent role, or on an ad-hoc basis.







What We Serve

Web Development

We have developed numerous web applications tailored for the clients’ requirements. Our teams are proficient in multiple technologies and take time to understand your requirements. We have built a number of solutions for a clientele across numerous industries.

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Mobile Application Development

Having worked across many industries, our developers bring considerable experience and insight when building your application. We have developed applications for Android as well as iOS operating systems to help our clients serve their customers better. .

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Project Management

We have worked with large corporations as well as newly minted start-ups strapped for cash. Our managers are well aware of what it is like working within tight deadlines and having limited resources. OSP’s pool of project managers know exactly what it takes to build your dream into reality.

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Quality Assurance and Testing

Our team of testers is well aware of the criteria and standards that our clients’ applications must meet. OSP follows strict parameters to ensure that an application works as desired and is free of bugs that might impact functionality or data security.

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Our Brand

OSP’s brand is built on excellence and quality. We not only strive to deliver the best to our clients, but also to cement lasting relationships. We value the trust of our clients above everything else and maintain an unwavering focus on adhering to our principles.

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