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Shortage of Pharmacists

The dwindling number of pharmacists has given rise to a need for automated AI Pharma technologies that promise to reduce the work burden.

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Growing Demand for Prescriptions

As healthcare grows to be more affordable, the rise in demand for prescriptions is laying added pressure on the pharmaceutical industry.

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Affordable Healthcare Act Demands

The affordable healthcare act has caused a further load on the pharmaceutical business due to increased accessibility and higher patient demands.

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Increasing Operating Costs

An increase in the operating costs of the healthcare industry has resulted in errors and lapses causing a severe drain on the industry.

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Lower Reimbursements

Pharmacists are struggling with lower reimbursement rates and policies that are affecting overall revenue and profits.

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Higher Patient Expectation

Patient satisfaction levels are at an all-time high due to the increasing standards of patient engagement.

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AI Pharmaceuticals to Improve Workflow Efficiency

Leveraging AI pharmaceuticals technology to enable automation toward lower operating costs and higher levels of safety and accuracy


Automated Dispensing

AI pharmacy solutions includes an automated dispensing technology that uses automation features to understand prescriptions and dispense medications, with minimal involvement from a pharmacist. This allows pharmacists to serve a higher number of patients and enhance satisfaction levels. The pharmacists can, furthermore, offer patients more time and address the wrongly perceived notion that pharmacy is a purely transaction-based business.

Holistic Caregiving Strategies

Adopting AI pharmacy solutions that can considerably increase operational efficiency further allows pharmacists to provide enhanced accessibility and affordability through holistic caregiving agencies that are not limited to purely dispensing medications, but can offer health advice, medication recommendations, immunizations, screenings, disease management, etc.  All these services can be incorporated into the pharmacy operations through automation technologies.

Real-time Data Capturing

AI for pharma further extends itself toward creating intelligent health-related trackers that can be worn by patients, wherein the pharmacist can receive real-time updates on the health of the patient, through data capturing. This will allow pharmacies to follow-up with at-risk patients and provide preventive care. The patient’s health can be monitored and recommendations for a change in dosage can also be accurately made.

Predictive Analysis Solutions

The predictive analysis technology can make great strides in increasing the overall efficiency of the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmacists are prone to errors due to the large volume of data related to prescriptions.  Inaccurate dispensation of medication is an outcome of overloaded pharmacists but can have serious outcomes. Our breakthrough technology embeds AI for pharma to replicate the functions of the human brain to recognize prescriptions with higher than human level accuracy.

Intelligent Analysis Algorithms

Through the use of comprehensive research applications, our intelligent algorithms are embedded with the ability to identify and analyze prescriptions with little or no help of the pharmacist. The accuracy and efficiency levels are superior to human capability. Computer-aided dispensation has never been easier through the infusion of AI in pharma.

Medical Augmentation

AI in pharma is increasing its potentialities through involvement in decisions related to drug dosages, adaptabilities, dispensation, etc. Treatments for conditions can be intelligently analyzed through automated tracking and valuable insights can be derived, in relation to side effects and other dangers. Additionally, the intelligent analysis technology allows pharmacists to partake in studies and accurately predict where outbreaks are likely to occur, based on historical data mining.

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AI-based Pharma Drug Discovery

At OSP Labs, we offer a cloud-based platform that analyzes collaborations of medications with its efficacies through data mining and research to discover new drug compositions, indications and targets. This technology uses volumes of data, lab reports from patients and available medical research, conducts an intelligent analysis and offers sustainable suggestions. The sheer volume of data that is being mined is an impossible task for a pharmacist to physically take on in a lifetime. Patten identification is another key advantage of leveraging this AI-based pharma software.

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Predictive Treatment Solution

Our AI-based pharma solution deploys machine learning to automate many areas of pharmaceutical processes, including drug trials and interventions. The AI models are geared to provide meaningful predictions of patient responses to certain drugs and the factors involved in the results of the dispensed drug. This includes patient metabolism, demographics, and outside factors. We undertake the

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Neural Network Solutions for Pharmaceutical Processes

Pharmaceutical processes are automated through our AI-based pharma solution that is trained to read prescriptions and dispense medications without the physical involvement of a pharmacist. It can also gather relevant data and record it for data mining and other research-related uses of the company. This is done through the use of neural network technology and intelligent learning algorithms to create structures and patterns for automated results.

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