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The client was a mental healthcare center based in Texas which was using the conventional pen and paper-based system to manage its day-to-day operations. With such a system, activities like scheduling appointments, patient engagement, verifying insurance, and billing were inefficient and often resulted in loss of revenue. The client needed a digital solution to streamline its clinical as well as administrative operations and serve its patients better. In other words, it needed a consolidated digital interface through which to handle its workflows. They choose OSP to develop a solution for their requirements.

About client


About client

High Claim Denials

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Slow Billing Process

About client

Longer Revenue Cycles

About client

Lower Revenues per Billing

About client

Incomplete Claims Filed


Appointment scheduling

OSP’s solution introduced a digital platform where patients could schedule appointments online at any time. People no longer need to call up the clinic, be put on hold as the staff checked for available timings. In case a patient isn’t able to show up, he or she can re-schedule their appointment within minutes. 

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Our solution enabled the staff at the mental healthcare center to verify the insurance plans of every patient almost as soon as they enter the clinic. The solution streamlines the entire process and speeds it up considerably, thereby reducing the wait times for patients. It’s a win-win for the provider, payer, as well as the patients. 


We developed a telehealth feature into our solution for the client. This was integrated with the EMR and medical billing functionality to enable the therapists to see patients remotely. The best part – patients can now access mental health care from the privacy of their homes with just a laptop or a smartphone and an internet connection. 

Data Security

OSP’s platform to manage clinical and administrative operations ensures a high-level of data security. Our solution complies with HIPAA regulations and ensures the privacy and integrity of patient data. The software has been thoroughly tested against multiple scenarios to ensure its reliability and credibility.   

A/R Management

Our platform streamlined the entire process-flow surrounding medical coding and billing, coupled with claims submissions. As a result, the client was able to manage their accounts receivables with greater efficiency and experienced a marked improvement in their revenue cycles. Interestingly, this was achieved with a reduction in overhead. 


OSP’s application for the client integrated a number of medical solutions such as electronic medical records, telehealth, medical billing, and so forth. This engendered a cohesive flow of clinical and management activities and improved the overall operational efficiency of the clinic. As a result, the client was able to serve patients better. 

Clean Claims

Claim denials and rejections are among the leading reasons for revenue loss incurred by providers. OSP’s solution automatically checks the claims to see if everything is done right according the existing stipulations of payers. The claims flagged down for discrepancies are sent over to human operators for re-examination. 

Patient Engagement

Good patient engagement has been directly tied to positive clinical outcomes. Keeping this in mind, OSP included a user-friendly patient engagement feature to help the client improve doctor-patient rapport and boost clinical results. For people struggling with mental health, continuing interactions with their therapist goes a long way in improving their situation.   

About client



Improved Revenues


Enhanced Productivity


Reduced Claim Denials


Lower Overhead


Better Patient Experience



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