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Intuitive Technology Solutions for Medical Billing Challenges

Segments We Serve

Our mission is to improve every gamut of the healthcare billing process

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Taking care of Medicare Parts A and B billing for private, government and third-party payers

Population Health Management solutions


Following state-specific Medicaid protocols for claim-to-payment process



Support medical billing according to the sub-part of Medicare Quality Payment Program- MIPS & APMS

Clinical Billing Solutions | Clinical Billing Software Solutions

Bundled Payment

Provide episode-based payments for risk-based care delivery for Medicare & commercial insurers

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Manage billing workflow for patient centered organizations, covering wide-ranging insurance model

Clinical Billing Solutions | Clinical Billing Software Solutions

Commercial Payment

From fee-for-service to fee-for-coordination, streamlining medical payment models for private insurance

Solutions We Offer



Claims Management

Transforming claim from paper to electronic: End-to-end automation of billing workflow from entry through payments. We build customized solutions to streamline claim process, remittance, advanced coding, and practice reimbursements.

We connect the gap between providers and payers to ensure claims are paid in full every time. Our claim specialists understand changing healthcare reforms and apply effective business rules to help increase your claim payment ratio and zero down denial rates.

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Denial Management Solutions

Traditional denial workflows are costly and ineffective that leads to 67% unpaid claims. The need of the hour is a denial management-specific solution that streamlines and automates claim denial and appeal process from start to end.

We build automated solutions for easy discovery of denials, create your appeal, rectify error, and recover revenue even for your toughest claims. By leveraging the power of our expertise, we simplify the burden of manual denied claim appeals and recapture underpayments, prevent future denials, and payment negotiations with automated solutions.

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Our team understands the intricacies of credentialing for your clearinghouse. We help you reorganize the process of provider enrollment, provider network management, and practice credentialing by utilizing the most advanced technologies.

Manage in-network reimbursement with transparent credentialing process supported by tailor-made solutions. We help you simplify the provider enrollment and contracting process and improve your end-to-end credentialing life cycle.

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Revenue Cycle Management

We help you transform your revenue cycle management from provider reimbursement to payment access and everything in between. We offer customized software solutions to optimize patient-to-payment journey, while improving the health of reimbursement cycle for customers you serve.

We successfully transform fee-for-service to fee-for-value with our dedicated health solution. From in-network reimbursement to contract management, we follow industry-standard processes to deliver software solutions that streamline and optimize revenue cycle management.

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Speciality Billing Solutions

No matter what speciality billing service you offer, our team knows the complexity of your practice area. We help you accomplish claim operation burden with easy-to-use integrated software solutions to manage billing from entry-to-payment.

We understand the complexity of diverse billing protocols, for single or multiple speciality, and deliver solutions that meet your medical billing requirements. Our software solutions come with dedicated coding, streamlined contract process, and reimbursements according to specific billing processes and rules.

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Medical Coding Solutions

Our medical coding development team builds comprehensive software solutions to classify diseases and medical treatments into predefined codes, including CMS-authorized ICD-10, CPT, CDT, and HCPCS terminologies that gets integrated with your current claim software easily.

Our experienced medical coding and auditing team and cutting-edge software solution work seamlessly to achieve one goal: to ensure your coding is 100% compliant and accurate. We help you to power your coding process, accelerate the billing activity, and minimize errors.

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Electronic Data Interchange Solutions

Our next-generation EDI software suite combines the power of technology and expertise to dramatically shorten billing cycle, file accurate claims, and reduce denial ratio by modernizing data exchange across health systems.

We support your legacy billing system with intelligent EDI solution, compliant with HIPAA, to eliminate payer and provider-specific errors and inefficiencies. Our team helps you to optimize data transactions with one modernized system made for your specific billing needs.

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Electronic Remittance Management Solutions

Take control of your remittance from thousands of payers automatically with custom Electronic Remittance Management solutions. We offer remittance tools to improve your secondary claim process, streamline workflow, and manage claim EOBs.

Our custom-made solutions help you eliminate data entry and endless claim filing. Identify denial reason, track payments, and manage EOBs for each claim through an integrated software solution designed to fit into your current business system.

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Binding EHR & Payer Billing Portal Together

A clearinghouse, managing millions of claims amounts everyday, wanted to go paperless with an automated software solution that not only manages billing, but also connects multiple provider EHR & Payer systems together.

  • We build a web-based system that uses Versaform integration to support multi-speciality EHR for easy billing management for our client.
  • The web application comes with HIPAA-guided EDI solution that offers system connectivity and quick data exchange to reduce claim denied ratio.
  • With claim audits, remittance and secondary claim processes, the system proves to be an end-to-end software solution for a clearinghouse who wanted to streamline claim process for their different clientele.
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Simplifying Billing Hurdle For a FQHC’s Dental Centers

The challenge was to bring different individuals involved in the claim management process from a community center, dentists, medical coder, and biller to payer and government under the same roof.

  • A complete web-based claim management solution was tailor-made for FQHCs who wanted to reorganize the claim process workflow from dentists to government payers.
  • With granular-level user roles and reimbursement control, the feature-packed platform offers maximum confidential data security controlled by HIPAA rules.
  • Using ICD-10 & CDT code, dentists can quickly file a claim that reduces denial ratio from billing reviewer and get reimbursed on the same working day.
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How We Do It?

Applying Principles And Innovation to Create Game-Changing Solutions.

Insight-Driven Business

At OSP Labs, we’re helping clients achieve their goals by using an analytic-led approach to deliver a truly insight-driven solution every day. We help you harness digital capabilities, embed analytic decision-making, and adopt rapid technology disruption to drive business value with forward-looking insights.

Agile Development Network

Scalable medical billing software solutions made with integrated agile processes for effective business outcomes. Solutions are made with customizable agility to meet health-specific standards. We bring teams together who collaborate across multiple engineering environment, indifferent of tools, compliance, and methodologies.

Complete Compliance Support

With dramatic changes in regulatory complexity, our specialists offer compliance consulting to address and repair your health organization effectively. OSP Labs health care compliance and risk support help you not only understand the risks but also identify opportunities to strengthen your organization.

Keeping Your Trust, Always.

We follow every government's regulatory mandate and create solutions that adhere to strict protocols.

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