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Segments We Serve
Our mission is to improve every gamut of healthcare provider business.
healthcare provider solutions | healthcare it solutions providers
Physician Practice
Whether in a hospital, small clinic, office or ASC setting, get custom services to optimize your practice.
eprovider solutions | healthcare provider solutions
Process-driven solutions to help community health centers deliver quality care to under-insured and uninsured patients.
healthcare provider management | provider care management solutions
Specialty Care
Manage your practice more efficiently with systems and solutions made for your designated care area.
healthcare provider software solutions | provider software solutions
Integrated health systems and solutions to help hospitals enhance patient care and financial performance.
Provider Solutions | Healthcare Provider Solutions
Connect care delivery with agile digital pathways by leveraging intelligent automation throughout your network.
Provider Software Solutions | Healthcare Provider Software Solutions
Address clinical, administrative and financial needs of your agency with a complete hospice solution.

Solutions We Offer

We stand to provide result-driven solutions to streamline healthcare business processes.

Healthcare Provider software development solutions

Population Health Management

An aggregated solution centered around patient care. With our population health management services, you can hassle-free exchange patient data across the healthcare system to analyze and improve both clinical and patient outcomes.

We integrate business intelligence tools to convert data into an actionable patient record and ultimately helping providers to offer quality care for their patients. We help you to improve patient engagement, understand and analyze clinical analytics, care coordination, and enhance patient connectivity.

Healthcare Provider software development solutions

Healthcare Interoperability Solutions

Improving value-based care with health IT interoperability solutions made for providers. OSP Labs offers healthcare data integration and interoperability services that enables transaction of patient’s health and financial data across multiple system within or external environment.

We enable seamless integration across different provider network systems like EHR, Lab Information, Pharmacy System, payer system, external PHR solution like Healthvault, GoogleHealth, and Apple Health. For data communication and integration, we build enterprise data system compliant with HIPAA and other health regulatory laws.

Healthcare Provider software development solutions

Telehealth Software Solutions

Personalizing care without borders. We are enhancing care through custom remote patient monitoring tools. We help healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics, and Accountable Care Organization to enhance care delivery models for patients with telehealth and mhealth solution.

Our telehealth software solutions extend beyond care delivery to patient. We help you drive better clinical efficiency and care continuity across health settings for better individual outcomes at lower cost. our telehealth solutions help you connect with multiple care teams to reduce leakage in urgent care situation.

Healthcare Provider software development solutions

Health Intelligence & Analytics

Make informed decision with healthcare intelligence analytics solutions. We build analytic-enabled solutions to help healthcare organizations take evidence-driven care decision, improve patient outcomes and increase financial value across the system.

with analytic expertise and health intelligence solution, we help providers use real-world health data to design new care services, secure reimbursement, and develop patient-driven business solutions. Our health analytics solution is dedicated to help provider transit from a volume-driven organization to a value-focused healthcare setting.

Healthcare Provider software development solutions

ICD-10 Transition Solutions

Translating ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 codes. We build comprehensive framework for complete code transformation with independent validation and verification. We have the capability to help providers to understand healthcare coding compliance, upgrade new codes, clinical documentation improvement and hassle-free reimbursement with less or no claim denials.

We not only guide you through ICD coding modules but also help you in understanding and integration current compliance across your healthcare system. Our full-service diagnosis-related coding and validation services simplify your health plan system.

Healthcare Provider software development solutions

Practice Management Solutions

Streamline your practice responsibilities. Achieve value-based care and denial-free reimbursement with our practice management service. We build practice solution for providers helping them manage clinical operations, schedule appointment, register and update patient medical history, collect payments, manage billing and reporting through one comprehensive workflow.

We build integrated solution that works parallelly with your current health system: EHR, EMR, revenue cycle and telehealth portal. From patient registration to patient payment, we help you sort your administrative struggle with custom-built practice management solution.

Healthcare Provider software development solutions

EHR/EMR Software Solutions

Centralize all your patient information under one platform. We build integrated electronic health record system that streamline patient data to improve patient and population health outcomes. We build EHR Software Solutions integrated with modern tools and API across multiple care settings.

With HIPAA-compliant expertise, we build secure health data system by leveraging cloud technology. Our EHR solutions help you enhance efficiency for inpatient workflows, clinical process, streamline administrative errands while maintaining confidential health records.

Bridging The Gap Between Providers and Patients

The focus was to build a care platform that connect patients and providers remotely.

  • We built a web and mobile-based telehealth application made for chronic disease management and follow up visits.
  • Seamless integration with existing EHR and practice management system powered by HIPAA-encrypted data transaction.
  • With high touch technical support for both providers and patients, out our team made video calls, real-time notifications, and urgent care possible and hassle-free for patients anytime, everywhere.
Modernizing health payment environment

The challenge was to reduce turnaround times from claim process to complete payment without risking patient care.

  • We built a web-based application with user-defined roles at each stage to offload administrative tasks, ICD-10 updated billing process, and finance management for each patient and each claim.
  • The system provides flexibility for users to integrate existing system for streamlining and optimizing administration responsibilities.
  • With automated billing process, the tool is complied with HIPAA, HL7 and hosted on secure AWS server eliminating data leakage risk in the future.
How We Do It?
Applying principles and innovation to create game-changing solutions.
Insight-Driven Business

At OSP Labs, we’re helping clients achieve their goals using an analytic-led approach to deliver a truly insight-driven solution every day. We help you harness digital capabilities, embed analytic decision-making, and adopt rapid technology disruption to drive business value with forward-looking insights.

Agile Development Network

Scalable solutions made with integrated agile processes for effective business outcomes. Solutions are made with customizable agility to meet health-specific standards. We bring teams together who collaborate across multiple engineering environment, indifferent of tools, compliance, and methodologies.

Complete Compliance Support

With dramatic changes in regulatory complexity, our specialists offer compliance consulting to address and repair your health organization effectively. OSP Lab’s health care compliance and risk support help you not only understand the risks but also identify opportunities to strengthen your organization.

Keeping the Trust

We follow every government regulatory mandate and creates solution that follow strict protocols.

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Let us address your healthcare challenges with our solutions.

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