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Healthcare industry deals with the massive amount of data on a daily basis. OSP Labs’ electronic data interchange solutions take up the monumental task of data processing to offer an innovative and automated electronic communication technology. Our healthcare electronic data interchange (EDI) software solutions are the one-stop solution to reduce data entry needs, simplify data visualization and maximizes strategic, sustainable, & scalable, communication with trading partners in healthcare. Our Electronic Data Interchange solutions facilitate the digital interchange of crucial healthcare data among healthcare institutions, patients, and billing companies for more secure and efficient data processing, including healthcare claims processing. Our EDI software solutions help healthcare stakeholders with faster reimbursement, reduced rejected claims, a boost in productivity and efficiency, and improved cash flow.

Solution Design & Development

OSP Labs’ Healthcare EDI software solutions help healthcare stakeholders to communicate and interchange relevant clinical data efficiently. Our EDI software solutions offer seamless IT integration and connectivity between multiple local agencies, public entities, and central offices.

  • Our Electronic Data Interchange solutions employ mapping to integrate clinical data to the accepted EDI standards. We utilize Application Program Interface (API) as an alternative method to mapping. The API is more efficient than mapping as its directly connected to the business applications database and can help to avoid the need to import/export.
  • OSP Labs' electronic data interchange software empowers the ecosystem of healthcare stakeholders by allowing them to visualize their data intuitively, supporting high-standard of self-service capability and reducing call volume. The real-time data access enables the stakeholders with robust decision-making ability and boosts the operational workflow.
  • Our healthcare edi solutions help to consolidate, cleanse and enrich data coming from multiple number of disparate sources and different formats to enable patient care coordination, clinical research, or reporting to support quality metrics and value-based healthcare system. Our EDI software solutions are instrumental in tackling all the patterns of EDI data integration from any source including research, clinical, claims, clinical trials, financial, risk, operational data, and more.
Values Delivered
EDI Software Solutions | Healthcare Electronic Data Intechange Software Solutions
Revenue Management
Optimize the flow of revenue and enhance revenue management by connecting your ecosystem with healthcare stakeholders for increased visibility.
Population Health Management software Solutions
Real-Time Visibility
Gain access to real-time web-based healthcare data visibility to spot errors and uncover market trends to enhance your decision making.
Medical Coding Services
Complete Standards Support
Manage any EDI standards like HIPAA and HL7 standards for better compliance and error-free.
edi software solutions | healthcare edi software solutions | edi solutions
Advanced Claims Processing
Allocate claim processor resources to high-priority tasks, analyze claim denial or pending reasons by constant claims monitoring and management.

What Makes OSP Lab's EDI Software Solutions Best for Your Need?

OSP Labs' electronic data interchange solutions in healthcare prove beneficial to minimize the cost to submit claims to health plans, accelerate the revenue cycle, and impact your healthcare organization's financial and operational performance.

Lower the handling costs of processing the huge amount of healthcare documents by eliminating the paper trails and digitizing the system.
Enable secure healthcare data transmission among providers, payers and billing companies by supporting secure EDI access.
Enhance productivity by eliminating the excessive human intervention that results in high-level accuracy, efficiency, and speed.
Lower your receivables by having current coinsurance, deductible and benefit information readily available prior to the claim filing.
Make compliant and accurate exchange of healthcare data and improve data quality with standardized HIPAA EDI transactions.
Reduce the time required for producing, sending, receiving and processing the healthcare data and have accelerated throughput.
Minimize the negative impact of data entry and payment errors with our predefined edits for electronic data interchange.
Gain access to real-time visibility of the claims and transaction status for faster decision making and enhanced responsiveness to dynamic market demands.

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