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The increasing scope and dynamicity of healthcare domain demand the complete overhaul of healthcare legacy system. With an abundance of healthcare claims and their constantly rising number has given rise to the need for an efficient custom medical claim management software solutions. A personalized, innovative and reliable medical claims management software solutions prove instrumental in efficient, transparent and cost-effective medical claims management. OSP Labs seamlessly integrates varied systems, platforms, and processes to automate your medical claim processing workflow. Our healthcare claims processing software services effortlessly perform a broad spectrum of healthcare claims management functions, including claims managing reinsurance, maintaining healthcare claims related policies with aggregate and deductible values, maintaining nationwide asset and exposure lists, generating certificates, reports, and invoices and performing timed renewals. 

Solution Design & Development

OSP Labs’ healthcare claims management software solutions provide a custom built, automated and fully-efficient workflow to help you manage your medical billing and claims without a hassle. Our customized medical billing software solutions are geared for prompt, easy-to-handle and result-oriented medical billing solutions to the payers.

  • OSP Labs' medical claims management software solutions offer end-to-end medical claims workflows that are customer-centric, cost-efficient, and highly adaptable. Accurate and prompt claims routing and eliminating the operational inefficacies is made possible with our medical claims management services.
  • Our healthcare claims processing systems offer highly customized and interactive claim forms for multiple claim processing scenarios. The Graphical form builder with configurable tabs and data helps to standardize medical claims management and brings efficient claims management workflow execution.
  • OSP Labs' healthcare claims administration software solutions assure data compliance with document centralizations and SLA & compliance management. We also ensure the transparency by making the claims data readily available such as claims history, associated claim policies and similar cases.
Values Delivered
medical claims management | medical claims processing software
Intuitive Interface
Manage your medical claims management process accurately and streamline the entire claims administration process with a user-friendly and intuitive interface.
medical claims management solutions | medical claims management software
Easy Overpayment Recovery
Leverage our claim expertise and clinical auditing knowledge to recover lost money through incorrect payments.
medical claims billing software | medical claims solutions
Payment Accuracy
Minimize the losses of high volume & low-dollar claims, reduce the overbilling and bring payment accuracy using the integrated claim submission.
medical claim billing software | medical claim solution
Dynamic Reporting
Create comprehensive and multi-dimensional reports, schedule them conveniently and send to anyone at anytime using our dynamic reporting engine.
medical claims processing software | medical claims management software
Agile Workflow
Reap the benefits of on-the-fly changes to medical claim forms and automated claims management workflows to quick results.

What Makes OSP Lab's Interoperability Solution Best for Your Need?

OSP Lab's medical claims management software solutions provide quick, efficient and fully integrated healthcare claims submission and management capabilities. Our medical coding software solutions are instrumental in streamlining the incident intake and lower your total cost of risk.

Reduce the massive paperwork required and administrative overhead for medical billing and manual claims filling.
Minimize the nuances and technicalities of healthcare billing and claim filing process by introducing automation and efficiency.
Minimize the time and cost required for manual claim management in the long run with effective medical billing solutions.
Eliminate the costly manual data entry for medical claims filing and ease the process of medical billing with excellent claims management.
Gain robust security features like multilevel access and payment level authority to maintain the confidentiality of claims management.
Keep your revenue cycle efficient by managing healthcare coding and maintaining documentation accurate and complete.
Ensure the confidentiality of patient data by securing it through established levels of authority on payments, reserves, and other transactions.
Efficient tracking and fraud detection to bring effective and profitable revenue management.

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