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Healthcare Automation Solutions to Improve Care Access

The healthcare industry in the USA has been effective in implementing new medical aids and treating various ailments. However, there has been an ongoing struggle regarding the speed of the operational processes and healthcare quality. The health sector in the US is always looking for ways to lower costs and use time effectively for delivering quality care. That is why automation in healthcare receives important. Automated health systems are essential for improving the overall performance efficiency of healthcare organizations. 

What is healthcare automation? Automated healthcare solutions refer to the use of automation in the form of control systems and advanced technology to eliminate or decrease the need for manual tasks. The US healthcare sector consists of many repetitive tasks, such as data entry, maintenance of records, and patient health monitoring. There are several benefits of automation in health care processing. Some of the key automation benefits include increased paid outcomes and improved performance efficiency of healthcare providers. Healthcare automation solutions involve replacing manually-handled processes with automated systems through automation software. An automated health care system also includes data automation and the use of automation in data storage and analysis. Automated healthcare solutions for these processes benefit the health centers in terms of increased efficiency and cost reduction.


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Real-time health access

Real-time access to quality healthcare has become a crucial problem in the US health sector, especially in case of geriatric and chronic care, and remote areas.


Appointment scheduling

Manual management of appointments can create various difficulties, including less staff for appointment scheduling, lack of updated means of reaching patients, and the absence of appointment reminders.


Operational processes

The healthcare industry in the US deals with tonnes of paperwork daily, and sometimes they do not get completed on time, which lowers the productivity of the entire health system.


Low performance

Lack of staffing and inability to meet patients’ needs and communicate with them properly can hamper the performance efficiency of the US healthcare system.


Data management

Healthcare organizations in the USA handle large volumes of patient data, and manually managing them becomes cumbersome; plus, securely storing and sharing patient records are also challenging.


Payment processing

Processing medical bills without errors and receiving reimbursements can slow down the revenue cycle of US health centers.

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Customized Healthcare Automation Solutions to Streamline Workflow and Patient Care.

Customized automated healthcare solutions to fasten operational processes, reduce costs, and provide access to quality care to patients.

Healthcare Automation to Drive Productive Transformation

Agile development approach and innovative tools to ensure cutting-edge healthcare automation solutions.

Healthcare automation to improve healthcare access in the US

Access to quality healthcare services is a challenge for many patients, and the reasons could vary. Some patients are not medically fit enough to personally visit clinics, such as the elderly and those with chronic care needs. Automated healthcare solutions solve this issue and help provide health access to all patients without the requirement of traveling.

OSP can develop cloud-based healthcare automation solutions that allow patients to schedule appointments online and acquire care services. Our cloud computing and remote servers promote automation in healthcare and improve health access. Patients can acquire quality healthcare from the comfort of their homes through technologies like mHealth that can be used from mobiles. In this way, hospital management is also greatly enhanced due to OSP’s custom medical automation systems. 


Appointment management in USA

Healthcare staff in the US often struggle with allotting and managing patient appointments. The appointment system often fails to remind patients beforehand, which results in missed appointments. Patients also face long waiting hours that may go beyond their scheduled appointment time. Healthcare automation resolves these issues and simplifies appointment management to a large extent. Automation in healthcare as appointment scheduling simplifies patient management and improves patient satisfaction.

OSP can build custom healthcare automation solutions that would fasten the process of appointments and minimize instances of missed appointments. Our customized health automation software can save time and resources. Patients will receive appointment reminders through our automated health system. OSP’s medical automation would reduce healthcare staff’s workload and help them focus on delivering quality care. Some healthcare automation software features include scheduling, booking, and canceling appointments, sending appointment notifications via email or SMS, and extensive reporting to reduce cancellations and reminders.

EHR integration with automated health systems in the US

Healthcare professionals from different organizations team up to provide integrated care to patients with multiple needs. This may include patients with cardiovascular diseases or post-surgery. A medical automation system with EHR integration allows healthcare providers to easily access patient records, share across multiple systems, and communicate to discuss cases and make decisions. 

OSP can create automated medical systems to support EHR integration and allow transparency through patient portals. Health professionals in the US no longer need to struggle with documentation and delivery of test results with OSP’s custom healthcare automation solutions. Our automated health systems promote healthcare workflow automation and healthcare process automation. We can develop healthcare automation platforms that help to enter data into EHRs easily without any scope for errors. OSP’s customized healthcare automation software solutions increase hospital revenue by saving all tests into a single system and avoiding revenue loss because of unbilled tests. 

Automating patient-provider communication

Patient-provider communication forms an integral part of the US healthcare system. If done properly, it motivates patients to undertake and comply with the treatment fully. Whereas; poor communication between patients and physicians lead to low patient outcomes and affect the revenue cycle. Automation in healthcare improves patient management and patient engagement, which results in an increase in patient satisfaction.

OSP can engineer healthcare automation platforms that can include patient portals to enhance communication and promote patient management. We can develop custom healthcare automation solutions, including healthcare workflow automation, to manage patient appointments via alerts and reminders. We also promote better communication with healthcare professionals through in-app chatbox. OSP is leading in the healthcare industry automation, and we can create a wide range of custom healthcare automation software and solutions to increase patient engagement. We can build remote patient monitoring and telehealth solutions to provide access to quality care and facilitate improved patient-physician interaction. 

Claims Processing and Analysis Automation in USA

Claims management is a crucial aspect of US healthcare, and it often slows down due to manual processes. The procedure included in claim analysis and processing may also be subject to errors, such as entry of wrong code, for example. The tedious manual operation included in claims processing and analysis can be simplified by using healthcare automation. Automation in healthcare also comes with workflow automation software that organizes administrative tasks and minimizes errors. 

OSP can create healthcare automation solutions that can be handled online, and all data can be stored in a claims system. Our custom claim management solutions eliminate the need for any paperwork. Claims are processed much faster and without any hassle using OSP’s customized healthcare automation solutions, as compared to the traditional systems. 

RCM process automation

Healthcare organizations in the USA often struggle with maintaining HIPAA compliance, care quality, data management, and billing. Management of the care services and all the operational tasks involved is essential for health providers’ success. Practice management is an emerging choice for automating care workflow to increase health revenue. Automation software establishes internal accuracy and improves the efficiency of the health systems. 

OSP offers various healthcare business intelligence solutions for better management of the healthcare revenue cycle. We can engineer custom healthcare automation solutions that will replace the traditional workflow system with an automated one through workflow automation software. Our healthcare automation software solutions can greatly reduce the risk of errors, improve HIPAA compliance, productivity, and workforce efficiency. The revenue cycle management will also be automated and all the services delivered would be reimbursed through the healthcare industry automation by OSP.  

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Use Cases

Technology Disruption
Re-envisioned for healthcare stakeholders

Hospital Management Automation

  • Fragmentation, disseminated data repository, high manual processes and time delays are the issues faced without automation.
  • Enterprise-wide integration of all networks into a single entity and provide high level of automation.
  • It aids hospital administrators in improving operational control and streamlining operations.
  • Clinical pathways mapping improve better diagnosis with good decision support system.
  • Web-enabled customizable solution includes patient administration, automated results capture, integrated billing etc.

Revenue Cycle Management

  • To assist in adopting high-quality electronic billing and payment systems with reduced coding errors
  • Standalone personalized medical enrollment and billing platform for all healthcare providers.
  • Commercial built-in RCM with content platform for streamlined reconciliation and increased audit controls.
  • Integrated transitions among the health information systems and business practices across billing offices
  • Advanced data mining cum dashboard reporting to analyse remittance and payer issues.

Automated Medical Records- EHR/EMR/PHR

  • OSP Labs develop HIPAA compliant EHR / EMR / PHR application software with robust network & secure database.
  • Integration with evidence-based tools, reliable patient portal and intuitive graphical for desktop and mobile devices.
  • E-health point solutions utilize technology to reduce complications, coordination of treatment, and efficient delivery.
  • With each solution, insurance payers & can innovate clinical management by improving efficiency and patient outcome.
  • Each solution can be integrated independently, or with other point solutions.

Financial management

  • OSP labs offers a robust financial cloud based secured healthcare management system. Finance can be managed for multiple entities.
  • Real time monitoring of the organization by viewing data metrics & maintaining point-and-click report generation.
  • Contract management, legal affairs, patient accounting and revenue cycle management are the major functions.
  • The financial management solutions can track and identify the trending financial data to the managers.

Provider Network Management

  • Provider network management provides an insightful cloud dashboard to the payers for the effective management of provider network. It helps the organizations to make better decisions on provider-related matters such as renewals and updates.
  • This solution shows customized dashboard with lightning design framework providing the right information at the right time with reduced operational inefficiencies.
  • The key features include SLA based Case Management, prioritization, and auto work assignment, business user configurable rules management, E-Forms and e-Signatures, data integrity check, automated sanctions and offline mobile capabilities.

Insurance Claim Automation

  • Insightful cloud dashboard to the payers for the effective management of provider network.
  • It helps the organizations to make better decisions on provider related matters such as renewals and updates.
  • This solution shows customized dashboard with lightning design framework providing right information at the right time.
  • The key features include SLA based Case Management, prioritization, auto work assignment, e-Signatures, data integrity check etc.

Insurance Claim Automation

  • Claim automation helps in achieving quicker claim processing and secured access to customer information.
  • Focus on interoperability by providing integrated flexible health management as per the changing marketing conditions.
  • This solution allows the integration with multiple external standardized systems to improve operational efficiency.
  • Re-usable frameworks for claims management quickens the application development initiatives.

IoT-Based Drug Manufacturing Automation

  • A network of equipment with sensors that collect data in real time and communicate them to other machines via cloud.
  • Interconnected manufacturing equipments controlled by supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA).
  • Data is fed into manufacturing execution systems (MES) and distributed control systems (DCS).
  • An additional system, characterized by “big data” that has the potential to improve manufacturing efficiency.
  • These data would be automatically scrutinized to yield valuable insights into plant workflows.

Research & Analytics Automation

  • To prosper in shrinking drug pipelines, patent expirations and compliance, life sciences firms should be automated.
  • Innovative thinking and process reinvention to improve business agility across the life science ecosystem.
  • Our OSP labs offers time-tested strategies and next gen solutions to optimize your work across the life sciences value chain.
  • The existing devices can be interconnected through specialized IoT gateways, SCADA, and DCS systems for data transfer.

Embedded Medical Device System

  • Customized hardware and real-time operating systems (RTOS) are the major core of the medical device industry.
  • Good user experience (UX) designers to design error free embedded systems with improved patient outcomes.
  • OSP labs can provide systematic development and integration of control systems for innovative user interfaces.

Medical Device Inventory Management

  • Equipment inventory is an essential part of an effective health-care technology management (HTM) system.
  • Updated inventory provide a correct outlook about the status of medical equipment within the health-care facility.
  • Integrated logistics solutions streamline the supply chain, gain control of inventory, and remain cost effective.
  • Inclusion of equipment is decided through a risk-based analysis to ensure appropriate time and resource allocation.

Sensor-Based Medical Device Automation

  • For early diagnosis, sensors are employed in medical applications due to their accuracy and low-power consumption.
  • Sensors maintain technical standards like IEEE 802 for Wi-Fi to define the performance of wireless communications.
  • Statutory specifications include quality management (ISO 13485), risk management (ISO 14971) & usability (IEC 62366).
  • Software development includes planning, requirements analysis, design, implementation, verification, and release.

Clinical Workflow Planning & Management

  • Integration of patient support systems, safe handling solutions for non-invasive therapeutic products, and IT solutions.
  • Extension of care facilities and home care settings to enhance the safety and quality of patient care.
  • Integration of new and existing hospital systems on an open technology platform to support the business strategy.
  • Streamlined IT management supports multiple applications with a proven record of enterprise success.

Diagnostic Lab Automation

  • Automation of vital procedures in diagnostic arenas for increased accuracy level and reduced costs.
  • Involve instruments and software to improve the efficiency of operations by automating manual diagnostic procedures.
  • Customized streamlined workflows, integrated IT capabilities and result management by rules-based informatics.

Clinical Reports Automation

  • Manual data collection and reporting cause significant difficulty in tracking the quality of healthcare.
  • EMR and laboratory information systems are used to populate quality data automatically and improve reporting times.
  • EHR standardization fits seamlessly into the workflow at the provider level for generating reliable information.

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