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Healthcare Fraud Detection Software Solutions

Business Challenges

The fraudulent healthcare claims, waste and abuse increase the burden of medical costs on everybody. OSP Labs’ medical fraud prevention software solutions aggressively address this issue by automating the healthcare fraud detection process. Our custom-build healthcare fraud detection solutions employ a comprehensive approach and consistent high-performing metrics dashboards to avoid low integrity medical billing errors and potential healthcare frauds in their nascent stages. Our medical fraud detection solutions skillfully combines identity search technologies, predictive data analysis, fraud indicator compliance rules, the company claims information and industry data sources to flag suspicious claims instantly. Our fraud detection software solutions are instrumental in detecting the probable fraudulent claims and safeguarding your business revenue.

Solution Design & Development

Our fully-integrated and browser-based fraud protection software solutions offer comprehensive functionality for predictive fraud detection in healthcare.

  • Our predictive data analysis encompasses both the advanced analytics techniques, like statistics, text mining, data mining, and decision support engines. Our healthcare fraud management software solutions analyzes the complex and interrelated relationship among thousands of data sets to provide a potential fraud occurrence.
  • Our medical fraud prevention software solution systems employ memory-based reasoning that identifies similar cases from experience. It applies the collected information from these cases for in-depth classification and prediction. The memory-based reasoning applies to arbitrary data types, even non-relational data.
  • OSP Labs' bespoke fraud prevention and detection software system provide user provisioning protocols including role assignment, user management, and Single Sign-On (SSO) functions. The effective fraud detection software solution is made possible with user activity monitoring, access request management, and account management of multiple digital identities.
Value Delivered
healthcare fraud detection software solutions | fraud management solutions
Fraud Alerts
Create an automatic alert to monitor the patient data and receive emails when new information arises.
fraud prevention software solution | fraud management software
Data Mining
Gain access to proprietary detection technology to identify providers displaying anomalous billing trends and patterns.
fraud management solution | fraud detection solutions
Compliance Management
Remain compliant with state policies for healthcare payments to reduce investigation costs and avoid overpayments.
fraud prevention software solutions | fraud abuse management
Link Analysis
Find the concealed relationship among multiple payment data parameters which may not be otherwise apparent.
fraud management software | fraud detection solution
Principal Component Analysis
Minimize the complexity of visual variance analysis by reducing the multi-dimensional data sets to 2 -3 dimensions.

What Makes OSP Labs’ Fraud, Waste and Abuse Management Solution Best for Your Need?

OSP Labs' fraud detection software solutions help determine the fraudulent claims and provide an immediate warning of waste and abuse to reduce fraudulent liabilities.

Reduce claim errors by proactively identifying fraud, waste, and abuse patterns & trends in healthcare.
Maintain the highest level of claim compliance for prompt reporting and appropriately responding to the fraudulent activities.
Get assistance from professional experts to build highly customized fraud, waste and abuse management solutions.
Gain real-time access to falsified and wasteful information by including robust analytical models in your process workflow.
Minimize losses by identifying the repeat offenders and uncover collusive frauds by applying risk-based scoring models.
Gain a consolidated view of emerging threats to formulate robust preventive mechanisms to avoid frauds, waste, and abuses.
Enhance benefit accuracy and fiduciary responsibility to proactively create cases for further investigation, collection, and prosecution.
Identify fraudulent activities up front to avoid future expenses required for investigative and legal actions.

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