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Alicia Stokes Shares Healthcare Insights on Medicare Modernization, Food Security & Drug Pricing

As we emerge from the COVID pandemic and embark on new realizations, caregiving has become even more significant when associated with service. Healthcare organizations are prioritizing the health and well-being of customers and communities. This includes focusing on the commercial...

COVID, Vaccines, Variants and Healthcare with Jessica DaMassa and Matthew Holt   

As with any other virus, COVID has taken a natural turn towards variants of lower virulence but higher contagion. There is, however, a level of uncertainty and a ‘wait and watch’ attitude towards COVID-19, which is why we see some...

Discussing Innovation in Public Health with Dr. Megan Ranney

Public health has been a significant concern within the healthcare sector, specifically brought into focus after the recent pandemic. Creating efficient systems to enable public health has been a principle that dates to the founding of the American Republic. There...

Unlocking the Front Door to Digital Mental Health with Brad Kittredge & Doug Nemecek

An average of one in five adults are regularly diagnosed with a behavioral health condition. Surprisingly, only half of those diagnosed are in active treatment. On average, the duration between the onset of symptoms, to the point of seeking care...

Understanding Financialization in Healthcare with Stacey Richter

The healthcare industry must align itself toward a significant shift in its caregiving approach. The patient now lies at the central point of the caregiving process. The advantages of increased patient engagement are numerous, and this trend is swiftly turning...

Healthcare Entrepreneurship with Adam Lyddane

The integration of Information Technology has become a pivotal force driving innovation and efficiency in the healthcare industry. Since then, Adam Lyddane has pioneered the dynamic world of healthcare IT and has been a visionary behind Superlanet. From his roots...

Transforming Healthcare Data Accessibility with Carm Huntress

Despite being data-driven, the healthcare sector must often catch up in providing seamless access to crucial medical records. The intricacies of healthcare data accessibility, hurdles faced, and the impact of regulatory measures like the 21st Century Cures Act. However, a...

Healthcare Risk Management Software
Everything you should know about Healthcare Risk Management Software

Healthcare, like every industry, must comply with government regulations. It won't be an exaggeration to say that some of the most stringent laws regulate the healthcare industry, and violation of those often results in serious consequences. Some of those range...

Healthcare Workforce Management Software
A Brief Guide to Healthcare Workforce Management

Healthcare, like every industry, is dependent on income and smooth functioning. A big part of that depends upon the competent management of hospitals' many resources and workflows. Hospitals have to manage the activities of doctors, nurses, and other administrative staff....

Radiology Information Systems
Everything You Need to Know About Radiology Information Systems

Radiology is the use of medical imaging to diagnose diseases. It includes imaging techniques such as X-ray, ultrasound, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), computed tomography (CT), positron emission tomography (PET), and so forth. The advent of these technologies opened new vistas...

Medical Lab Management Software
Everything you need to know about Medical Lab Management Software

If you’ve ever stepped into the testing laboratory of a large hospital, you would know that managing the lab. ’s operations alone is no small feat. The bigger a hospital gets, the greater the volume of patients it would have...

Medical Imaging Software
Everything you need to know about Medical Imaging Software

Medical imaging has been revolutionizing the world of healthcare for the past 30 years. Starting with just simple x-rays, human body imaging has offered a spectrum of new techniques, offering benchmark results for accurate diagnosis and tests. Today, it forms...

Healthcare Technology and Trends

Insights from Dan Mendelson on the Evolution of Healthcare from Obama to Biden  

In the current times, the question of healthcare reform has gained significant attention. The recent pandemic has brought out solutions that are scalable and meticulous and offer a virtual environment; technologically-driven healthcare services are poised to address the needs of...

Healthcare Transformation: Exploring Digital Health Trends with Jessica DeMassa

Healthcare providers are navigating challenges amid transformative industry changes. Guided by healthcare experts David Williams and Jessica DeMassa, we examine trends shaping the industry's path. Our exploration deep dives into recent developments, foreseeing the changing healthcare scene with insights into...

Healthcare Web Dashboards For Today’s Decision-Makers

Today’s healthcare ecosystem has many problems to deal with; the only potential solution is technology. Healthcare leaders and IT professionals have often joined hands to develop smart solutions like electronic health records, mHealth, and others to solve critical challenges. 

Healthcare Dashboards For Today’s Decision Makers Part-1

Accurate data is vital to run just about every kind of business. Healthcare is no different. For hospitals, there are bound to be multiple workflows happening simultaneously in multiple departments. All of these must function cohesively to make things happen...

Digital Prescription Software Bolsters the Efficiency of Clinical Workflows
Digital Prescription Software Bolsters the Efficiency of Clinical Workflows

Anyone who has ever gone to a doctor has been prescribed medication or tests. Unsurprisingly, many doctors have handwriting that is often hard to understand. Pharmacists can read the prescriptions most of the time, but sometimes they make mistakes. Medication...

Healthcare Analytics Solutions
Healthcare Analytics Solutions: An Integral Part of the Medical Industry

All commercial and non-profit organizations generate business data because of day-to-day operations. Analyzing this data reveals many things about an organization and its operations, even things that are not immediately clear to the outside observer. The bigger the organization, the...

Digital transformation in healthcare
Digital transformation in healthcare: All you need to know

Over the last two decades, many hospitals and healthcare networks have adopted digital strategies in their various functional areas. The digital transformation witnessed numerous initiatives, such as installing electronic health record systems(EHR), building digital health and health apps, and implementing...

Everything You Should Know About Patient Engagement
Everything You Should Know About Patient Engagement in 2023

A brief introduction to the concept of patient engagement, its significance, and crucial role in improving patient satisfaction.

7 Best Practices to Follow with Healthcare Contract Management Software
7 Best Practices to Follow with Healthcare Contract Management Software

Healthcare companies face many challenges, such as rising insurance costs, increased HIPAA regulatory standards, reduced government funding, mergers and acquisitions, the need for better practice management, and the pressure to deliver a patient-centric experience.  

How Healthcare Payer Platform Plays a Crucial Role in Improving the ROI for Payer Companies?
How Healthcare Payer Platform Plays a Crucial Role in Improving the ROI for Payer Companies?

Chronic diseases and conditions drive the market demand for healthcare payer companies. Mobile and healthcare cloud technologies in the payer-provider healthcare system result in new business models across a range of industries. New payer companies have successfully created disruptive business...

7 Emerging Healthcare IT Trends to Follow in 2022
7 Emerging Healthcare IT Trends to Follow in 2023

Increased digital healthcare investments highlight the latest healthcare IT trends. As per the 2021 Future of Healthcare Report, almost 80% of healthcare systems plan to increase investment in health technology.   

Healthcare Payer Automation: Definitive Playbook for 2022
Healthcare Payer Automation: Definitive Playbook for 2023

Automation has become a buzzword in the tech community, academia, and regular people. While some believe it will usher in a new era of productivity, efficiency, and wealth, others feel that it could widen the chasm between rich and poor.  



Healthcare IT Support Solutions

Healthcare IT support solutions provide technical assistance and maintenance for digital systems within healthcare settings. OSP's custom healthcare IT support solutions encompass help desk support, software and hardware troubleshooting, network...

Urgent Care Software Solutions

Urgent care software is a comprehensive digital solution tailored to the unique needs of urgent care centers. OSP's urgent care software solutions can simplify clinic operations by offering features such...

Healthcare Emergency Management Solutions

Healthcare emergency management software is a solution that aids in coordinating responses during crises like natural disasters, pandemics, or mass casualties. OSP's healthcare emergency software development can facilitate real-time communication,...

Healthcare E-commerce Software Solutions

Healthcare e-commerce software is a digital platform that facilitates various aspects of online healthcare transactions. OSP's custom healthcare e-commerce software development solutions encompass a range of functionalities aimed at improving...

Radiology Information System

Radiology information system streamlines the management of radiological workflows and patient data. OSP builds a custom radiology information system that efficiently handles appointment scheduling, order management, and reporting tasks. By...

Healthcare Chatbots

Healthcare chatbots can give a competitive edge to the healthcare sector by providing patients with quick access to medical care. It can improve the quality and availability of care, encourage...

Healthcare Staffing Software

Healthcare staffing software is a robust solution that enables healthcare staffing agencies to stay competitive and compliant and recruit suitable nurses, physicians, and other staff. Typically, healthcare staffing agency software...

Medical Scheduling Software

A medical scheduling system is a digital solution that enables healthcare organizations to manage appointments and bookings. Patients can use such software to look up available time slots for a...

Practice Management

Custom practice management software solutions encompass software systems designed to streamline administrative tasks within healthcare facilities. OSP’s custom practice management solutions can automate scheduling, billing, patient records management, and other...

Pharmacy Management System

A pharmacy management system is a digital platform that pharmacies use to digitize their operations and automate many workflows. Activities like inventory management, reviewing prescriptions, handling billing and insurance, and...

Medical Records Management

Medical records management is organizing and handling patients’ health information in a way convenient for medical professionals to access and carry out healthcare workflows. Patient records are created when people...

Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System is a comprehensive software solution that simplifies and optimizes healthcare institutions' various administrative and clinical processes. OSP's custom hospital management system encompasses modules for patient management, appointment...

Patient Engagement Solutions

Patient Engagement Solutions is a comprehensive platform designed to involve patients in their healthcare journey actively. OSP can build a patient engagement system solution with various features such as appointment...

Health Informatics

Health informatics uses information technology to store, organize, and analyze health information to discover ways to improve clinical outcomes. The use of informatics software in healthcare leverages the benefits of...

Healthcare Automation Solutions

A healthcare automation solution refers to a technological system that automates parts of the workflows at healthcare organizations. These include clinical activities and non-clinical administrative operations like billing, claims, scheduling...

Healthcare Cloud Solutions

Healthcare cloud solutions are healthcare software solutions hosted in the cloud and accessed through the internet. The biggest advantage of such types of software is that they need not be...

Clinical Decision Support (CDSS)

Clinical decision support system customization utilizes algorithms and medical knowledge to assist healthcare providers in making informed decisions about patient care. OSP’s clinical decision support applications analyze patient data and...

Case Studies


Health Informatics Security and Visualization

We developed a solution for sharing ultrasound test results with clinics and doctors with ease while maintaining data security and privacy.

  • Multi-Factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Access management with variable access rights.
  • Streamlined workflows for data sharing.


Advanced Home Care

We developed a website for efficient senior care which connects doctors, patients, and families of patients.

  • Greater involvement of the families of elder patients.
  • 50% greater accuracy in health assessment.
  • Greater independence of the care recipient


Laboratory Information Management Systems

We designed and developed a software platform for managing operations at medical testing laboratories.

  • End-to-end sample management and tracking.
  • Simplified billing and payment processing.
  • Streamlined inventory management and tracking.


Advanced Data Visualization Solution

We built a data visualization software to help organizations derive valuable insights from operational data garnered from multiple sources.

  • Real-time analytics for actionable insights.
  • An intuitive dashboard for visual representation of data.
  • Aggregation of data from multiple sources.

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