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OSP aimed to develop an application that would act as a platform to manage the testing and administrative operations at pathology laboratories. The application would provide an aggregated interface to monitor and track day-to-day workflows and also exchange data with providers and hospital systems seamlessly through integration. In other words, it would go a long way in helping to streamline laboratory management and derive benefits for stakeholders involved, namely – the providers, pathologists, as well as the patients.   


About client


About client

Manual Workflows

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Manual Report Generation

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Manual Test Scheduling

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Inefficient Inventory Management

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Lack of Data Exchange

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Lack of Interconnectivity


Test Scheduling

The application for managing laboratories can integrate seamlessly with a broader hospital system for managing tests digitally. Physicians can order a test for a patient, which will be reflected on the laboratory application. An administrator can schedule tests based on this request without having to use any pen and paper. The doctor’s recommendation is immediately reflected on the app. 


Sample Management

Larger the laboratory gets, more the volume of tests it would need to conduct. This would mean that it must also need to manage a large number of samples collected from patients. OSP’s application includes a feature for sample management where pathologists can track the entire lifecycle of every sample right from when it is collected, to when it goes for the actual test. 


Report Sharing

Doctors at large hospitals would order tests for patients which are performed by pathology laboratories. OSP’s application enables the laboratories to generate digital reports of the tests and share them with the doctors who ordered them with a few clicks. This goes a long way increasing the speed of clinical workflows at hospitals and ultimately benefits the patients. 


Instrument Interfacings

OSP designed the laboratory management application to streamline operations at pathology labs. One of the best ways of achieving this is by interfacing the app with the instruments at the lab. A testing lab would be equipped to perform a wide array of tests, for which it would have numerous instruments. OSP’s application can interface with them to help check their status and even schedule any maintenance, if and when required. 


Inventory Management

A pathology laboratory would need a large inventory of chemicals and raw materials to perform various tests. Managing this inventory is an important, but tedious activity. OSP’s application simplifies this through a user-friendly interface where administrators can check the quantities as well as expiration dates. Moreover, they can also order new batches through the app with a few clicks. 


Billing and Payment Processing

OSP’s application for laboratory management includes a module for billing and payments. This feature enables the management to carry out all the activities around medical billing through a user-friendly interface. The application streamlines billing workflows and automates many of the manual, repetitive parts of it.  


About client



Faster Workflows


Increased Efficiency


Improved Productivity


Reduced Overhead


Seamless Report Sharing


Faster ROI

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