Healthcare Software Development

Healthcare Software Development

HealthTech, Policy, and Challenges: HLTH Insights with Ben Leonard

Explore the forefront of healthcare innovation and policy evolution with insights from the HLTH 2022 conference. This blog navigates the intricate aspects of healthcare, business, and policies under the guidance and profound discussion of David Williams and John Driscoll with...

Healthcare Web Development
Ultimate Guide to Healthcare Web Development

This section will discuss the activities, technologies, people, tools, and processes directed towards developing web applications for the healthcare industry to improve healthcare delivery quality and effectiveness.

Top 7 Key Modules to Include in Your Custom Home Healthcare Software in 2022
Top 7 Key Modules to Include in Your Custom Home Healthcare Software in 2023

As per the home healthcare trends, the global market would grow with a CAGR of 7.9% by 2027. Home healthcare apps can make most of this by being software for healthcare providers for the elderly. A home healthcare app integrates...

7 Myths You Must Avoid While Developing Health Insurance Software
7 Myths You Must Avoid While Developing Health Insurance Software

Today healthcare software product development offers the best solutions to the most critical problems. Take, for instance, to ensure better accessibility; providers are utilization advanced telehealth solutions or remote health monitoring systems. In health insurance, there is a different area...

How Healthcare UX Used by OSP
Here’s How Healthcare UX Used by OSP To Simplify Complex Care Processes and Boost Patient Engagement

Patients are consumers in today’s healthcare scenario. The focus shifted from seeing patients just as care receivers to accepting them as consumers; healthcare providers have adopted various tools, services, and technology to enhance their practice. However, the most critical aspect...

7 Ultimate Healthcare UI/UX Trends
7 Ultimate Healthcare UI/UX Trends Impacting the Future of Healthcare Today 

A good user interface (UI) is a fundamental factor that determines the success of an application. The UI plays a significant role in the user experience (UX). It's concerned with the users' interaction with software, while the UX deals with...

Top 7 Questions You Should Ask your Medical Software Providers Before Building Healthcare Software 

Medical software providers often need to deal with varying requirements of stakeholders in the medical industry. Software for the medical industry ranges from small, single-physician practices to large hospitals with a huge staff.  

How To Master Healthcare Software Product Development Best Practices – and 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid
How To Master Healthcare Software Product Development Best Practices – and 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid

The healthcare sector has witnessed technological breakthroughs like never before. Healthcare custom software development has turned into the need of the hour, with healthcare organizations and patients looking to lap up its many benefits. Healthcare software developers are applying Artificial...

7 Tips for Designing the Perfect Healthcare Product

As we set out to create an effective product for healthcare, the first order of business is to understand the needs of the healthcare industry. Fortunately, our expertise in healthcare software spans over decades. Medical professionals have specific needs, emergency...

Healthcare Management Tools
Top 10 US Healthcare Management Tools that you can look forward to in 2021

In recent times, the healthcare industry is becoming increasingly dependent on accurate and timely data to fulfill government standards. The health industry in the US struggles with processes, such as claims, payment reimbursements, handling and sharing patient data, providing care...

Healthcare Developer Best Practices

Information technology has been making breakthroughs in the healthcare sector and the most recent revolution in custom healthcare software development. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been applied to introduce cutting-edge technologies that are poised to transform the landscape of caregiving. 

Best Practices for Healthcare QA
Best Practices for Healthcare QA

Within the healthcare sector, quality is a critical factor towards keeping a healthcare organization afloat. Effective care delivery is heavily reliant on the quality and speed of execution. To address these two parameters, there have been significant and consistent innovations...

Mobile App Development

Healthcare Mobile App Development
Healthcare Mobile App Development: A Developers Handbook for 2023

As the healthcare sector continues its journey toward digital transformation, custom health app development has emerged as a critical player in the field. Healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, and start-ups alike have recognized mobile health app development's ability to increase profits and patient...

Ultimate Guide for Healthcare Mobile App Developers To Develop Advance Healthcare Apps in 2023

Healthcare apps have undergone a rapid transformation due to the introduction of technology in healthcare. More and more smartphone medical apps for patients are being used worldwide, with people relying on them for everything from medical treatments to general health...

Everything You Should Know About Healthcare App Development in 2022
Everything You Should Know About Healthcare App Development

The smartphone revolution has ushered in the era of mobile applications. From simple calculators and calendars to elaborate apps for gaming, astronomy, and more, the smartphone has led to the creation of one of the world’s largest industries. Custom healthcare...

How to Develop Home Healthcare Application from Scratch
How to Develop Home Healthcare Application from Scratch

Home care is a scenario where the person receiving care stays at their house instead of a medical facility. The caregiver is usually a certified professional and attends to the patient's health. Home care is beneficial for people suffering from...

Patient Engagement in Hospital Mobile Apps
Top 5 Features That Boost Patient Engagement in Hospital Mobile Apps

Patient engagement has proven to help improve clinical outcomes and the people's experience throughout the healthcare journey. As the name suggests, patient engagement involves activities in doctor-patient interaction to help people manage their health better.  

Hospital Mobile Apps
How Hospital Mobile Apps Can Improve Patient Engagement for Better Care Delivery

1. Easy-to-use Functionality: Patients look for user-friendly functionality while using the medical application. You can ensure that through intuitive flows and transitions, and design a seamless onboarding process for increased patient adoption.

Healthcare Experts on IoT in Healthcare Applications
How to Develop Health Apps in 2023: OSP’s Healthcare Experts on IoT in Healthcare Applications

As the healthcare industry looks to lap up the benefits of applications of IoT in healthcare applications, medical apps with IoT are increasing in their strength and potential. Enhanced operations, improvements in processes, higher care outcomes, and decreased costs are...

Success Tips from Experts For Efficient Mobile Health Application Development
Extraordinary Insights on Mobile Health Application Development from the Health Tech Experts at OSP

Mobile health application development is building an app for mobile devices designed to help users (patients, doctors, or healthcare staff) gain better outcomes. Healthcare mobile app development for patients can aid them in managing their medical conditions, achieving their health...

A Health Product Manager's Developmental Guide to Mental Health Apps for Doctors
Why Health Product Managers Need To Pay Attention To Mental Health Apps for Doctors in 2023?

A rise in mental health apps for doctors, mental health apps for patients, and mental health apps for kids have efficiently demolished the treatment barriers for mental health problems. Whether it is geographic limitations or financial hurdles, apps for mental...

7 Ideas To Build Medical App for Doctors for 3X ROI Within a Year

As more and more physicians, clinics, and hospitals look towards building a medical app, the manner of caregiving is evolving at great speed. Physical lines of patients waiting to see a doctor or specialist are a thing of the past....

10 mHealth App Development Tips Every Healthcare CEO Should Be Following Right Now
10 mHealth App Development Tips Every Healthcare CEO Should Be Following Right Now

mHealth apps are booming in the current healthcare landscape, predicting the continual and exponential rise in the coming years. According to a recent patient survey, over 65% of patients agree that mobile healthcare will be a great asset toward care...

Healthcare Apps for Patients Do’s and Don’ts: Most-asked Health App Development Questions This Month

The healthcare landscape is transforming at a rapid pace. It is now safe to say that technology has taken over like never before. Healthcare organizations with great enthusiasm are lapping up healthcare apps for patients and telehealth solutions. Patients, likewise, are...



Healthcare Data Migration System

Data migration in healthcare transfers medical information about patients and their clinical data from one storage location to another. Typically, medical data migration is necessary due to the adoption or...

Healthcare ERP Software Solutions

A healthcare ERP platform enables medical organizations to streamline workflow management and optimize resource allocation. Healthcare ERP systems help healthcare organizations to maintain efficient administrative oversight and smooth communication among...

Medical Device Software Development

Medical device software development is designing, developing, and testing software programs for medical devices/equipment use. Medical device software development is a rapidly emerging space within the medical device industry. And...

Healthcare UX

Healthcare UX or user experience plays a crucial role in the healthcare setting. With the increased use of technologies, user experience in healthcare requires special attention from developers and designers....

E-Prescription Software

E-prescription software is a digital technology framework that empowers physicians and health practices to automate medication prescribing processes. Through e-prescribing solutions, healthcare providers send prescriptions directly to their pharmacy partners...

Healthcare App Development Services

Healthcare app development are mobile software programming services offered by a company exclusively for the healthcare industry. OSP’s healthcare app development services can address challenges, including handling big data, integration...

Healthcare App Developers

A healthcare developer is a programmer who designs and develops software applications for the healthcare industry. These applications could be for computers, smartphones, or web apps used by doctors, patients,...

Healthcare software developer

Healthcare software developers are engineers who work on designing and developing software applications for the healthcare industry. These applications or platforms are typically for clinical activities like consultations or healthcare...

Healthcare Consulting

Healthcare consulting services help healthcare organizations tackle common and critical challenges. Healthcare consulting firms are more like advisors to clients in the health industry. OSP can offer healthcare software consulting...


mHealth solutions harness mobile technology to deliver healthcare services, information, and support remotely. OSP’s custom mobile health app solutions include mobile apps, wearables, and remote monitoring devices, facilitating access to...

Hipaa Compliant Software Development

HIPAA-compliant software is any digital platform or application for the healthcare industry that includes all the privacy and safety measures stipulated by the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)...

Custom Healthcare Software Development Solutions

Custom healthcare software development is solving specific challenges by creating a customized software solution, a web or a mobile application for the healthcare industry. Software development in healthcare involves solutions...

Healthcare Information Technology

OSP is inspired to encapsulate pioneering healthcare IT consulting and technology solutions tailored to bolster healthcare delivery. Our tailored solutions leverage cutting-edge information technology (IT) to amplify patient care, optimize...

Case Studies


Doctor on Demand

We built a platform to connect home care agencies with experienced clinicians and provide house calls.

  • 60% improvement in-home care experience.
  • GEO tracking to simplify doctor assignments.
  • Interactive dashboard to track performance metrics.


340B Inventory Management System

We developed a custom 340B Inventory management system for clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies to help them serve patients better.

  • Simplified identity and eligibility verification for patients.
  • Streamlined management of supply chains.
  • Tools for fast and simple 340B reporting.


Web Portal to Manage Geriatric Health For Senior Patients

We designed and built an application to help seniors manage their own care better and empower their families to be involved.

  • Detailed questionnaire for analyzing the health situation of seniors.
  • Intuitive dashboard to view data on caregivers, patients, providers, and families of patients.
  • Improved quality of care for seniors with timely medical intervention.


Advanced Web Application to Streamline the Diagnosis of Ophthalmic Eye Disorders

OSP developed a web-based application to streamline the process of diagnosing diabetic retinopathy.

  • Smart visualization of patient data.
  • 55% improvement in diagnostic accuracy.
  • Clearer diagnostic images of retinas.


Data Analytics For Oncology Pharma

We designed and built a comprehensive solution to help a pharmaceutical company create detailed surveys and assess the data garnered from them.

  • Creation of customized surveys with tools for ad-hic customization.
  • Longitudinal analysis of data received from surveys.
  • Tools for streamlined database management.

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