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Geriatric care management and timely health interventions to improve the quality of life.
Data visualization and exchange to connect providers, patients, and caregivers.
Building an engaging portal promoting the early detection of health risks.
A web-based portal highlighting patients’ life status and health conditions.
Viewing of responses to questionnaire that highlight the patient's overall well-being.
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Our Journey



Understanding the Challenge

Elderly patients often struggle with managing their health ailments, and many of them are dependent on carers. It is essential to keep regular tabs on their health conditions to become aware of risks early on.

This can also make the patients more health-conscious and motivated towards personal healthcare management. 

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It is a family care application designed for senior patients suffering from ailments, such as chronic care diseases, mental health issues, Alzheimer’s, etc. This app also helps families of old patients who do not stay with them but wish to stay updated about their health and life status. It enables loved ones of the elderly to check category-wise progress and life score and provide relevant instructions to the caregivers. 

    Our client in the US approached us wanting to create a portal that allows elderly patients to log in and fill up information that ultimately yields a health status report. They sought clear data visualization and health updates based on various categories, such as physical, mental, family, etc. 

      They wanted to connect the doctor, caregiver, care recipient, and family members of the patient to stay connected for supporting good health and quality of life of the care recipient. They were looking for 



        Analysis to Define the Roadmap

        Our client sought a portal for managing health ailments among the elderly through data visualization. They wanted it to be accessible by doctors, patients, and caregivers.

        Team OSP conducted vigorous analysis and discussed ways to create the ideal platform our client wanted. We began designing a portal through which elderly patients can fill questionnaires evaluating their health and life statuses.

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        OSP brainstormed ideas with team members and developed a portal that allows the elderly to fill the questionnaire on demographics, physical activities, habits, daily lifestyle, and health conditions. A life care report that mentions the quality of life and health status is generated based on the data entered.

          The user can view information on different categories, namely Life Score, Physical Health, Mental Wellness, Family and Friends, and all. This technology allows caregivers to fill up questionnaires on behalf of elderly patients. The main user entities are elderly patients or care recipients, caregivers, doctors, and admin.



            Solution to Deliver on the Promise

            OSP built a dashboard that enables the view of the data of the care recipient along with the life score. The life score is a metric score out of 100 that indicates the health status of the individual.  

            It consists of different categories, including physical health, mental health, family and friends, and eating. Each category has a separate weightage, and the user can track the progress of the categories as a graphical representation. It involves various categories and provides an overall score for each. 

            The care quality portal consists of a section known as the Questionnaire archive that displays the past health assessment forms submitted. A function known as ‘preliminary report’ allows getting detailed assessment based on a specific questionnaire.

            The preliminary report consists of the categories: Physical Health, Mental Wellness, Life Score, Dependency of daily activities, and Conditions. The system generates health suggestions or interventions known as Risks and Conditions for the patient based on the report to enhance the quality of life.  

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            • Personal information :- Personal basic information ; Medical and personal data- information of healthcare providers like doctors, dentists, cardiologists, etc. ; Health insurance information ; Advisors and professionals ; Online Accounts ; Important documents- will document, property documents, testaments ; Upon death ; My Memories and Wishes; My Contacts; Medication; QR code medical emergency details- medication, dosage, and frequency 

            • Admin Dashboard :- The admin can review information of Care recipients, Caregivers, and Healthcare Providers. He/she can view the questionnaires submitted to date, manage and create questions including multiple-choice (ADLS) and single-choice (IADLS) dependent on activities like eating, walking, etc. For each question, a point is allocated, and eventually, that affects the score of the particular category. The admin dashboard is kept secure through the Professional Information Manage Access feature. The user can decide the accessibility of data.


            Result that Delivered the Experience

            Team OSP built a portal that offers doctors to view questionnaire responses in preliminary reports on various categories: Physical Health, Mental Wellness, Family and Friends, Eating and Nutrition, Home and Environment, Activity and Purpose, Nature, and Social Life.

            The preliminary report can be downloaded on the system. The report highlights the overall life score and health status based on the different categories. The super admin can view the list of care recipients, questionnaires submitted, and their caregivers. He/she can view specific data and details as and when required.

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            The care recipient is independent; the caregivers and doctors handle the system on behalf of the care recipient. The personal information tab in the portal consists of a huge databank of the patients that helps caregivers during emergencies.

              All the information entered is managed backend that produces a total score out of 100. The admin can add new questions to the questionnaire. The score decides the intervention needed, and this is specified in the preliminary report.

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