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Unique Requirements

Mental health practices have fairly unique needs and requirements from than the rest of the healthcare industry

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Scattered Solutions

Deployment of medical billing or automation solutions in a scattered fashion that address only a certain section of their requirements.

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Unstructured Data

Scattered and disorganized data proves to be meaningless and a burden on payer organizations, without offering any analytics.

Review and Monitoring

Low Quality Legacy Systems

The existent analytics technology is not able to cope with the huge volumes of data and therefore proves to be useless.

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Low Level Interoperability

Old systems lack the potential to offer interoperability between physicians, clinics, administrative staff and patients for holistic analysis.

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Evolving Regulations

Constantly changing reforms and regulations lay an added burden on healthcare payer organizations, as systems struggle to keep up.

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Holistic Mental Health Billing Services across the Entire Workflow

Mental health medical billing solutions that comprehensively encompass billing, scheduling and practice management


Therapy Scheduling

Mental health billing software solutions offer an automated appointment scheduling feature for therapy practitioners that books the patient appointments in the most optimized fashion and tracks each appointment by type and relevance. It further offers multiple viewing options, appointment reminders and tracking for increased convenience.

Cross-device Access

 This feature allows practitioners on the go, and those who are in the clinic access to view, enter and update data relevant to their patients and work on a standard system that remains consistent as part of the mental health medical billing. The consistency of data offers holistic information across the organization.

Optimized Administrative Tasks

Over and above the mundane tasks of administrative data entry, the mental health billing software solution is capable of efficiently handling complex administrative tasks, such as medical records and billing in compliance with evolving government regulations, reducing the need for physical staff.

Customized Documentation System

The uniqueness of the mental health care discipline, compounded by the different practitioners that are exposed to a single patient requires a documentation system that is customized to this requirement, such as, findings, intervention plans, recommendations, and follow-up sessions for accurate mental health medical billing.

Automated Billing and Claims Management

An automated system that simplifies data entry for mental health billing companies and incorporates every area of requirement to create a bill that is compliant with government regulations. Further, the software flags claims for preventive attention that are likely to be rejected or denied.

Background Assessment and Future Action Prediction

An easy to view format is available for the practitioner, which carries all relevant background assessment, along with suggested actions for the future based on predictions that can benefit the mental health billing company. The predictive analysis feature can avoid potential revenue loss.

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Use Cases

What We Offer?

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Individualized Symptom Templates

High-end medical billing software offers symptom templates that are designed according to the specifics of each practitioner to help merge the convenience of customization and standardization. Through the use of symptom templates, practitioners can evaluate specific details related to each patient, even in areas of expertise that are not their own.

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Integrated Work Flow

An integrated workflow encourages care to be delivered in an integrated fashion, where all areas of administrative, clinical practice and billing are inter-related and inter-dependent. This creates a system where the overall functioning is more optimized, including automated registry reporting that meets regulatory requirements and commercial quality standards with superior charting capabilities.

Review and Monitoring


Electronic prescribing is a certified system, wherein physicians can execute prescriptions electronically on a common software that is accessible on computers and other devices. This solution lessens the number of prescription errors considerably, speeds up reconciliation, and allows for easier monitoring of allergies, drug interactions and duplicate prescriptions. Billing information is holistically stored on this electronic handle for easy access.

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