Mental health management is a challenging task. Agile mental health management solutions offer several benefits and improvements, which justify its cost and make it a worthwhile investment. During a healthcare crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us many lessons. The healthcare sector has struggled to accommodate innovative means around social distancing as the new normal. Papa is one such solution for older adults and families. Consider it a form of company or neighborhood club, a way to combat loneliness. Frequently, older adults find themselves in situations that induce loneliness, with the absence of assistance running errands. It’s where Papa steps in. A form of family support and help that goes beyond older adults to families with children who need care or companionship.  

The Challenge:  

Loneliness is a universal phenomenon that some would now even classify as a disease. Populations struggle through social determinants, such as food insecurity, loneliness, isolation, etc. These are the general precursors to negatively impacted health. In a society where families seem to be shrinking in size and where people are living more individually, loneliness is fast turning into an epidemic. It was grossly magnified during the COVID pandemic. Identifying early symptoms, such as food insecurity, also allows the identification of risk factors related to it. A food-insecure individual will likely end up in the hospital with a claim, and the challenge has always been finding a way to nip it in the bud. They were proactively addressing these challenges before they turned into a health issue.  

The Solution:  

As a company, Papa provides pals to assist older adults and families in varied areas through service. It can include companionship to combat loneliness, assistance with chores that may seem complicated, transportation to multiple locations, etc. These pals could be college, nursing, and pre-med students. The ideal candidates would be individuals prepping to enter the medical field.  

However, due to the general nature of the job, anyone who is professional, honest, and trustworthy can get the job done. The only requirement is someone who can spend time with another individual and enjoy it. Someone who would be happy to make money by helping others.  

There is also the added advantage of proactive healthcare through regular doctor visits, monitored support in that area, and the assurance of the assignment of a primary care physician. Normal nutrition and medication are consistently provided and monitored, and the technology manages the claims data to monitor cost reduction. As a result of COVID-19, mental health practice software is gaining an increasing amount of attention. Mental health app developments come in many forms, such as telehealth software. These solutions are loaded with advantages for healthcare providers and patients alike. Within this domain, mental health software solutions continue to be the preferred choice of development with mental health practices. Considering the unique requirements and challenges of the mental health sector, mental health records solutions are specifically geared to address the specific needs. An average 80-year-old is highly unlikely to be able to navigate through remote patient monitoring software. Pals are the enablers that assist the individual and drive value in ROI.  

The Process:  

Papa provides pals that are paid for by health plans of Medicare Advantage members. The government pays most of Papa’s customers to care for an older adult or family. Most of these nonclinical caregiving techniques can be executed by ‘pals.’ Customers can sign up through annual enrollment between October and December.  

This strategy will also encourage people to sign up for the health/ help plan due to the apparent ROI involved with a high amount of nuance. The process works in tandem with the technology designed to identify individuals with a need for pals and ensure that the companion reaches the individual’s home. Papa works toward increasing membership and retention, which gradually translates to reduced costs. It partners with health plan telehealth and remote patient monitoring offerings, and with apps like Uber Health, to create enablers pals.  

As we move along the evolved culture of patient-centric caregiving in the healthcare sector, the patient has never been as empowered as now. As essential to providing care is the value of being seen as a well-informed patient who accepts and works toward their welfare and quality of life. When patients are misinformed or lack information, their choices, and decisions can go against physician advice and cause a deterioration in health. The more well-versed the patient is, the higher the patient’s control is, the more likely the patient will manifest willing lifestyle changes and comply with physician advice. This process of empowering the patient through structured, customized, and organized information sharing is another advantage that Pals provides.  

Providing patients with information about their disease ensures that they comprehend the physician’s instructions and the need for any lifestyle changes. As with chemotherapy, lifestyle choices and post-treatment behavior are as important as chemotherapy itself. An educated patient is more likely to make the required shifts. It can further prepare the patient for what to expect and reduce resistance and anxiety. Finally, compliance with medication management requirements has never been easier than when a patient gets assistance to take their health into their own hands.  


The advantages of patient education assistance are also manifold for the healthcare organization. Clinical outcomes increase in quality, emergency care is reduced, and overall health costs are reduced. Increased patient satisfaction drives a higher volume of patients to the related provider and decreases liability. Health literacy is a goal that should swiftly become a priority in the healthcare sector. Explore more exciting topics and listen to insightful podcasts related to healthcare only on CareTalk.  

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