Telehealth The New Normal

August 20, 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic has made a 20-year healthcare goal a necessity. As existing practice paradigms crumbled and proved inadequate to meet the rapidly growing demands of quality care, providers needed a quick, dynamic, and practical alternative.

Telehealth answered this challenge, and today, many primary care visits happen remotely and virtually. Healthcare providers and patients were initially reluctant and critical about utilizing telehealth solutions. Many still doubt if the quality of these virtual interactions will be in line with a face-to-face consultation. Will it stick? Will it simplify the healthcare process for patients? Will it cut costs? Join our webinar to find out as Jamey Edwards, a HIMSS digital influencer and CEO of Cloudbreak Health talks about the role telehealth will play in the new normal.  

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Telehealth is the New Normal

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