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Telehealth Software Solutions

“Telemedicine is the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve a patient’s clinical health status” – American Telemedicine Association. Even today, modern healthcare systems are struggling to achieve sufficient access to healthcare, prompt medical services, and cost-efficiency. To cater to these more significant challenges, viable strategies, and advanced telemedicine technology solutions prove highly efficient. OSP’ custom telehealth software solutions work as an essential component to address extending accessibility to medical experts & drugs, improving medical care quality, and lowering the cost of healthcare. Our interoperable and cloud-based telehealth software systems allow the remote monitoring of patient vital signs, symptoms, and general well-being of patients using the latest mobile (mhealth solutions) and internet technologies. With next-gen telemedicine technologies, we can overcome geographic barriers to health care, fragmentation of care due to gaps in time between appointments, and lack of available providers. Our range of clinically driven and integrated telemedicine software systems & applications are designed to help patients to monitor and manage their health proactively with timely, efficient, and personalized care.


The common bottlenecks which might slow down your business growth

Data Visualization

UI/UX implementation

Inability to preserve style and consistency to provide great user-experience to every user.

Inaccurate Coding

Backend integration

Inability to mediate seamless data exchange between patients’ and doctors’ apps.

Unprecedented Workload

Regulatory Compliance

Inability to maintain HIPAA compliance required to protect patient's sensitive clinical data.

Higher Workforce Requirement

Manual Workflow

Manual and time-consuming process workflow affecting the speed and efficiency of the app.

Weak Data Management

Data Security

Inability to encrypt the patient's sensitive medical data for limited and right access.

Stock Data Management

Medical Data Management

Weak data management strategies exposing the patient's clinical data to unauthorized access.

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Integrated and Advanced Telehealth Solutions Process

A cloud-based and scalable telehealth software to enhance the efficiency of remote patient monitoring.

Advanced Telehealth Solutions

Workflow Integration

Bringing the efficiency to the medical provider’s practice, avoiding time-consuming manual processes can be made possible with automated process workflow. At OSP, we offer a customized telehealth platform, including telemedicine, appointment reminders, patient scheduling, and digital patient intake forms to take current workflows and processes to the Web. Our tailored telehealth solutions are focused on increasing the patient volume, close care gaps, and automate your workflow while enabling you to grow revenue, decrease overhead, and save time.

Our telemedicine software solutions use a comprehensive database of clinical codes and analytic tools to capture, organize, and present diagnosis and triage decisions for patients and medical professionals – from the presenting initial complaint to the final diagnosis. Though our solutions, we try to simplify the transmission of digital images, as in radiology or dermatology for a diagnosis. This reduces the need for the provider to meet with the patient in person while optimizing the current workflow for better efficiency and better patient outcomes.

Reimbursement Rules Engine

Reimbursement for a telehealth-based treatment can be a tricky and complicated topic. A telehealth software solution that allows the providers to connect with their patients while streamlined reimbursement module for secure payment systems. The private payer reimbursement against real-time telehealth video conferencing is mandatory with all state’s parity laws.

OSP an integrate an advanced medical billing system in a telehealth software system to help providers to generate instant e-bills with automated coding based on ICD-10. Customized medical billing systems can easily handle patient payments and co-payments. You can drive revenue with ease. The collections worklists and denial tracking tools take the hassle out of managing account receivables so you can collect more, faster.

Real-time Communication

The efficiency of telemedicine software is defined by the quality offerings of its real-time communication and messaging system. Real-time communication occurs when the patient and provider are miles away from each other and connected by a webcam and a telephone or computer audio to conduct a clinical visit. Telehealth software proves beneficial to patient and provider alike to save time, money, and energy on time-time to time follow up visits.

OSP has proved great possibilities by building customized telehealth software systems that use a selection of devices to monitor the health and clinical signs of a patient remotely. Our telehealth technology strives to advance the level of communication between a provider and patient by permitting two-way, real-time, and highly interactive communication at the remote site. We can customize the telehealth solutions to have the bio surveillance capabilities that enable the instant and highly personalized medical access to the patients who cannot visit the medical facilities such as old patients and patients suffering from severe health ailments.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring means the process of ongoing clinical observation of the patient by the provider, that allows for more timely and effective management of chronic medical conditions. A telemedicine software can prove to be an excellent tool for remote patient monitoring with advanced analytics capabilities. Being among the renowned telehealth software companies, OSP can cater to the unique healthcare needs with the RPM system.

To decrease health care costs and increased patient satisfaction, our telehealth software systems can play an instrumental role. Our system can collect a wide range of data from patients through different methods. Data that can be monitored and transmitted include weight, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, blood glucose, and other clinical information. The real-time monitoring of the patient’s physiological data, advanced analysis & inferences, identifying the trends that signal a change in the status and notifying the providers with timely alerts are the best features offered by our custom-made and integrated telehealth solutions.

Analytics and Reporting

Managing the vast amount of medical data obtained by telehealth software is one of the significant challenges for telehealth software companies. A big data-based smart analytics and reporting system is the need of the hour for any modern telehealth software system. OSP can customize telemedicine software that can help healthcare organizations to analyze an immense volume, variety, and velocity of patient’s medical data for actionable insights.

We create made-to-order telehealth systems with predictive analytics, and easy-to-handle reporting can help identify high-risk patients to intervene early, make proactive decisions, and provide the right treatment to avoid unnecessary readmissions. With intelligent predictive analysis targeted to each patient, a provider can develop a prediction model from the past history of patients so that a new patient can get a predictive alert to prevent future risk. We tailor telehealth software with next-gen predictive analytics that can quickly examine historical or summarized medical data, detect patterns of relationships in these data, and then extrapolate these relationships to predict potential outcomes.

E-prescription Facility

E-prescribing is a technology framework that allows healthcare providers to write and send prescriptions to a participating pharmacy electronically avoiding the handwritten or faxed notes or calling in prescriptions. The hospitals using digital telehealth solutions perform diagnostic services to patients over the Internet, with treatment advice and medical prescriptions.

OSP has experience in building customized telehealth software systems that includes e-prescription facilities offering substantial benefits for patient’s safety and physicians’ workflow. e-Prescribing eliminates handwriting errors/illegibility and gives both physician and pharmacist access to a patient’s prescription history. It Speeds up the medication reconciliation process and provides instant notification of allergies, drug interactions, duplicate therapies, and other clinical alerts. Monitoring controlled substance abuse (Opioids), reducing the risk of readmissions, improving medication adherence, and bringing efficiency in insurance verification can be achieved with OSP’ advanced telehealth solutions integrated with e-prescribing module.

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Use Cases

Text Detection

EHR Integration

EHR/EMR software solutions are designed to increase the functionality and connectivity of your medical practice’s EHR software using integrated mhealth applications. OSP can deliver customized telehealth systems that are smartly integrated with EHR system to keep your medical practice running smoothly. This interoperability provides faster and highly accurate diagnoses, improved efficiency in care coordination, quicker treatment, and more. Our EHR-integrated telehealth care solutions can increase patient participation, better care coordination, and efficient diagnosis.

Sentiment Analysis

HIPAA Compliance

Our custom-made telehealth software for providers uses encrypted point-to-point connections, and a BAA is covered with signup. A 100% HIPAA compliant telehealth software to maintain the critical medical data security with the highly advanced and fully encrypted platform is guaranteed. Our global telehealth solutions are tailored to ensure your practice remains HIPAA compliant with secure messaging platforms. Attaching diagnostic images to messages, performing risk management analyses, and meeting the requirements of Meaningful Use Stage 2 is made possible.

Facial Detection

Medical Scheduling

OSP can customize best telehealth software to include advanced medical scheduling system. This system can eliminate the challenge of scheduling telehealth visits to your clinic by integrating with your EHR and patient management systems. We program best-in-class telehealth solutions that can track patients from arrival to departure and get real-time updates on co-pays and cancellations. Intuitive interface, real-time alerts, and mobile-friendly telehealth services can bring efficiency to the follow-up management.


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