Integration of RPM Technologies with Telehealth Systems

Telehealth involves using digital and telecommunication technologies to remotely access or dispense healthcare services. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) uses dedicated technologies to monitor patients outside conventional clinical settings. Telehealth solutions integrated with RPM systems help physicians gather real-time medical data on patients and offer remote care services. Physicians can view information like blood pressure, glucose levels, and heart rate remotely and provide a virtual consultation accordingly. Telehealth integration for RPM will improve access to care for several patients.

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Remote Patient Monitoring Integration With Telemedicine

This is one of the biggest benefits of using custom healthcare solutions for telehealth. The ability to talk to a physician using a smartphone or a computer and an internet connection offers enormous convenience to patients. Additionally, an RPM integration would send data on health vitals to the doctor in real-time, enabling them to view them and make effective diagnoses. Having the most recent patient data during a virtual consultation makes things easier for the doctor and the patient.  OSP can merge remote patient monitoring systems with telehealth solutions to enable hospitals and small practices to serve their patients better. 

OSP can design and develop tailored APIs to facilitate telehealth integration for RPM. We consider the varying data formats and programming used by companies developing the platforms to build suitable APIs. Our solutions ensure that patient’s medical data garnered from healthcare provider solutions for RPM are secure when used by telemedicine solutions. Our solutions will facilitate seamless electronic data exchange without compromising the security or integrity of patients’ vitals. OSP goes the extra mile to ensure HIPAA compliance when merging the two software platforms. We conduct rigorous testing to secure the data, as that directly determines the clinical outcomes for patients.

Healthcare software is a large industry with numerous companies building cutting-edge solutions. As a result, the information standards, programming languages, and other aspects will differ significantly for all those software platforms. Regarding RPM and telemedicine solutions, we take the time to learn about the platforms and build suitable APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to bridge the two.   

OSP has spent the better part of a decade building medical solutions for numerous organizations. Our teams will assess the technical requirements for telehealth integration with remote patient monitoring software. Subsequently, we will develop a bespoke interface to enable the two solutions to exchange data and streamline operations.

One of the most important aspects of telehealth is the ability of patients to have virtual consultations with their doctors. But a telehealth integration for remote patient monitoring solutions will also enable physicians to view patients’ health data while on a consultation. OSP’s integration services will ensure uninterrupted video streaming, ensuring complete patient satisfaction. Doctors can pull up a patient’s vitals without compromising the live video feed, resulting in a better overall doctor-patient encounter. OSP has cultivated an in-depth insight and experience into emerging health technology solutions and has the necessary expertise to bridge two distinct medical applications.  

OSP will not only integrate individual stand-alone telehealth systems with RPM platforms but also incorporate RPM software into integrated healthcare systems. In other words, we will engender seamless healthcare interoperability among larger health systems having telehealth solutions with RPM software. This will not only help doctors view the data gathered from RPM devices but also view patients’ entire medical histories on a single interface during virtual consultations.  

Accessing electronic health records during any type of consultation, virtual or physical, is integral to the quality of medical care. OSP can develop appropriate APIs to incorporate required solutions into broader health platforms.  


Seniors living at assisted living facilities and retirement communities often face challenges with transportation and access to medical care. But a telehealth integration for RPM makes it easy to collect their health data, transmit it to doctors, and have remote consultations. This eliminates many barriers seniors face in accessing the care they need due to a lack of transportation.

Many people living in rural and remote locations often struggle with accessing specialist care. They are forced to travel far to get a consultation from a specialist. However, a telehealth integration for RPM enables them to use devices like glucometers, smart watches, and heart rate sensors, among others, and share the data with a specialist at a remote location. Subsequently, they can receive the needed care without having to travel much.

The ability to gather medical data, share it with experts, and have a virtual consultation can improve the quality of home care significantly. The integration of RPM technologies with telehealth platforms enables people to receive care at home without too much reliance on caregivers. This is an important solution to address the increasing shortage of homecare givers.

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