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The common bottlenecks which might slow down your business growth

Complex Procedure

Complex Procedures

The complex nature of medical billing and coding makes it a constant target of errors and sometimes, these can result in a considerably high loss.

Higher Workforce Requirement

Higher Workforce Requirement

Medical billing employees and coders are spending more and more time executing menial tasks that could be undertaken swiftly and efficiently by automated systems of AI technologies.

Unprecedented Workload

Unprecedented Workload

Considering the current growth of this aspect of healthcare and its expected rise in the U.S., a robust system is the need of the hour.

Tedious Rectification Systems

The rectification of inaccurate billing, when done manually, is a lengthy and complex procedure that can incur further costs.

High Cost Implications

Errors in medical billing and coding, which are quite common, are costly and affect the organizations revenue significantly.

Inaccurate Coding

Inaccurate Coding

Highly error-prone medical coding increasing the claims rejections and denials multifold.

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AI Medical Billing Solutions for Accurate and Simplified Billing

Applying AI in Medical Billing to reduce overall costs and increase efficiency across the industry


Custom Billing Modules

Electronic AI in medical billing uses automated systems that are free of errors, commonly made by human entries. The technology usage is consistent in its data entry features and in its analysis of the very same data. The customized modules ensure reduction of manual tasks that are executed faster and more efficiently by automated systems.

Advanced Reporting

Our AI billing solutions utilize machine learning to create insights that evaluate the trends in billing, the vulnerabilities, areas of improvement and untapped opportunities for financial growth.  Through our advanced reporting system, the medical organization gains holistic view of data and applicable analytics of their practice and billing scenario for more efficient execution.

Billing CRM Management

To enable tracking and execution of billing requirements, our AI billing solutions of CRM management eradicates challenges in the system through swift identification. It further establishes a smooth workflow in the medical business process, automating the process of timely invoice generation. Billing operations are simplified and an overall automated system is established.

Payment Processing

With the adoption of our automated AI billing software solutions, tedious medical billing processes are no longer a hassle for medical billing employees. Manual tasks are swiftly automated with provisions for changes and edits. Physical process, such as, manually matching payments to charges and other complex systems are eradicated through easy-to-use and swift payment processing systems.

Claim Review System

An advanced AI billing software solution that automates claims review and reduces procedural complexities. An end-to-end solution that takes the claims process through its entire lifecycle, without the need for manual data entries, thereby increasing the speed of processed claims. The predictive analytics technology can review claims and highlight the ones that are prone to rejection.

Clinical Documentation

The process of detailing medical treatment, trials or clinical tests can now be digitized and automatically analogue and recorded through our medical billing solutions. Advanced analytics have superseded manual entries in accuracy, timeliness and relevancy to specific patients. We have incorporated provisions for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRIs) scans, X-rays, Electrocardiograms (ECGs) and monitoring records.

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Computer Assisted Coding

We offer the most advanced technology that is poised to streamline the medical billing and coding industry, the Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) technology for AI in billing. This technology enables machine Learning and natural language processing to extract relevant data and insert it into the specific fields of billing in an automated fashion. The intelligent analysis of physical documents that allows recognition of relevant code and their application is the distinct advantage of this technology.

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Data Anomaly Detection

Medical billers and coders can heave a sigh of relief to the constant hassle of denied or rejected claims through the adoption of our data anomaly detection feature for AI in billing. This superior solution detects anomalies based on historically fed information of denied and rejected claims and brings them to the attention of coders and billers through an alert system. The number of denied and rejected codes is substantially reduced through this preventive method.

custom healthcare software development | custom healthcare solutions

AI-based Workflow Optimization

Our AI billing solutions are designed to target the entire workflow of the medical billing process for holistic optimization and thereby increase overall revenue. Ranging from identifying and targeting vulnerable areas in the billing system, to a considerable reduction in tedious tasks through automated features, the AI billing technology optimizes the complete lifecycle of medical billing and coding.

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