Consultation for Implementing Epic Healthcare Software

Epic systems have a dominant position in the medical software industry. The company’s EHR is a perfect fit for hospitals looking to streamline the workflows around managing patients’ health data. Integrating Epic medical solutions within existing hospital information systems can be challenging, given the varying data standards and programming languages used. This is where OSP can assist hospitals and clinics with its Epic consulting services for integration. We develop tailored APIs to ensure seamless connectivity and secure electronic data exchange.  

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Leading Healthcare Epic Consulting Services

The medical data on patients needs to be stored and managed efficiently. OSP can streamline and optimize the workflows around the collection, organization, indexing, formatting, and storing of this data through our Epic healthcare consulting and integration services. We assess your existing systems and develop customized APIs to integrate Epic healthcare records software into them. Doing so will not only ease the collection and storage of patient data but will also ensure HIPAA compliance in handling it.   

An electronic health records software integrated seamlessly with a hospital’s existing information systems accelerates the process of data management. In other words, the hospital will no longer need to invest time or resources manually in entering patients’ medical data in the EHR. OSP’s integration services will ensure that the data is stored appropriately in the Epic EHR platform. 

Transferring data from legacy systems to modern ones is extremely important. Doing so provides better data security and integrity and paves the way for adopting emerging technologies. OSP brings more than a decade of experience in the medical software industry with an emphasis on integrated healthcare solutions. Our Epic consulting services will facilitate a highly secure migration of data that maintains its integrity and format. This will ensure the usability of the data without hindrance to clinical activities or patient care.  

OSP’s migration services from legacy platforms to Epic health software systems will not compromise patient care.

OSP’s project managers bring years of insight and experience working on large-scale implementations. We offer end-to-end consultation services and technical solutions for hospitals to go live with Epic systems and begin operations in full swing. OSP will undertake the integration as well as the operational launch of Epic healthcare IT systems for hospitals through custom API development for integration.  

Our teams will test all modules and a final test of the entire integrated system to ensure that everything functions as intended. This will allow all the relevant staff to begin clinical and administrative operations to serve their stakeholders without hassle.  

Medical software like telehealth solutions, pharmacy management, and appointment management systems improve the overall patient experience. OSP can integrate these solutions and more with existing Epic healthcare solutions at hospitals. We develop customized APIs (Application programming interfaces) to facilitate the incorporation of newer medical software into existing information management systems at hospitals. This enables the organizations to expand the portfolio of their services and serve their patients better.  

OSP has garnered vast experience in engendering healthcare interoperability, and our Epic consulting services and solutions help organizations with the same. We take the time needed to understand the requirements of medical organizations and the platforms to be integrated. This enables our technical consultants to formulate effective strategies for integration.

OSP will provide continuous support for all manner of technical problems associated with the interoperability of Epic medical solutions. The support is both online as well as on-site, with seasoned experts ensuring business continuity. OSP is well-versed with the company’s software and, having spent a decade with health technologies, will resolve any glitches to enable hospitals to serve their stakeholders effectively.  

We are available round-the-clock to cater to the needs of our clients and will offer periodic updates to ensure compliance. Whether it has something to do with integration, implementation, scaling, or data migration, our Epic consultants will address it.  


This is perhaps the biggest advantage of OSP’s healthcare technology services. Having been an industry leader for Epic consulting and systems implementation, we will help hospitals leverage cutting-edge technologies to develop their platforms. Incorporating those not only boosts the operational efficiency of hospitals but will also enable them to adopt newer technologies and stay relevant in an ever-evolving landscape. This will eventually mean that the hospitals can serve their patients better.

Whether it is a hospital or an ambulatory care center, an organization’s requirements and services might be scaled up or down depending on the circumstances. When it comes to scaling up, integrating electronic health records with existing systems gives organizations the technical edge needed to expand their services. This will incur the need to incorporate newer applications, which our Epic consulting experts can accomplish.

OSP’s Epic consulting services specialize in integrating an EHR system into a hospital’s existing medical platform to streamline both clinical as well as administrative activities. It will enable these organizations to store and manage sensitive patient data effectively with reduced overhead and increased security. As a result, the hospital can devote more time to patient care and other activities without having to worry about the quality and integrity of medical data.

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 Epic EHR Implementation Consulting Services


Consultation for Implementing Epic Healthcare Software Systems

  • EHR implementation services through the design of necessary APIs
  • Migration of data from legacy systems to the latest Epic healthcare platforms
  • Services to enable organizations to launch their Epic software and go live
  • Integration of third-party applications with Epic medical solutions
  • Healthcare Epic consultation services to gauge organizational requirements

Technology Consultation for Epic Healthcare IT Solutions 

  • Consultation for integration of Epic EHR software at healthcare organizations
  • Professional advice for implementing Epic RCM solutions to optimize revenue cycles
  • Technical and operational support for Epic healthcare solutions
  • Integration of Epic medical software into hospital information systems
  • Epic healthcare technology consultation for clinics, practices, and all medical organizations

Market Leading Epic Consultants for Healthcare Software 

  • Technology consultation for Epic systems at primary and specialty care facilities
  • Implementation of health management systems for continuing care 
  • Implementation and testing of Epic medical solutions for acute care facilities
  • Integration of data implementation platform for better reporting
  • Epic optimization for efficient day-to-day operations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Epic consulting is when a company or an individual specializing in Epic technology provides software solutions for the healthcare industry. In other words, such entities are consultants for healthcare software developed by Epic systems. They enable hospitals, clinics, and practices to implement and operate Epic healthcare IT solutions.

Epic consulting services are companies or service providers that specialize in Epic technology. They enable healthcare organizations to implement and use software developed by Epic Systems.

Epic consulting provides software solutions and technical expertise for healthcare organizations looking to implement Epic medical solutions. Epic Systems is a leading company that makes healthcare software; relevant consultants help medical organizations obtain and implement this software.  

Epic Systems is one of the world’s leading software developers for the healthcare industry. The company produces software for hospitals, clinics, and medical practices.

Optimization of Systems  

Epic consulting companies can help hospitals operate their integrated systems seamlessly. This service enables medical organizations of all sizes to adopt and implement Epic healthcare systems into their workflows for greater operational efficiency and improved performance.  

Expert Advice  

Administrators at hospitals or providers at clinics and practices might face difficulty deciding which healthcare software suits their needs. This is where Epic consulting firms can offer advice and empower the decision-makers to choose the best option for their necessities.  

Technology Adoption  

This is one of the biggest benefits of availing Epic healthcare consulting services. Companies that offer it help medical organizations to adopt newer technology solutions for their workflows. This enables those organizations to serve their stakeholders to the best of their capabilities.     

What is Epic EHR software?  

Epic Software is software made by a company named Epic Systems. It is a leading healthcare software developer for hospitals, clinics, and private practices.

Adherence to Standards  

Epic software at healthcare organizations brings operational coherence by forcing all staff to follow guidelines and adhere to standards. This eventually results in better governance and everyday administration, especially at large hospitals. It’s one of the main reasons that larger organizations prefer Epic’s software.   

Uniform Updates and Scalability  

Providers at hospitals and clinics can work better if the software systems remain up-to-date and sometimes even incorporate newer solutions. Epic healthcare IT solutions offer periodic updates and are compatible with integration with newer third-party solutions. This will streamline the management of activities in the care continuum.  


The Healthcare Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act outlines the Meaningful Use standard. It is to ensure compliance in the usage of health records. Epic software makes it easier for providers at medical organizations to comply with this standard since it is built into the functionalities. These are some reasons that Epic Systems have captured a large portion of the healthcare software market.

Healthcare consulting services offer medical organizations professional advice on innovations, emerging technologies, and the latest software and devices. This helps hospitals and clinics decide what systems to invest in and their subsequent implementation. In other words, healthcare consulting services enable hospitals to incorporate the necessary software and technologies into their operations.

Epic Systems is one of the largest providers of healthcare information technology products and solutions. Large hospitals mainly use Epic to store, access, manage, and share patients’ medical records.

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