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The client is a senior care platform and medical imaging device manufacturer that offers scanners to various healthcare organizations to scan the right heel, left heel, and sacrum regions. The client wanted to integrate EHR with the medical imaging device. The client and subscriber organizations manually transferred the medical imaging data to the EHR. To make this process automated, the client required a custom script and API-based app that would automatically upload the scanner readings from the client gateway to the EHR; and notify the client gateway.   

About client


About client

Manual process

About client


About client

Prone to inaccuracies

About client

Less secured

About client

Readings not vital data


Customized App

OSP developed a customized app that will help the client to share the scanner readings to the EHR seamlessly. We created this app to list the subscriber healthcare companies with a unique configuration file that will include details such as medical practice, its branches, MRN, patient names, primary information, and patient IDs. This will help find the specific patient IDs and their medical imaging data. 

Custom Script and API

OSP created a custom script that will accept the scanner data from the client gateway. OSP also built an API that will enable the client gateway to begin the push request to send the medical imaging data through our developed custom script.   


OSP ensured that the medical imaging data was transferred securely, so we developed 2-legged authentication. Once the data is sent to the custom script, it is rebuilt and reformed for further verification. The data is verified by processing it towards the patient ID or MRN.   


OSP ensured that this whole process was automated. Once the medical imaging data reaches the client gateway through automation, it gets verified and authenticated. Also, we automated the process of extracting the patient IDs from MRN when healthcare organizations only provide MRN. OSP leveraged automation technology not only to send the medical imaging data from the client gateway to the EHR but also to send the client gateway a reminder about the same.   

About client



Faster data sharing


Secured data


Consumes less time


Accuracies in data


Efficient processing


More focus on care

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