Healthcare Interoperability Solutions

Healthcare Interoperability Software Solutions

Business Challenges

The digitization of healthcare industry has fundamentally transformed the healthcare management and provisional capabilities of healthcare providers. But the information systems used within diverse healthcare organizations are developed independently with diverse concepts, strategies, tools, and processes. This gave birth to a vast number of heterogeneous and distributed proprietary models for representing and recording patients’ data. Consequently, the seamless, efficient and meaningful exchange of patients’ data using efficient healthcare interoperability solutions is still an unreached goal. To overcome the complexity of healthcare domain, OSP Labs offers state-of-the-art healthcare interoperability software engineering services that allow data sharing and re-uses among disparate healthcare applications and devices, reduction of healthcare expenses and the enhancement in the quality of care. OSP Labs transforms complex healthcare data to make it universally read, understood and readily accessed with EHR interoperability and EMR interoperability solutions.

Solution Design & Development

OSP Labs’ healthcare interoperability software solutions grant the seamless exchange of health-related data amongst healthcare companies and patients for clinical decision making to offer proprietary control over health information.

  • Our healthcare interoperability solutions are developed to provide a technical advantage to the companies in healthcare domain with the ability to share and manage information between devices and information systems within and across organizational boundaries.
  • We help you improve the continuity, quality, and reliability of healthcare with the existence of shareable data that can interface universally with other systems. As a healthcare software solutions firm, we help companies in healthcare domain to function from a consistent and centralized body of patient information by offering effective interoperability in healthcare information systems.
  • With our stand-alone medical device interoperability solutions, we tend to create common standards and a common language for communication. Our healthcare data interoperability solutions enables companies in healthcare domain to take prompt & accurate decisions and boost the potential for interoperability among diverse systems both internally and externally.
Values Delivered
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Data Accessibility
Access data securely from any source via standards-based methods required by state agencies by integrating into standards such as HL7, CDA, and FHIR, as well as X12 formats.
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Digital Assets Connectivity
Seamlessly integrate EHR data and back-office/legacy solutions to render a truly digital experience for patients, users, and partners.
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Communication Management Efficiency
Manage coherent communications efficiently through daily stand-ups and fortnightly demos, and spend most of your time defining your vision.
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Continuum Care Support
Ensure healthcare procedures aligned with documented patient requirements and aggregate rich clinical data from multiple sources to enhance treatment decisions.
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Regulatory Compliance
Stay in compliance with government policy requirements - including HIPAA and government health agencies, such as NAACCR, CDC, etc.

What Makes OSP Lab's Interoperability Solution Best for Your Need?

We build bespoke healthcare interoperability solutions to eliminate operational barriers for the sake of the free flow of accurate, reliable and timely data between proprietary vendors and organizations in healthcare domain.

Easy access to the detailed and complete records of patients across heterogeneous systems to manage the safe and efficient delivery of healthcare services.
Hassle-free comprehension of medical terms to easily analyze data from all collaborating systems for diagnosis and decision making.
Ensure the formatting and standardization of health-related data to allow disparate computer systems to understand both the structure and content of the exchanged data.
Efficient sharing and communication of patient's medical data among various stakeholders in the healthcare network to reduce healthcare cost.
Seamlessly integrate health-related records with other healthcare vendors, organizations, providers and national level government organizations.
Enhanced support from multiple physicians and healthcare providers to the patients suffering from chronic diseases in order to get prompt and comprehensive healthcare services.
Simplify the data sharing process and boost data compatibility in complex healthcare domain involving extensive parameters.
Bridge the gap in between independent healthcare systems by bringing uniformity through the standardization in basic means of communication.

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