Cost Containment

A healthcare cost containment solution is a digital platform enabling medical organizations to lower operating costs. The cost containment process in healthcare consists of several strategies to identify the processes that incur the highest costs and highlight ways of reducing them without compromising the quality of care. Healthcare spending in the United States topped $4 trillion, bigger than the economies of all but three countries. In light of this, medical cost management solutions have been gaining momentum among all the stakeholders involved.    

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Cost Containment in Healthcare

Whether it’s a smaller ambulatory clinic or a large hospital, some operations will drive the cost upwards. These might include both clinical and administrative processes involved in care. Using a medical cost management platform helps organizations in healthcare to identify which parts of everyday operations are responsible for high costs of care.  

This insight provides the first step necessary for containing the growing costs. Subsequently, provider organizations can examine the reasons for the high costs and try to address the problems. OSP can develop cost-containment solutions to enable hospitals to know the workflows that garner high costs before solutions can be conceived.   

Reimbursement by payers for healthcare services forms the biggest part of revenues for providers. However, not all claims are approved. The ongoing reimbursement model encourages providers to offer as many services as possible, sometimes even redundant ones. This routinely drives the costs upwards. But there has been a growing push for a more value-based approach to reimbursements which focuses on the medical outcomes instead of the number of medical services.  

Solutions for cost management in healthcare are increasingly being adopted to incentivize value-based care. These platforms help assess the existing reimbursement strategies and deliver insights to the relevant stakeholders for a shift towards a value-based approach to reimbursement.   

Assessing claims forms a major part of the operations at payer organizations. Claims contain coded information about the medical services provided to patients. But not all claims might warrant approval. OSP can build platforms for medical cost management that include modules for auditing claims to determine if the amount specified is valid.  

Auditing past and present claims reveals payers’ insights to find patterns in their reimbursement policies and address overpayment issues. Implementing this process goes a long way in helping payers adapt their reimbursements to enable medical cost containment.   

Healthcare cost solutions leverage data analytics to assess the information generated from operations and claims. The process of reviews is accelerated significantly through automated data analysis. It reveals patterns in claims and other workflows responsible for driving up care costs. This insight generated from using health cost solutions enables providers and payers to pinpoint the reasons for the high costs involved in the care and address them.   

Automation functionality minimizes the need for human intervention and any chances of errors. As a result, a large quantity of data generated from innumerable claims can be processed within a short period for accurate insights.  

Knowing the estimated costs of care enables payers to identify if certain claims contain unnecessary costs for services that might be deemed redundant or excessive. OSP can design and build software solutions for healthcare cost containment that process historical information from previous claims and can accurately predict how much it might cost for members to have certain medical procedures or treatments done.  

Cost overruns for medical services are a major problem that plagues the healthcare industry, and using cost management solutions provides a first step toward addressing this problem. Knowing how much care services are likely to cost in advance will go a long way in containing costs.  

Adjudicating claims is one of the payers’ most important and resource-intensive parts of everyday operations. OSP has the experience and know-how to develop customized healthcare cost solutions to streamline the entire process of claim management. Automating a large part of the workflow against established baselines of acceptable and projected costs, anomalous claims that deviate from these parameters can be flagged for review.  

This process not only boosts the efficiency and productivity of payer operations but also optimizes cost management by preventing overruns. In other words, using such cost-containment healthcare software benefits all stakeholders since they help establish standards of claim management.   


The biggest and most obvious benefit of using health cost solutions is that they lower the costs involved in providing care. Needless to point out, this goes on to benefit the providers, patients as well as payers. OSP can design a solution centered around existing provider workflows to identify the areas that drive up the costs and enable administrators to address the causes. Such an approach helps reduce operating expenses for providers.

Healthcare organizations often have entire or parts of workflows that struggle with inefficiencies. These activities often incur high costs that end up driving up the overall costs involved in healthcare services. But OSP can build healthcare cost containment solutions that assess operational data and point out inefficient processes. This enables administrators to implement measures for addressing the problems' causes and better serve patients.

The management of clinical and financial workflows is an integral part of operations at healthcare organizations. But managing the growing cost invariably involves oversight over both clinical and financial aspects of healthcare. OSP can develop solutions for medical cost management that enable administrators to integrate processes from the two key departments to reduce operating overhead. This also has the added benefit of streamlining day-to-day governance.

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