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Cost Containment Software Solutions

Business Challenges

The traditional reimbursement models in healthcare are facing paramount transformation to mutually beneficial healthcare cost management solutions. OSP Labs is at the forefront of providing cost containment solutions to the healthcare payers that play a vital role in reducing the overutilization, identifying the areas to minimize the healthcare spending and enhancing the transparency. Our cost containment software solutions empower the payer organizations with robust knowledge management and utilization of leading medicare benchmarking tools. By auditing medical accounts, PPO network administration, and PPO repricing, our healthcare cost management solutions automate and improve the claim cycle and transparency.

Solution Design & Development

Our health cost management is carried out by employing an automated and thorough assessment of pre-paid claims by our advanced and reliable healthcare cost management software solutions.

  • OSP Labs' cost containment services efficiently review current contracts and historical invoices to identify billing errors and ensure an accurate repricing. Our medical service review program is fundamentally based on data integrity, information management tools, and advanced software architecture.
  • Our healthcare cost management solutions utilize proprietary telecom insights to render benchmark metrics, implement market leading payment agreements or review alternative solutions. We help healthcare payers to apply modest policy adjustments and some straight-forward network engagement tactics to achieve effective cost optimization.
  • Our healthcare cost containment software solutions facilitate integrated payment solutions to streamline provider fulfillment. Our payer cost management solution automates and speeds up the direct provider payments within the medical bill review application with highly secured provider's preferred format.
Values Delivered
Billing Accountability
Billing Accountability
Provide ongoing support to ensure the accuracy and accomplishment of your payments savings to be HIPAA-compliant.
Prospective Claims Accuracy
Prospective Claims Accuracy
Gain access to a post-adjudication auditing solution that identifies and corrects medical claim payment inaccuracies before their remittance.
Outcome-based Analytics
Outcome-based Analytics
Compare costs across multiple service delivery settings by integrating all MCO data, analyzing by delivery setting or member and forecasting budgets.
Quickly identify and get reimbursement from all the sources that may be liable for healthcare claims you have paid.
healthcare revenue cycle management software
Comprehensive Bill Auditing
Have a detailed line-by-line review that checks medical bill for potential errors such as coding discrepancies or unbundling charges.

What Makes OSP Lab's Interoperability Solution Best for Your Need?

OSP Labs' cost containment medical services provide a comprehensive solution for payers to verify medical claims, PPO repricing and empower efficient healthcare management for better outcomes.

Identify and address medical treatments that are unrelated, inflated, or inappropriate to produce an accurate reflection of all medical costs.
Reduce the overpriced medical claims by employing claim negotiations, effective network administration and advanced PPO reprising.
Gain access to pre-payment or post-payment hospital bill review capability to find and correct inaccurate and excessive hospital billings.
Enable cost prediction using data mining and predictive modeling to manage healthcare costs and maximize outcomes.
Access the complete toolset for medical management negotiations and data-driven utilization review to monitor excessive clinical claims.
Replace traditionally cost containment methodologies with fully automated and efficient fraud detection and claim management software solutions.
Monitor payment system operations, conduct medical reviews and educate providers and payers to prevent overpayments.
Gain access to hassle-free collaboration with program integrity partners to recover lost funds through penalties and restitution.

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