Our Core Services

Healthcare Consulting

OSP's team of experienced healthcare experts offers quality healthcare consulting services for providers and health plans. Our team includes experts on enterprise health technology platforms, US government programs, digital innovation, and business operations.

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Enterprise Applications

OSP is proficient and experienced in building robust enterprise applications to address your complex and sophisticated software needs and execute your digital transformation lifecycle. We have comprehensive customized tools to solve your healthcare challenge.

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Healthcare Solutions Enhancement

Optimizing the healthcare system is essential for better productivity and quality performance. OSP's team of healthcare app developers can enhance and upgrade the IT healthcare solutions in modules, security, or interoperability sections with new custom components.

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Dedicated Quality Assurance

OSP’s QA team can resolve the challenges of disrupted workflow and application safety. We offer assurance in product quality with multiple levels of quality testing, including usability, performance, localization, and security testing.

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Made-to-Order Healthcare AI Software Solutions

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence technology to build advanced healthcare software products using semantic and cognitive technology has significant relevance in the healthcare IT industry. Integrating AI platform for healthcare with your existing healthcare software and third-party applications can automate and optimize the workflow of healthcare systems.

  • OSP builds healthcare artificial intelligence solutions to streamline a patient’s health journey to offer a seamless, integrated and highly personalized healthcare experience.
  • A journey in which people are increasingly engaged with their health and get support from professional care teams, as needed and when needed.
  • We offer feature-rich, highly responsive and custom healthcare artificial intelligence solutions such as population health management, healthcare analytics, practice management, risk adjustment, CDSS, etc.
  • Our artificial intelligence healthcare solutions help to sift through massive amounts of healthcare data to optimize performance, drive productivity, and enhance the use of existing resources.


OSP Labs tailored healthcare AI platform can derive actionable insights from large, complex datasets at the scale required by healthcare enterprises. The capacity to discover patterns in data, the ability to accurately predict future outcomes and justify its predictions and assertions are the major takeaway points of our platform.

  • Our customizable healthcare enterprise AI platform to perform unsupervised learning to discover the data patterns or subgroups to accelerate the development of comprehensive care plans.
  • Using supervised learning methods, our tailored health AI software solutions can employ large datasets to make predictions on health risk stratification, predictions of disease progression, the probable effects of various interventions on specific patients, and forecasts of the financial impacts of the disease burden within populations.
  • Our skilled healthcare AI solution developers build applications for specific healthcare problems because they position intelligence within the decision workflow of the business.


AI automation in healthcare is improving diagnostics, predicting outcomes, and streamlining personalized care. OSP offers highly customized AI-driven clinical decision support systems that help providers to make better clinical decisions and deliver better patient outcomes.

  • OSP’ healthcare AI software for real-time analytics helps to improve the quality of care, cost, and meet many requirements by automating the process of collecting and measuring vast amounts of healthcare data.
  • Our skilled developers build an AI-based healthcare analytics platform that leverages batch and stream computing to enhance big data computing in healthcare and can efficiently deal with an extensive data set by providing cost reduction along with low latency.
  • Our tailored healthcare AI applications help to identify patients at high risk for poor outcomes to improve patient prognoses. The type of ailments can be predicted in real-time in advance before the onset of any clinical symptoms.


Healthcare AI companies exploit AI-powered IoTs with the latest intelligent wireless solutions to release advanced healthcare business models and consumer-friendly personalized healthcare solutions. Wireless technologies and open source initiatives help system integrators and OEMs and to commercialize their medical products quickly.

  • Integrated Bluetooth and GNSS technologies for secure data management using healthcare AI software solutions have the potential to make a difference in care delivery and enhance productivity.
  • Hospitals use IoT to connect patients with healthcare providers and services to easily monitor patients’ vital signs using connected healthcare devices.
  • With the proven security of mobile networks, providers can track fitness and monitor wellness at any time. AI-powered IoT automation can track, store, and analyze patient’s data to offer valuable insights to enhance care delivery.


AI-based health informatics systems are establishing their significance in simplifying the complex challenges and ground-up support in full-scale clinical decision making.

  • Being among artificial intelligence healthcare companies, OSP’ builds tailored AI-driven clinical informatics solutions that play a vital role in building connected health systems, that comprise various processes for sensing, data transfer, data storage, and analysis to enhance healthcare.
  • Leveraging artificial intelligence in healthcare, we strive to build state-of-the-art healthcare AI software for informatics solutions to simplify your complex challenges. Whether it is disease identification and management, patient education, clinical decision support, and drug-drug and drug-disease interaction, our healthcare AI software for health informatics serves the best outcome.
  • Our tailored healthcare informatics solutions, based on artificial intelligence, address single or multiple scenarios in care delivery, such as prognostic and assistive care, preventive care, home care, hospital management care delivery, and occupational health.

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