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Epic Integration refers to the digital solution that can connect healthcare providers to patient health information collected in real-time directly from the EPIC EHR system. This integration enables healthcare staff to efficiently and rapidly access crucial patient information that includes patient history, medication/prescription details, previous/existing contacts and potential future appointments. OSP can provide EPIC integration with multiple EPIC modules and allow mobile access to accurate and detailed patient records. As custom healthcare software solutions developer, we can also provide new capabilities of EPIC EMR to healthcare providers that includes consolidated view of patient-centric content, DICOM images and more.

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With OSP’s EPIC EHR integration services, healthcare staff access all unstructured data content such as images of wound or skin concerns, EKGs, and other clinical conditions. These images even though not natively captured by EPIC but clinical staff can access it from the customized core application. It also allows providers to act on information rather than spend time searching for such information.

Healthcare organizations can hugely benefit from a centralized patient-centric record management platform integrated with Epic EHR system. Such integration will empower providers and staff to get access to any information anytime, anywhere. Also, it can enhance electronic data interchange workflows.

OSP’s healthcare integration with EPIC EMR system can guarantee boost in operational efficiency of providers and facilities. EPIC integration solutions developed by our team can streamline workflows, improve and increase data accessibility, enhance patient engagement systems and automate administrative tasks.

Our EPIC EHR integration with clinical and administrative systems helps providers to streamline workflows and automates other manual tasks such as appointment scheduling, billing, electronic prescribing. Moreover, this integration can also oversee documentation, manage patient portals and maintain care standardization. With our Epic EMR integration can also include personalized features such as analytics and reporting, evidence-based care, voice recognition and more. Overall, providers can also integrate EPIC EHR system with practice management solutions to achieve operational efficiency.

Our EPIC integration services can help healthcare providers to manage workflows effectively and improve to ensure better outcomes. EHR EMR integration solutions can streamline and automate data entry by integrating with clinical systems. Our EPIC integration can also provide real-time access to patient information that improves care coordination between teams and departments.

OSP can amplify the EPIC integration with customizable workflows and templates. Customized workflows and templates increase efficiency and can enable providers to configure their needs. Besides, electronic task management can also be an added advantage to providers. With our electronic task management feature can effectively oversee several tasks and prevent risk of missing deadlines.

Automated deficiency tracking and referral management are crucial and OSP can integrate EPIC EHR solutions with these functionalities. OSP can help providers to streamline routine tasks in EPIC alongside meeting all regulations, both internal and external. This can effectively support different care departments and help providers achieve higher productivity.

OSP’s EPIC integration can also enable providers to efficiently manage in-house and external referrals. With timely reminders or alert systems, clinicians can effectively notify referral facilities to update their patient information.

With OSP’s EPIC integration services, authorized users can get easy access to accurate and right information whenever they need. Having such easy access facilitate better and informed decision-making. As today’s healthcare ecosystem have adopted advanced telehealth solutions or remote health monitoring system, interoperability is a big concern among providers.

Perhaps, OSP’s healthcare integrated solutions, EPIC integration can resolve this issue. With seamless accessibility to patient information, providers can improve treatment plans, productivity and resource allocations through clinical decision-making.


Interoperability persists as a major issue. However, OSP can resolve this through EPIC integration services, as it ensure effective data transfer. Our integrated solution uses FHIR HL7 to built a seamless connectivity between internal systems and EPIC EHR system. This integration can help providers by storing crucial data until it’s transferred securely or received by the software.

OSP’s EPIC EHR integration can benefit healthcare facilities by providing them with real-time reporting and analytics capabilities. With such capabilities, clinicians and staff can track key performance indicators and make quick and data-driven decisions. EPIC integration with real-time reporting feature can ultimately improve clinical and administrative operations and help providers overall efficiency.

With real-time reporting and better data accessibility, OSP’s EPIC integration services can improve clinical decision making. Providers get real-time and easy access to crucial patient health information, which allow them to make better and informed decisions. Improved clinical decision-making can also boost care outcomes and increase patient satisfaction rate. Also, it can help providers to take measures to improve the quality-of-care delivery.

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